December 11, 2017
Registry Checklist for the Second Baby

One of the greatest things about preparing for a second baby is that you’ve probably already got most of the gear you’ll need. Since Watson and his sister will only be about 21 months apart

One of the greatest things about preparing for a second baby is that you’ve probably already got most of the gear you’ll need. Since Watson and his sister will only be about 21 months apart and not many new and improved models and technologies have come out in that time, we feel pretty content with what we already have. Regardless, though, there are still plenty of things we have needed to stock up on to prepare for baby girl’s arrival. I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but here’s what we’ve got so far..

Onesies, gowns, and footie pajamas //

Even if having the same gender, you’ll probably still need a good bit of these because they get stained and dingy so quickly! Watson’s sweet little infant gowns and footies that I hoped to save are yellowing and have spots all on them. The good thing is that this is a fun thing to buy and pretty inexpensive, especially if you shop smart! But I’ll admit that I’ve splurged on some nicer newborn/0-3 month pieces because y’all, I just couldn’t help it. They are only that tiny for a short time, so I want to make the most of it, and the pricier things just feel a million times better. I bought a few Kissy Kissy gowns, these footie pajamas in the pink and the cornflower blue, and some of these sweet Magnolia Baby pieces, too. I think we’ve got about 5-6 newborn gowns/footies and 5-6 in the 0-3 month size. And don’t forget about little onesies! These are all we let Watson sleep in when he was born since we swaddled him tight every night and he was born when the weather was warm. These from H&M are beyond precious and I think the buttons are a game changer vs going over the head. I have a couple of these in the newborn size and then a few basic white ones in 0-3 months.


Stroller with a Double Seat Option //

If you have another child that will still need a stroller, then it’s time to find a double stroller! To me, a good stroller makes all the difference in keeping your time out of the house a little more stress-free. And if you’re expecting a second child, then you already know that anything that can make your days easier is worth its weight in gold. I’m a bit of a stroller freak and researched them until no end when I was expecting Watson. We decided on the UPPAbaby brand and bought the CRUZ Stroller and the MESA Carseat for him. We absolutely loved them both because they are lightweight, sleek, and they work together as a travel system with no adapters required. (I actually wrote about them both in my ultimate baby registry post.) But, the only drawback with the CRUZ stroller is that it doesn’t have the second seat option like its big sister, the UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller. And that’s something we need now.


So, we decided to get the VISTA, along with the RumbleSeat, which is the second seat that easily attaches to the stroller with these handy adapters. I like that the double stroller has the width of a single, so going through doors won’t be an issue. I also like that the RumbleSeat can easily be removed or added in a click, so you’re not stuck with a double stroller if you decide one day that you don’t need it anymore.

The pictures above show the VISTA with just the one seat, obviously. But once we put on the RumbleSeat, it will look like any of these configurations below. There are so many different possibilities for seating arrangements, especially when you take into consideration that the MESA Carseat will snap in with no adapter required. The pictures below show the VISTA stroller with all the options you can do with the bassinet, the main seat, and the RumbleSeat.


Other reasons I love the VISTA Stroller?

  • The huge basket with easy access. It can fit so much! Not having to cram everything underneath is huge. I’m sure this is not condoned by the company, but I’ve even seen a woman pushing her children around while the toddler was sitting in the basket. I mean, it’s roomy.


  • Bigger tires. I really don’t know if we’ll get a double jogging stroller this time around… mainly because I’m not so sure we’ll need it now. To be clear, the VISTA isn’t made for jogging, but I didn’t own our single jogging stroller for that purpose anyway. I’m more of a walker, but we got a jogging stroller when Watson was a few months old because I needed more of an easy push/off-road option for strolling him around the hood. (Because remember, we had the UPPAbaby CRUZ stroller at that time. It has a really smooth ride as well, but smaller tires, which don’t glide on bumpy sidewalks quite as nicely as the VISTA.) But now that we have the VISTA, the big tires can take you anywhere from a gravel trail to a store to the cobblestone streets like we have in Charleston. It glides like a dream, which is also due to the fact that it has a shock-absorbing front and rear suspension.


  • The large sunshade. Very important to keep the sun out of those babies’ eyes and this will do it, no question about it.


  • It comes with a bassinet. I didn’t think I needed this with baby #1, but after I’ve done more research, the bassinet is super beneficial for newborns because it allows your baby to lie completely flat, which is recommended. Like the MESA Carseat, this also snaps in with no adapters required. There is also a bassinet stand you can buy for it, which creates an overnight sleeping solution for baby.


  • The seats can be turned towards the front or the back. This is a biggie for me! When Watson was a newborn, I always wanted his seat facing me. When he got a little older, he wanted to face forward to see the world. Nice to have this option.


  • The beautiful design. The leather handles—I literally swoon over them. (The CRUZ has the same colorway options.) We have the Henry blue, but there are eight colors available.


  • It’s one of those, “This is the only stroller I’ll need” kinds of strollers. For all the reasons I mentioned above. I get asked a lot if I have a recommendation for someone who only wants to buy one stroller. You know, not the jogging stroller and the travel system stroller and the umbrella stroller, too. This VISTA is a “one for all.”


Bottles and Pacifiers //

We still have all of these, but I just felt like the new baby deserves her own fresh ones. I guess this is just personal preference. We bought our favorites— these bottles and these pacis, which are truly a newborn size and don’t overwhelm those tiny, sweet faces.

Diapers and Bath Supplies //

I really like Honest diapers, especially for newborns because of the safety aspects of them. And I love their  wipes, too. Also love Water Wipes, which have a little more wetness to them and are made up of something like 99.7% pure water. I don’t want a single bad chemical touching my baby’s fresh-to-the-world bottom, so I’ll bring all of my own supplies to the hospital instead of using what they provide. We use Beautycounter baby products, like the baby wash, the oil (instead of a lotion), and this balm that is incredibly multi-purpose. One of our friends gave us this Tubby Todd travel kit, which I’m super excited to try! Smells amazing.

Clothing Accessories //

Newborn hats, socks, mittens, bibs, burp cloths, shoes, etc. All of those things that are probably in bad shape from baby #1! I really like these baby socks and am a huge fan of Hemming Birds for the beautiful handmade bibs and burp cloths. Yana has the sweetest designs and they are so soft!

Crib Sheets, Blankets, Other Linens //

You probably already have a crib from your first baby, but don’t forget new crib linens if needed! Maybe some new changing pad covers as well. (We are doing this changing pad for baby #2 that doesn’t require covers. Score!) Also, how about new baby towels and wash cloths? Swaddles? We were pretty covered there since Watson had a lot, but we love the designs on these sweet Aden + Anais muslins, so we have a couple new ones of those.



Second Camera for Your Baby Monitor //

Depending on how old your other child is, you might need to invest in an additional camera for your baby monitor—if it has the mulitple camera capabilities. We have just started using this Project Nursery monitor, which allows you to buy additional cameras, if needed. I love the wi-fi feature, so we can check in and see how the babies are sleeping straight from our phones, even if we are away for dinner.

A few other randoms //

  • medicines, like gas drops
  • white noise machine
  • postpartum goodies—things you’ll need during your recovery


Check out my “Best Baby Items” blog post to see everything we really loved for Watson when he was a newborn!