November 20, 2017
our weekend at ponte vedra inn and club

Figured I’d pop in and share a little about our trip to Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. Ever been there? It’s just outside of Jacksonville, so it was a super easy drive for us on

Figured I’d pop in and share a little about our trip to Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. Ever been there? It’s just outside of Jacksonville, so it was a super easy drive for us on a Friday afternoon. There’s just something about being even only slightly over that Florida border. It may just be a few hours south of our own South Carolina beaches, but the sand is whiter and the water is bluer, so it just feels like vacation.

This was our second time visiting Ponte Vedra. Do any of you remember when we went there for our first anniversary? We stayed at the Lodge & Club then, but this time we stayed at their sister property, the historic Inn & Club, which is located just 1.5 miles down the road along the ocean.

What’s the difference between the Lodge and the Inn? (I didn’t know either until this trip.) The Lodge opened in 1989 and has 66 rooms—it’s a AAA 4-Diamond Boutique Hotel. The Inn, which is a 5-Diamond hotel with 249 rooms, opened in 1928 and surely has that old glamour, romance and stateliness. Having stayed at both now, I’d say we enjoyed this trip at the Inn a bit more because I loved the nostalgic, rich-in-history feeling of the grounds (even though it’s totally renovated) and it’s right next to the spa and other amenities we took advantage of, like the nursery and oceanfront restaurants. But both properties have their own awesome amenities and anyone staying at either property can enjoy all of them. Golf, tennis, tons of heated pools for adults and children, the most luxurious spa ever, awesome gyms, miles of ocean to enjoy with kayaks, paddle boards, and beach cruiser bike rentals. That’s just scratching the surface… there’s a lot to do there.

We were kindly invited by the Inn & Club to spend the weekend with them and I’m so glad it worked out in our schedules to make the visit. What I loved is that we didn’t get in our car at all from the moment we arrived until we had to leave. We just felt so relaxed and refreshed after leaving… and we had Watson with us, too! (“Relaxed” isn’t a word I would typically use to describe myself when I’m with this little energizer bunny!) We thought about leaving him home with grandparents this time, but I’m so glad we took him because it was nice treating him like a little king before he becomes a big brother in just another month or two.

I mean, the kid had a blast. He loved picking up shells on the beach and pushing his wagon. And eating all the food! We were greeted with the most delicious custom cookies and treats. And then for dinner that first night, he had a Nutella, strawberry, banana sandwich with french fries on the side. I may or may not have eaten the half he didn’t touch after I ate my own meal. From the room service we indulged in each morning to the other meals we had on the property, it was all a big treat.

We ordered breakfast to the room each morning since our room was overlooking the ocean and we weren’t ready to get out of our jammies yet! I’m still thinking about that french toast and fresh squeezed orange juice.

…and the chocolate chip pancakes and tons of fruit.

The beach has crazy amounts of shells, so we had a shark teeth finding competition and then hit the pool with Watson. All of the pools at the resort are heated. It was definitely warm outside, but a little extra heat in the pool when you’re visiting in November never hurts!

Watson and I went on some early morning walks on the beach while Brandon snuck in an extra snooze.

Nothing like a 7am playground sesh.

We also managed to spend some time at the spa getting massages and that was a great treat. I wish I had a picture of something there to show y’all… it’s the best spa I’ve ever visited. I remember loving it when we went for our anniversary, so I’m glad they had a couple spots available for us to book a treatment while there. (There is an awesome nursery at the Inn & Club, so Watson had a blast there while we had some time to relax.)

PVIC sent us home with some really sweet gifts and treats. Thanks again to our friends there for having us!

…and oh, tell me y’all saw my insta-stories while there with the TV hidden inside the bathroom mirror? It was incredible. I could go for another bubble bath and movie!

See ya next time, PVIC!