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    · April 27, 2022
    we are moving!

    It’s moving week! Except, not to the new house. womp womp. It’s not quite ready, but soon it will be. In the meantime, we are staying in a friend’s cottage for the month of May

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    · April 25, 2022
    The Edit, Vol. 6

    Sharing all the new and now that caught my eye throughout this last week…  

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    · April 20, 2022
    house update

    House update, volume… actually who knows. We are almost at the two year mark from when we closed on this property and when I tell you I’m anxious, excited, stressed, nervous, emotionally drained, and just

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    · April 4, 2022
    the edit, vol. 5

    Hello! Watson turns six tomorrow. I don’t know how that happened so quickly, yet in other ways it seems like a lifetime ago that I wasn’t his mother. In any regard, it’s certainly a reason

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    · April 1, 2022
    BURU x Megan Stokes

    I am thrilled to announce that I’m launching a new collection with BURU… tomorrow!!  You might recall that we created our first collection together last January and it was so much fun and such a

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    · March 28, 2022
    My Favorite Bags for Spring

    We are just getting back from a weekend in Beaufort, which is the sweetest little town that—dare I say—oozes more charm than Charleston. Brandon and I both grew up there. It’s a great spot to

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