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    · December 2, 2020
    We Are Tearing Our House Down

    Well, the title just gave it away. And it makes me a little sick to say it, but read the whole story below and then we will regroup at the end! And if you have

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    · November 30, 2020
    a few gifts I’m giving this year

    Thanks to the earlier start I got this season on shopping for those on my gift list, I’m ready to start wrapping a few. This is of course coming from the girl who is usually

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    · November 25, 2020
    my favorite sales to shop this week

    It’s as if Black Friday has become not only a week-long event, but I’ve actually seen stores offering deals even at the start of November in preparation for holiday shopping! Not complaining here as I

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    · November 23, 2020
    gifts for him

    I’m so excited to share this collection of gifts for him. Oh, and lots of it is on sale right now. Hoping it helps cross a few gifts off of your list this year! And

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    · November 17, 2020
    my review of the our place always pan

    If you’ve seen this pan floating around social media like I have, keep reading because I’ve got something to tell you about it—plus a code to get the pan for under $100 when it’s usually

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    · November 16, 2020
    gifts for her

    This was a fun one to source and create. I think I’ve hit just about every price point within reason and found gifts for your mom, friend, sister, or even a gift to yourself or

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