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    · December 21, 2020
    stocking stuffers for the whole family

    If you’re still still in need of filling some stockings for the whole family, take a look below for some last minute ideas! Each item will arrive in time since they are all on Amazon

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    · December 20, 2020
    how to make applesauce ornaments

    Such a nostalgic thing—applesauce ornaments. So simple, yet a memory in the making and something to cherish for years! Or, until they dry out so much that they break in half. I’m pretty sure we

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    · December 16, 2020
    last minute gifts for the whole family

    Crazy to think we are already in that “last minute” category, but here we are! I think I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas shopping and it feels so good. I do have a couple of

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    · December 15, 2020
    give happy

    What might be my last “gifting” post before Christmas aside from stocking stuffers, I wanted to end on a super happy note! This one is for everyone in the whole family and it has one

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    · December 13, 2020
    my favorite face masks

    I love a good face mask and I try a lot of them. So when I repurchase a mask? That’s how you know it’s good. Over the past year, I’ve really tried to reduce the

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    · December 4, 2020
    what’s on my wish list

    Brandon and my mom have been asking me over and over to name some things I might want for Christmas and my answer every time has been, nothing nothing nothing. But after my mom nearly had

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