February 21, 2018
newborn favorites

Here are a few favorites that have really stuck out throughout Rosie’s first month or so. The truth is, babies don’t need much at all when they are so brand new. Diapers, soft clothes, baby

Here are a few favorites that have really stuck out throughout Rosie’s first month or so. The truth is, babies don’t need much at all when they are so brand new. Diapers, soft clothes, baby wash, maybe a few pacis, a play mat, blankets, and a bassinet… yep, that about covers it! But of course it’s fun to experiment with other baby products to find things that will make your life easier. So that’s what I’m sharing today–our absolute most loved favorites so far.


Solly Wrap and Wildbird Ring Sling

Since we have a toddler as well, the ability to hold Rosie while being hands free is a must. I love both of these carriers… and Rosie LOVES to be carried this way, too.

The difference between the two? They each have something I love more than the other. I prefer the material of the Solly and how it distributes weight across my whole back. On the flip side, I find the Wildbird so much easier to thrown on in a hurry. For that reason, I keep the Solly in the house and my Wildbird in my car for when we are running errands.


Love to Dream Swaddle UP Organic Swaddle

I can’t believe we used a blanket to swaddle Watson the traditional way when we could have used THIS!! It’s amazing because it allows your baby to keep her hands by her face, which is what both of mine have wanted to do because it lets them self-soothe. The best part is that all it takes is one zip and you’re done! Easy as can be and your baby can’t “Houdini” herself out of it.


Kissy Kissy Converter Gowns

The material on these is so incredibly soft that you’ll want some of these in your own size. They make diaper changes a breeze and they just look so sweet. I tend to splurge on nice newborn gowns and footies at the very beginning, then explore less expensive options as they get bigger. You just never get those first few months back and I love having a sweet wardrobe to preserve those memories. I found some great ones on Amazon.



Cuddle + Kind Dolls

You may remember when I raved about these after Watson was born, so it’s safe to say I’ve loved them for a while now. I’m really just a big sucker for a cute stuffed animal. But these go above and beyond. They make for great decor in a nursery or playroom, they’re soft and cuddly (Watson loves to give them hugs), and they are heirloom quality, so you know they’ll last for a long time. The best part is that for each doll sale, Cuddle + Kind gives 10 meals to hungry children.

A newborn must have? Well I guess it’s only fair that I say a doll is not a must have, but it’s definitely a favorite.


Project Nursery Baby Monitor

This monitor has become an immediate favorite—and it’s currently on sale for under $100! (Also available on Amazon.) It feels incredibly high quality, gives a really nice picture, and the service reaches a far distance. You can program it to work with multiple cameras, which is nice. Rosie isn’t sleeping in her own room yet, but this monitor has already come in handy for her because we put her down in the cradle in our room around 9pm, so she’s alone in there for a few hours until we go to bed.


DockATot Deluxe

I know I talk about this all the time, but it has been a #1 newborn item for me since Watson was born. It’s one of those things that you don’t know how much you need it until you have it—then you’ll wonder how you got along without it. Rosie has already been sleeping 10-11 hours at night in this. It keeps her snug by mimicking a womb-like feeling. Also, it’s totally portable, so we take it all over the house! For naps on the sofa, for lounging in the bathroom while I shower, and for playing in the yard on pretty days (yesterday was 82 degrees and sunny!). It will go anywhere and your baby will love laying in it, which makes life great for a mama.


Bravado Silk Seamless Nursing Bra 

By far the best I’ve tried. It feels amazing!



4Moms Breeze Plus

Since Rosie’s nursery is upstairs, it’s inconvenient to run up there every time she needs a diaper change or needs to lay down for a nap. That’s why I’m thankful for this pretty contraption you see above because it lives exactly where you see it… right in the middle of our living room! Which is totally fine, by the way, because it’s so sleek and pretty.

The uses? Not only will it be a playard for Rosie as she gets older, but it also comes with a removable bassinet and changer. We use this all day long for diaper changes and naps. It’s great because she will lay in it when I’m in the kitchen cooking, so I’m able to easily keep an eye on her and know she’s up safe from Watson, who runs wild around the living room like the busy toddler that he is. It will also be perfect for travel because it comes with a travel bag and it pops open with just one push… and then one pull to close.

Discount code! I asked my friends at 4Moms for a special code for y’all because I love this product so much. So, here you go: You can get a free playard sheet ($40 value) when you purchase any Breeze playard! Go to 4moms.com. Pick any of the breeze playards and add one to your cart.  Then, add a playard sheet (any color) to your cart.  At checkout, it will ask you for a coupon code. Enter HOLYCITYGWP. This will remove the cost of the playard sheet from your order.  (You’ll still want to buy the bassinet sheet if you need it!) Note that this can ONLY be used at 4moms.com, and is only available to US residents until 2/28.


Beautycounter Baby Bundle

This set includes the baby wash, protective balm, and soothing oil. We use each of these all the time! So nice knowing we are using safe products on our Rosie girl.


Aden + Anais Diapers

Speaking of soft things, these feel like silky pima cotton! They are free of harmful ingredients and hold everything inside super well. I’m a fan!


NatureBond Silicone Breastmilk Saver

I didn’t believe this would work, but I saw over 800 really awesome reviews and as it turns out, it does work. Really well. You just suction it on the side that your baby is not nursing on, then let it do all the work. Instead of losing a whole bunch of leaking milk, it collects it. I got an ounce or two last night—and I definitely don’t have an oversupply. As someone who despises pumping, this is pretty awesome.



After another month or two with Rosie, I’ll share an updated “baby registry must haves” post! So feel free to check that one out in the mean time, as well as my “what I’m buying for our second baby” post.