November 28, 2017
if I could do our wedding registry over

Months ago, I spent a whole day planning a “faux wedding registry.” Why would I do that? Well, because I get asked a lot by readers who are getting married and starting their registries what

Months ago, I spent a whole day planning a “faux wedding registry.” Why would I do that? Well, because I get asked a lot by readers who are getting married and starting their registries what my top wedding gifts were. What have I used the most? What has held up the best? What was probably a waste of money? And if I could do it all again, what would be at the top of my list?

So I put together a mock-registry and then wouldn’t you know that I forgot to ever share it with y’all!? As I was remembering that, I realized that a lot of these would be great Christmas gifts for someone who loves to cook, a newly married couple, or someone who loves to have people over for entertaining. So today’s post is serving two purposes. It’s my top picks if I were to register for our wedding all over again… and it’s also a gift guide!

Thoughts + Links

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I’ve got to start off by saying that I spent forever researching brands and products before we made our wedding registry five years ago and because of that, there really isn’t much I would change at all now. I tried to keep our registry as simple as I could because I hate being wasteful, but at the same time, I wanted to make sure we were going to have everything we needed to get our lives started together because we had no money at the time to buy things for ourselves! We kept the colors and products classic so that it would remain timeless, but there are a few things I would change since it has been five years and styles have been updated over that time.

We received a Keurig for our wedding and while I loved it, it eventually died and I replaced it with (1) this coffee maker about a year ago. It’s pretty and easy to use. We had (2) this Lenox everyday china on our registry and I’m telling you, it still looks brand new. We LOVE it. A set of chargers (3) like these is a must for me. (4) Pretty pot holders will make any kitchen a happier place to cook and (5) this Pyrex mixing bowl set has been a major favorite of ours. I didn’t even bother with plastic tupperware because I wanted something that can be heated in the microwave. This set doubles as storage containers and mixing bowls. I didn’t have a (6) Nutri-Bullet on our registry, but bought one later on and it has been one of the most used items in our kitchen. I use it for food processing, mixing soups, making smoothies… the list goes on. One thing is for sure… invest in nice kitchen tools. We got a (7) Le Creuset utensils set for a gift and I’m telling you, if you try their silicone utensils once, you won’t want another spatula for baking ever again. They are amazing. Plus, the crock looks pretty on the counter. These (8) salt and pepper shakers match our every day flatware and I wish I would have put them on our registry! We registered for a (9) 5.5qt. Le Creuset Dutch Oven and even though I wasn’t sure at the time if it would be used and worth it, it IS. You can make just about anything in this—and I love that it can go from stove, to fridge, to oven with no issues. I’ve even baked bread in mine. A good (10) set of knives is a must. I love this one because it includes your steak knives. This (11) Vera Wang Flatware Set was more expensive than other options (at the time, at least), but it has been one of our top registry items because they still look brand new five years later. They have a nice weight to them and just feel so nice. We didn’t register for a full fine china set, but instead for these gorgeous (12) Herend Fine China Princess Victoria Plates. We mixed these plates with a set of white china that my mom and I found at an estate sale, making an entire china set way way more cost effective than if we got a matching Herend ensemble. I would suggest this for anyone who is wondering whether or not to register for china. It’s so nice to have when you want to feel fancy… but I feel you, it’s expensive. A nice set of glassware is a must. I love (13) these wine glasses, these champagne flutes, and these rocks glasses. We also registered for nice crystal Waterford water goblets, but I really feel like I would have left those off if I could do it again. They were pretty expensive per glass and most still have the original sticker on them, which makes me sad. But then again, I love knowing they are there because Waterford is something that can be passed on for generations! A (14) cheese board is a perfect registry item and don’t do like I did and forget a set of (15) cheese knives! We didn’t put a (16) Vitamix on our registry, but I’ve heard they are a game changer. I guess if you did get one, you could leave #6 off the list. Don’t forget to register for a (17) measuring cup set. Buy a nice set once and they’ll last forever! I know it’s random to have a (18) vacuum cleaner on the list since everything else is kitchen-related, but Shark products are awesome and for a nice price. We have been through four Dysons in five years and none have lasted more than 8 months. SMH. Thank goodness Bed Bath and Beyond has a flexible return policy. And you’ve GOT to register for a (19) crock pot! This is the one we got and I use it all the time. So random, but a couple tools that we have loved are (20) these tongs and this microplane. It’s perfect for grating cheese real fine or zesting lemons—something I feel like I have to do all the time with those hello fresh meals. I love our nice colander and love how (21) these colanders come in various sizes or a set of three. We registered for (22) nice linen napkins and I love them. White is great because you can bleach them! We use our 4 slice toaster every day and I love it, but (23) this toaster sure is pretty! I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a (24) Nespresso machine, so if I were getting married right now, I’d for sure have one on our registry! I have a couple pieces from the AERIN line at Williams Sonoma and would love (25) this blue and white platter. Do you have a (26) salad spinner? It’s a game changer! So are (27) nice dish towels, but you can find some pretty great ones at Homegoods, too. Instead of a giant set of pots, I registered for three nice ones and am really happy with that decision because I’m not a big cook and I appreciate the cabinets not being cluttered. We chose Calphalon, but I’ve become such a huge fan of Le Creuset, so if I were doing it all again, I would register for (28) this saucepan, (29) this saucier, and (30) this nonstick pan because their nonstick is AMAZING. Speaking of Le Creuset, (31) this rectangle casserole dish and (32) this square one have been all we’ve needed over the years and I’m still just as in love with them as I was when I picked them out. I know the KichenAid mixers are super popular and I would probably LOVE one, but I really didn’t feel like I’d have a big use for one considering the price and turns out, (33) this hand mixer has been perfect for all my needs. Although I always go to Le Creuset for silicone kitchen tools, (34) this OXO set has almost everything else you’ll need for your kitchen tool drawer. And finally, (35) this Boos Block cutting board has been a huge favorite! It’s so pretty in the kitchen and is used every day.