August 9, 2017
20 transition pieces you need for fall

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A few thoughts on transitioning into fall…

You’re going to want cheapie little tees like this one for throwing on with jeans and under sweaters and jackets. I can’t tell y’all how quickly these earrings went into my cart. And these, too. I have one old trusty pair of statement black earrings that I’ve worn for years for weddings and such, but it’s definitely time to upgrade. I always have to take mine off and leave them on the table at weddings because mine are so heavy, haha! Speaking of, I may have left them there at the last wedding. Oops. These look like the perfect white crop jeans. I love transitioning white denim into fall because it’s often too hot here to wear long jeans during the day, so I get a ton of wear out of white jeans in the spring and fall. I love pairing them with all neutral looks. Pair them with a great pair of nude mules (like these, which I own and love. I ordered one half size up. They sold out so fast, but are finally in stock.). Or even pair the jeans with some heeled mules like these (these are a little less,) which I’ve had my eye on forever and am going to make the splurge. As if I need more shoes. I just organized my closet finally yesterday and I have 15% clothes, 85% shoes!! What the heck! Anything suede transitions really well for fall… bags and shoes. Also, a good pair of boyfriend jeans is key. I live in mine! I also believe that jumpsuits are the perfect transition pieces because they will take you from season to season depending on how you accessorize them. I love this super casual one.