September 21, 2017
SheIn Try On + Review

I recently posted that I had bought some things from SheIn and you guys immediately were super interested in hearing more. First of all, if you haven’t heard of this company, they have really cute

I recently posted that I had bought some things from SheIn and you guys immediately were super interested in hearing more. First of all, if you haven’t heard of this company, they have really cute pieces to fit any style of wardrobe and the prices are dirt cheap. Like, $11 for a dress. Which in one way is awesome but in another way made me nervous. I have never been a fan of Forever 21 because I felt like the searching and dealing with bad quality just wasn’t worth my time—and these prices are even cheaper than there! Full disclosure, I actually have been asked three different times in the past to do a partnership with SheIn, but I’ve always turned them down because I only work with companies that I already support in one way or another. So that may give you an idea of how hesitant I was about this company!

Since I had no idea about the process and quality of SheIn myself, I totally get how so many questions started rolling in after I posted about them! Had I ever ordered from them before? I hadn’t. How’s the quality and sizing? I had no idea either, but just took a guess since there are typically tons of fit reviews on each item and their return policy is so good. You just pay $1.99 at checkout and that gives you a prepaid return label to ship whatever doesn’t work back. If you don’t pay for that label at checkout, then returns are $5.99, which still isn’t bad when you’re considering the clothes are just $10-$15 mostly. How long does it take to receive your order since it comes from China? Yeah, that made me nervous too, but it ended up taking only about a week… maybe less! No weird customs issues. Nothing like that.

So first, what did I order? I’m sharing exactly what I bought below.

And here’s what I thought about the fit and quality of each. Keep in mind that I’m pregnant and wearing these… so they will look different on someone who isn’t! I also made sure to mention the size I ordered in each one, so read on!

I love this $14 dress. The t-shirt fabric feels nice… not thin and cheap. It’s soft and has a great shape! I’m wearing a medium.

This top was actually what drew me in to finally placing an order. I love a good white top, especially when it’s not see-through. This one passes that test. It’s just $15 and I sized up to a medium.

This jacket was a NO for me. The quality was fine, but the colors were too loud for this pregnant upper half and the fit didn’t work for the same reason. If it did work, I wouldn’t have paired it with what I’m wearing, by the way! I think it would be awesome with a flowy top underneath that hangs out. Or with some black blousy shorts and booties! I’m wearing a medium and it’s just $23.

This fluted sleeve top is a great basic to have in your closet, especially at just $13. The fabric is stretchy with a little sheen, but super soft and comfy. It was a little short for me being pregnant, so I’m sending it back. But I think anyone who isn’t would LOVE it. I’m wearing a medium.

Ok this next one is a top I’ve seen around the block lots of times in blue (still available and I love it!), but I haven’t seen it in the red. It’s a keeper for me and I’m especially excited to wear it around the holidays. Only $13. I’m wearing a medium, but I probably would have been fine with a small, even with my big belly! Keep that in mind when ordering because this one runs big, but it’s supposed to have an oversized look.

…and OMG I look so scary in these pictures! haha.

Really love this tiered bell sleeve blouse! The fabric is lightweight and stretchy, but substantial. I sized up to a large and am glad I did for the length because it covers my belly totally and has a blousy fit.

Here’s a closeup so you can see the mesh inserts. Really cool details for a $14 top.

So this pearl beaded sweater is obviously a NO for me. (You know I love you guys if I’m showing this picture, right?) I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fabric anyway. The sleeves were really tight and the length was short. I just realized this is “one size.” It obviously doesn’t fit all, haha. Pass!

Passing on this sweet little $18 gingham dress, too. I’m wearing it in a large here and the fit was just too boxy and short for my pregnant frame. If you’re super tall, I would pass because this will be too short for you, most likely. (I’m 5’6 or so.) But if you have a petite frame, then this would be ADORABLE on you. It has little bows in the back, but I wasn’t able to tie them by myself.

These sweatpants joggers are so, so soft! I love them and wouldn’t have ever guessed they were $13. I’m wearing a large because of my belly.

Keeping this $11 striped dress, too. I’m wearing a medium. It looked weird at first because it’s so long, but when I styled it with a denim jacket, it felt more proportionate.

I couldn’t even zip this dress with being pregnant, so you’re not getting a good depiction. I think I was expecting it to be stretchy. I’m passing on it, but if you’re not pregnant then I think you would LOVE this. I hope it’s still around when I’m not pregnant so that I can try it again for a vacation or something. By the way, it’s actually a romper in an underneath layer. I highly recommend this if you aren’t expecting, just too structured for me so it looked crazy. Only $21, too! I’m wearing it in a medium.

This is a great basic smocked tee! I’m wearing a medium.

This dress felt too blousy up top for me, but I think I would have loved it if I weren’t pregnant because the smaller size would have been better for me everywhere except the belly. I don’t know, I really like the picture of it now that I’m looking back! I decided to pass. The fabric and quality is great… and it was just $17. I’m wearing a medium.

This maxi dress was the most expensive thing from the whole order at $37, but really beautiful. This is a really unflattering photo, honestly. It was much prettier in person! If I were going on a babymoon somewhere tropical, I would have for sure kept it. But I decided to pass. The fabric is very lightweight and soft. Feels nice. I’m wearing a small.

I will definitely be ordering from them again! I still can’t believe the prices and how good the quality felt. I mean, we aren’t talking high end designer kind of quality, but it felt way better than Forever 21 to me. I’d compare it to H&M or maybe even nicer. Let me know if you still have any questions in the comments or on instagram! xo