August 7, 2017
catching up

We moved just over a week ago and right after staying up until 3am a couple nights in a row to organize the new house, I came down with some horrid sickness. My immediate thought

We moved just over a week ago and right after staying up until 3am a couple nights in a row to organize the new house, I came down with some horrid sickness. My immediate thought was morning sickness that suddenly showed up at 17 weeks. But it came last Monday and was gone by Sunday morning it seems, so hopefully it was just some sort of virus that hung around for a while. I couldn’t even bring myself to write a blog post last week! It was pretty terrible. I would just count down the minutes until Watson would go down for a nap and for Brandon to get home so that I could sleep. But the good thing is that I seem to be all back to normal again!

Just have some iPhone pics to share today to catch us all up to speed…

This was from our move in day before the moving trucks arrived. Winston seems to love the new house and adjusted surprisingly well. We’ve got two porches now that he can lounge on.

The weekend we moved in, my parents came up to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It was a great help having them here to move a few final things and to have a distraction from all the hustle and bustle.

On Sunday before they left, we walked down on the dock. The weather was in the 70s and that just does not happen in July in SC!

Bar setup. I clipped a few palm branches from our old house to bring over to the new one. Makes me happy to see these.

Right before we moved, we ran down to Edisto to hit the beach with some of our favorites.  

An early birthday surcee.

We’re hunting around for the perfect coffee table. We need something big and square. This one at Celadon isn’t exactly square or exactly big enough, but it’s a top contender. I am obsessed with the wood.

…and I love this accent table.

…and we are looking at this bed for the guest room!

We went to Fuel the other day for lunch. It’s a caribbean cantina with the cutest outdoor area. This jerk chicken sandwich was featured on the food network and it was delicious. The other things on the plate are plantain fritters. We ate plantains basically every day on our honeymoon and are still in love with them. These fritters may not look good, but they were absolutely delicious.

Jumping around. Our house needs new light fixtures like something terrible. I always check out Candelabra and Lyndon Leigh.

Had this sweet portrait of Watson by DuBose Photography framed with Framebridge. The process is so easy. We went with this Mandalay Frame.

This is me trying to eat healthier.

Two power treatments in my beauty routine. The Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel gives immediate results. My skin always looks healthier, dewier, clearer…all the things. The best part is that his products are free of harmful ingredients. Speaking of safe products, the other one is the Beautycounter Purifying Charcoal Mask (the packaging has since changed, but it’s the same formula). This is one of their best sellers because charcoal is known to pull about 200x its own weight in impurities out of the skin. It also balances, so it’s not going to leave your skin all dry and tight. I use the peel first to exfoliate because it gears up the skin for the mask, which goes on next.

I missed out on dock nights all last week because I went to sleep the moment Brandon got home, so I was so glad to join the boys again yesterday.

Just a little pizza for two. Major fail on the ordering department, haahah. This picture doesn’t even do the thing justice. One slice took up the whole width of our aluminum foil roll!

Brandon snuck in and took this one night before we moved without my knowing. Getting in the crib with your baby is supposedly such a no no, but when yours is unusually afraid acting, you throw the rules out the window, get in, and cuddle. Watson had a hard time the week before we moved. I think that with seeing all of the boxes being packed up and his furniture disappearing…it was too unsettling for him. He has always been a great sleeper and can put himself to sleep, but that last week, he screamed for mercy when we would leave him. So much that one night he got sick. It was heartbreaking. But now that we are in the new house, he is totally fine!

At his 15 month check up the other week. I’m wearing this chambray shirt from Madewell. It’s a closet staple.

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