September 5, 2017
5 Beauty Products I’ve Been Loving

Beauty used to be one of my absolute favorite things to blog about. Then somewhere in there, I stopped. Like, totally. Maybe I got in a little rut, maybe I don’t have time to experiment

Beauty used to be one of my absolute favorite things to blog about. Then somewhere in there, I stopped. Like, totally. Maybe I got in a little rut, maybe I don’t have time to experiment with as many products as I used to, or maybe it’s a lack of desire type of thing… What I mean is, because of that lack of time, I work really hard to find products that perform amazingly well. And once I find them, I stick to them and have no interest in looking elsewhere.

So today I’m sharing five products that I swear by. I’ve tried them, tested them, and can’t get enough of them lately.


I picked this up in a travel size to try first because, let’s be honest, Oribe products are crazy expensive and I didn’t want it to be a flop after I splurged for the big one. But then again, I’ve never tried an Oribe product that I didn’t like and this one is no exception. It smells amazing, conditions my hair after my shower, gives it a nice shine, takes away frizzies, and keeps it protected from heat tools and UV rays. It just makes my hair feel amazing and healthy. I’m definitely going to snag it in the full size now. It also comes in a “light” version for people with fine to medium textured hair. I would typically lean towards this one, but I honestly just love the original. (There is a beauty even going on at Neiman Marcus right now. If you spend $125+, you’ll get a free tote filled with samples.)

The Wet Brush

I don’t know if I’ve ever given enough credit to this brush. You may have seen that I just picked up a new one in my insta-stories the other day. That makes it my FIFTH one and I honestly don’t ever even use another brush—ever. Even to dry my hair. To even think about running a comb through wet hair ever again makes me cringe. They are $8… try it!


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Not marketed as a beauty product I guess, but this unflavored powder has been a great addition to my morning routine when I stir one serving into my coffee or smoothie. Collagen is super beneficial for your hair, skin, joints, bones, digestion, muscle recovery, and a whole lot more. I’ve noticed that when I use this, I don’t get as hungry in the mornings—it helps hold me over to lunch, which I guess is the 9g of protein inside the packets I use. Also, I feel like my skin has more of an overall healthy look to it. I only started using this about two weeks ago, but I’m excited to keep it going! I’m all about easy ways to supplement my routines to make a healthful difference.

RMS Luminizer X Quad

If you have just one takeaway from this post, please let it be that every woman needs this quad in her makeup bag because it’s incredible. I use it every day and haven’t reached for my old standby even once since I got this. This quad has four prized RMS luminizers in it—but all of these are new shades you’ve never seen before. I love how there’s so much product in one sleek case, so it’s great to toss in your makeup bag. Here’s what’s inside:

LUMINIZER X: an Xtreme version of our living luminizer (I put a pop of this one on the top of my cheekbones and then on my cupids bow.)

LUMINIZER NUDE: a subtle, radiant copper (This one gives my skin LIFE.)

CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ: a warm blush champagne

CHAMPAGNE FIZZ: a glam opalescent shimmer

I use my damp beauty blender sponge and go to town with these. I’ve heard from multiple makeup artists that the key to great makeup is using various shades of bronzer… various shades of blush, etc. It makes the look more natural and blended. Well, this quad makes it easy for you to choose different luminizers for your face that all blend seamlessly together.


Beautycounter Lip Conditioner

For some reason, my lips get more chapped in the summer months than any other time. I think it’s from being outside in the sun a lot. Also, probably because I used to stop multiple times per day to reapply my lip products and I don’t ever do that now, so at night, they need extra special care. I had forgotten about this lip conditioner for a while, but I just picked it back up a few months ago and haven’t looked back. It’s packed with avocado oil, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba oil, and like all Beautycounter products, nothing harmful. I slather this on at night and then in the mornings, I’m amazed at how soft my lips are. Plus, it feels amazing going on and I love the Calendula version (there’s peppermint, too)!

(Tip: Since this is a solidified product, you sort of have to break through the top layers a little to get to the good stuff. What I do when I start a new one is literally just poke my finger about 1/4 down into the product. Then it’s perfect from there on out!)