January 29, 2018
My Maternity Must Haves

    Somehow those 9 long months of pregnancy seem like a distant memory to me now. Gosh, I do miss it already, though. Being pregnant this time was so much more enjoyable than when



Somehow those 9 long months of pregnancy seem like a distant memory to me now. Gosh, I do miss it already, though. Being pregnant this time was so much more enjoyable than when I was expecting Watson. I absolutely loved almost every single moment of it until the very end when things started getting a bit uncomfortable. But I had a good arsenal of products to help get me through it pretty easily. Today I’m sharing my top maternity must haves. Seriously, get this stuff if you’re pregnant!



  • These Belly Bandit Bump Support Leggings were my favorites. They pull you in and lift you up. The fabric is awesome—it doesn’t pick up every piece of lint. These are perfect for almost any use… working out, going out to dinner, or lounging around the house. I read that they run a little small, so I sized up to a medium and am glad I did. The top panel easily folds over, so I’m actually still wearing them postpartum! The black full length leggings seem to be sold out everywhere at the moment, but grey is available! The crop length is in stock though.
  • I loved these Matron Saint Leggings for lounging around. They are beyond soft. This brand has the best basics for maternity and beyond. I also wore their champ tanks all the time.
  • The first trimester or so of pregnancy is so awkward because you’re too small for maternity jeans, but too big for your regular pants. That’s where the Maeband and the BellaBand come in. The Maeband is a temporary solution for extending the waistline of your pants, while the BellaBand helps hold your pants up and sort of smooths everything out. I truly believe that you’ve got to have both to get the full effect! I wore my regular jeans up until the third trimester thanks to this magic combination.




  • I took these prenatal vitamins because they seemed to have more DHA in them than competing brands. I took them with Watson, too, and they never made me feel nauseous!
  • This pregnancy, one of my symptoms was muscle cramps and pains—especially in my legs. I found that taking a magnesium supplement totally relieved those feelings. Honestly, if I missed a day or two of the supplement, I could tell a difference. This is the kind I took—it also has calcium and zinc in it.
  • Orange Gatorade. I craved it like none other this pregnancy! I’d grab a large tumbler full of ice, then fill it with half Gatorade and half water. Then I’d eat all the leftover ice. It’s funny because chewing ice has never ever been something I enjoy. And just as quickly as this new love of ice started, it went away immediately after having Rosie.




  • Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt is always always in my bathroom cabinet. I enjoy taking baths so much and even though I had to limit the time and temperature, I took one almost every night during my pregnancy. Just throw a few scoops of salts in the bath and it will help relieve sore legs and relax your body.
  • For stretch mark prevention, I recommend Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Cream. It’s funny because the reviews online aren’t awesome, but it’s the only one that has truly worked for me. I used it during my pregnancy with Watson every single day and never got a single stretch mark. This time, I tried a few cult-favorite stretch mark creams instead (thinking they’d be even better, I guess), but I ended up getting marks on my belly! I immediately ordered the Mustela one and they have faded drastically already.




  • I tried one of those big pregnancy pillows but didn’t care for it. I just didn’t like how I had to put my head on it, too. (I want to use my own pillows under my head!) Instead, I bought this memory foam full body pillow and am obsessed with it. It has to be the comfiest thing I’ve ever felt. I would put it along the backside of my body (if I’m laying on my side) and then put this Bobby Wedge Pillow under my belly on the front. I had fantastic sleep all throughout pregnancy thanks to these.
  • We always have a heating pad near our bed. Sometimes Brandon and I fight over it, which makes me realize we should just order another one on Amazon because they’re pretty cheap. I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I actually had a broken tailbone after having Watson. It aggravated me like crazy during this pregnancy, so I slept on a heating pad all the time.


You can shop all of my maternity picks here.


And oh my gosh, how did I not ever share these maternity photos? These photos by Emily Ann Hughes are so dear to my heart. I was 32 or 33 weeks pregnant with Rosie—our last family portraits with just the original three. Watson started feeling terrible right before the shoot (turns out that he had an ear infection after seeing the doctor afterwards), so I can tell in the photos that he doesn’t feel well. But he was such a little trooper during the shoot and I’m so very thankful to have this special time documented.