July 5, 2017
a weekend at palmetto bluff

Hi friends! There has been a whirlwind going on around us lately, so I can’t wait to do a life lately post soon to update you. A new baby, selling our house, moving somewhere else,

Hi friends! There has been a whirlwind going on around us lately, so I can’t wait to do a life lately post soon to update you. A new baby, selling our house, moving somewhere else, and so much more! But today, I just have to share our trip to Palmetto Bluff with you. I totally meant to get this up last week, but because of everything I just mentioned and more… life just got in the way. I’m looking forward to trying to get on a normal posting schedule now that the tiredness and nausea of the first trimester is slightly wearing off, but then again, we are about to pack up and move, so just bear with me.

Palmetto Bluff.

That magical, peaceful place that has been calling me back since we left a week and a half ago. There’s just something about it that is so special. Maybe it’s the staff—so gracious and kind. Maybe it’s the impeccable grounds… it’s like you’re living inside a Pinterest board for a Lowcountry dreamland. Maybe it’s the food. It kind of makes you want to slap your mama and I simply say that just because there’s no other way of describing it. Maybe it’s that there’s so much to do or so little to do—you get to make that choice every morning when you raise your head from the most comfortable bed you’ve ever felt. Or maybe it’s just that everything wonderful about Palmetto Bluff sets the perfect stage for a trip full of wonderful memories. And then you just hold those memories so dear to your heart and want to go back ASAP to experience it all again.

There are a lot of accommodation options when it comes to booking a stay at Palmetto Bluff. There’s the main inn, the guest house, cottages, and village homes. We stayed at the Inn. The room felt so inviting and comfortable for us. They had a crib all ready for Watson, which helped make our travels seamless. The bathroom was all marble and gorgeous enough to live in. There was surround sound music in the room, so turning it on in the bathroom hit the spot, especially when soaking in that amazing freestanding tub. (Something I did at least twice a day!) There was also a sectional sofa in the room and a balcony with the most comfortable chairs for lounging in the morning while enjoying breakfast.

Not to mention, when we arrived, there were warm cookies and apple juice waiting for Watson. I think this was the first time he had ever had a cookie all to himself and he was in heaven!

This dress I have on below is just $84 and was restocked in all sizes!

Our first night there, we had dinner at the Canoe Club. There are lots of dining options on the property, but I was drawn to this restaurant because of its delicious coastal menu and how it overlooks the May River.

After dinner, we went to The River House for s’mores, something they do every night at Palmetto Bluff as a complimentary treat. It had been years since I’ve made a s’more! So fun to do it with Watson. There were so many flavors of marshmallows and as someone who tried three of them, I can say that the caramel flavor is a must-try. 😉

There was a lot of this the next morning.

…and lounging on the balcony with espresso. (There’s a Nespresso machine in the room!)

There are multiple adult pools on the property and one family pool. So, you know where we went.

This pool happened to be my favorite, children or not. It overlooks the lagoon and has the most beautiful cabanas where we spent a lot of time.

Spending all morning on Saturday and on Sunday at the pool was so much fun for us. We all thought we were fishies! Brandon and I bet each other who could swim from one long end of the pool to the other without coming up for air. We both did it, so no fun bets won there.

Just like the nightly s’mores tradition, there is another evening treat at Palmetto Bluff that happens every day called Culinary Heirlooms where the chef creates local bites that are part of the Lowcountry culture. It’s a complimentary dish for anyone who passes by. We enjoyed Frogmore Stew on Saturday evening. It was the perfect snack in between a day of swimming and our evening plans.

That night, we boarded The Grace, a restored 1913 60-foot antique motor yacht. It took us along the May River on a gorgeous scenic tour. Being from the area, I’ve spent a bit of time on the May, but it was really great seeing it from a different perspective and hearing the rich history of the boat and of the area.

After that, we had more s’mores, a bubble bath, and it was bedtime for this little one! Well, way past bedtime, actually.

Some other bits and bobs…

The property is pretty large (20,000 acres with 35 miles of waterfront), so it was great having golf cart shuttles available whenever you need it. We loved our friends who drove us along!

These sweet girls make a pretty mean lemonade, by the way.

We saw three weddings over the course of the weekend! This chapel makes for the perfect setting.

That photo above is so blurry, but it’s one of my favorites! Watson is grinning because he kept trying to tickle Brandon to wake him up. He thought it was hilarious!

There are bicycles available to rent at Palmetto Bluff, but we decided to rent a golf cart instead so that we could all sit next to each other. We went to the adorable RT’s Market and loaded up on goodies like MoonPies and Callie’s Cheddar Crisps, then set off on a fun adventure through the trails that area all across the property.

Sunday morning, we went to Buffalo’s. If you have the chance to go, GO! Their biscuit bar is out of this world. This is a very un-blog worthy photo, but see how yummy? There was a little bit of everything, but this was all I could fit on my plate. It was a lot!

It really was just an amazing weekend for us. So fun having an adventure with Watson and seeing him old enough to want to swim and want to ride the golf cart and want to eat a s’more. It’s the type of place that would be so romantic with just your partner (I really, really wanted to go to the spa with Brandon!), but it’s also so family friendly. We met a lot of other young families and enjoyed talking with them and seeing our kiddos play.

Sweet times with my two boys. Thank you, Palmetto Bluff and Montage Palmetto Bluff, for the memories! We can’t wait to go back!