August 18, 2017
our guest room (so far)

We’ve been moved into our house for three weeks now and in some ways it seems like we’ve been here forever, but in other ways it has gone by in an absolute flash. I’d say

We’ve been moved into our house for three weeks now and in some ways it seems like we’ve been here forever, but in other ways it has gone by in an absolute flash. I’d say the house is about halfway put together. Furniture is in place the way we like it, but we haven’t finished “zhushing” it up. Haven’t even started, to be honest. To me, that comes naturally with time. I like to start with a pretty blank canvas and then add, then take away, then add some more until I get it just right. Since that takes a while (for me, at least), then who knows when the time would come that I’d be ready to share the final reveals? Our houses are always “in progress,” I feel like! So with that in mind, I decided to go ahead and start sharing some peeks of the rooms. They may still need things like art on the walls, window treatments, etc., but that just means that I’ll share them all over again when those things get done!

So with all that said, here’s our guest room…. so far…

This chest below was a gift from my Memie when I was going into my freshman year of college! We recently refinished it with white Rustoleum Chalked Spray Paint and added new hardware. You can catch a glimpse of it in it’s former glory here. (If you dare. It was in desperate need of a refresh.)

The bed and bedding for our guest room has a whole new look than it had in the last house. (Here’s a look at the old guest room if you want to see that again.) We had been using a full size bed for our guests, which I haaated doing to our friends and family! It was my bed from college and unfortunately, upgrading it was pretty much at the bottom of our lists because… well, we had such big lists in our old house. But we made it a priority for this one.

The bed is from Celadon. You probably recognize that name from my dining room reveal and Watson’s nursery reveal. Their store and warehouse/outlet are just the best. I could get every piece of furniture for my entire house from them and be happy as a clam! But back to the bed. It’s the queen natural water hyacinth bed. You can buy just the headboard from them, but we went with the full deal because we love seeing the same woven detail on the side boards.

I decided to add in a few little pops of color to our otherwise all white bedding… and the gorgeous french blue you’re seeing in the accent pillows and duvet seemed like the perfect color to mix in. These pieces are part of C3 Collection by Pine Cone Hill, which is an Annie Selke company. (Annie Selke is where our living room rug came from that so many of you have asked about already from insta-stories!)

The C3 Collection has tons of bedding and bath pieces, like shower curtains, sheets, bathroom rugs, etc. I seriously want it all! The whole collection is based around a series of beautiful accent colors, like blue, coral, black, navy, pink, grey, and even white. I picked out these fun pillows and this classic and crisp duvet… and I really love how the blue shade brightens up the whole room.

Our lamps are from Lamps Plus, which I swear is where every single lamp in our house is from! I really like their big selection. These are the Scatchard Stoneware Table Lamps and I thought their shape was super fun. They come in a handful of different colors, but there’s just something about an all white lamp that I really love.

The rug (which really needs to be pulled out a little further, but I didn’t realize it until the bed was put together—sheeesh!) is from RugsUSA. I love that it’s soft, but yet it’s really sturdy. It’s a good one to put on top of carpet because it has weight and structure to it. RugsUSA is another company I’m loyal to… no tax, free shipping, and discounts around 70% off all the time? I swear it’s the best deal around!

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