July 12, 2017
1 year old must haves + Baby Jogger City Mini Travel System Review

Watson is now 15 months old and I just realized it has been a long time since I’ve shared our most used gear and his favorite toys. It’s due time because I get a lot

Watson is now 15 months old and I just realized it has been a long time since I’ve shared our most used gear and his favorite toys. It’s due time because I get a lot of questions asking for gift ideas for one year olds and what our favorite baby things are now that he is technically on the verge of toddler status.


These Honey Bee Tees shirts are so cute. It’s a family run company and fun fact: the owner, Darby, used to blog and it was the first blog I ever even saw. It really gave me the inspiration to start my own! Anyway, I order these tees in a size XXS (2) for Watson and at this point, they are big enough to look like a dress on him. But these are what he sleeps in! It’s so hot here that I can’t bear to put him in actual jammies with pants. He’ll grow into the shirts eventually and then he can wear them for play time in public, rather than just for bedtime.

This Curious George Jack in the Box is insanely entertaining for Watson. Gets him every time!

I’m going to review this Baby Jogger City Mini Travel System below, which will explain why it has been a favorite of ours. 🙂

He loves anything on a string that he can pull around! W has been playing with Brandon’s old baby toy that looks just like this newer Hape Walk-A-Long Wooden Puppy Pull Toy.

Little Blue Truck is the cutest book ever and it’s fun to read.

Watson is finally showing attention to all of the stuffed animals I have been begging him to play with. We call them his “babies” and he likes to kiss each one and hug them. These Jellycats bunnies are his favorite (mine too!).

Every toddler should have a Little Tikes toy car or truck. This one is so cute. Now that it’s hot as blazes outside, ours lives in our play room, so W plays with it all day.

Can’t tell you how much this Hiccapop Wipe Warmer has come in handy. It feels great to the touch, but the warmth of it also helps to really clean a baby tushie without having to rub too much, which can cause diaper rash.

I think this Radio Flyer Mini Wagon would be a hit for any toddler, especially new walkers. Watson loves pushing it all over. One end of the room to the next…. then back again…


One of my absolute favorite pieces of baby gear has been the Baby Jogger Summit X3 jogging stroller. (I raved about it here!) and so when the company asked if I wanted to test out their new City Mini Travel System, it was an immediate yes. I wouldn’t tell you all about it if I didn’t care for it, but I honestly love it so I thought I’d share some more details because I know how big of a deal the stroller and car seat situation is when you’re prepping for a new baby… or when your current system just isn’t working. 🙂

What makes it a “travel system?” It comes with the City GO infant carseat and includes an adapter that allows the seat to easily pop right into the stroller. This makes going from car to stroller so easy, especially when you have a tiny sleeping baby that you don’t want to wake up when you’ve got to get out of the car. We haven’t used the infant car seat because Watson refuses to sit in that style anymore, but it holds babies from 4-35lb. Even though it hasn’t been used, I already know I love it because of how lightweight it is at only 8lb. It’s such a streamlined, high quality seat and I can’t wait to have it for baby girl when she’s here. Also love the big sunshade and that you can safely install it in a seat without the base, if needed.

As for the stroller… I love the fact that it is so lightweight and folds really easily, making it the perfect stroller to keep in your car for on the go. You can literally fold it with one hand. Seriously, the easiest folding stroller ever! It has all-terrain wheels that really glide over bumps along the way. It has a big sunshade that folds down to keep the sun off of baby, which is an absolute must for me in a stroller. Another thing I love about it is that it has an adjustable handlebar and a hand brake. I really like that a lot better than the foot brake, I’ve come to realize.

I definitely recommend this travel system if you’re looking for a great compatible car seat and stroller set! The price is great considering you get both pieces included and they are both super high quality. I’ve loved our other BabyJogger stroller now for over a year. Even though it lives outside, it still looks and performs as good as new. Really impressed with this company!