April 25, 2018
10 most loved baby items

  Hello! First thing you might realize is that we switched out Rosie’s mirror in her nursery for this rattan one! I spotted it on Rosie’s first trip to an antique store and thought it would


Hello! First thing you might realize is that we switched out Rosie’s mirror in her nursery for this rattan one! I spotted it on Rosie’s first trip to an antique store and thought it would be perfect in her room. Truth is, I really wanted her white Atoll mirror to be moved elsewhere, so it was a win/win for everybody!

Anyway, here are 10 things that have saved us throughout the first few months with Rosie! I’ve already shared some must haves with y’all before and after looking back through, I can confidently say we are still using and loving everything! But here are just a few more to add to that list…


1. Exederm

Rosie had some baby acne on her face at about 3 weeks old. Our pediatrician said to try a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream, which is what Exederm is—but a safe, non toxic kind that is perfect for sensitive skin. I’m telling you, that baby acne didn’t stand a chance. It was gone within days. I only wish we had known this when Watson was a newborn because he had it pretty bad. Exederm is also a game changer for dry skin or eczema spots!


2. Favorite Baby Clothes

Some of our favorite brands are The Beaufort Bonnet Company, Shrimp & Grits Kids, Smocked Auctions, Lullaby Set, Feltman Brothers, Little English, Tot A Porter, and The Orange Iris.  I also stand by the Kissy Kissy footie pajamas and these onesies by GAP. (The fit and quality is a lot nicer than others!)


3. Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths

We have a happy spitter on our hands. I have to change her outfit multiple times a day because she just soaks through her clothes. These burp cloths are by far the most absorbent I’ve found!



4. Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs

Going along with what I just mentioned, I found this brand recently and have started putting Rosie in their bandana bibs because of all the spit up. They have helped tremendously with the amount of outfit changes we have to do every day. I’m so impressed with how they don’t soak through. If you have a drooling baby or one that spits up a lot, these bandana bibs will be your best friends. And just look at all the prints and colors… they are SO cute! They have really great baby towels, too.


5. Baby Bows

I get a lot of questions about Rosie’s bows too. We love this shop, Wee Ones Bowsthis shop, and this one. These bows are so cute too!


6. Baby Swing

Or anything similar to that, like a MamaRoo, etc. Every baby is different with what they like, but the swing is what works for us. We have this one and Rosie takes two little cat naps in it—one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. (She takes a big nap in her crib after lunch.)



7. Head Shaping Pillow

Might seem silly, but I swear by this thing! Whenever Rosie’s head starts looking a little flat on the back (which happens to basically all babies from sleeping on their backs), I have her sleep with this and it helps her head to have that nice round shape again. Again, another thing I wish I had known about with Watson. His head got a little flat when he was a newborn and our pediatrician said it would reshape on its own, but ….it didn’t.


8. MAM Newborn Pacifiers

These definitely save the day. I love this particular brand because they are so much smaller than any others I’ve found, so they don’t overwhelm the baby’s face. Plus, they are the only pacifiers that Rosie will take—Watson, too!



9. Lamaze Baby Toys

These are really the only toys Rosie has interacted with so far. They are so well made, soft, and I love how each toy’s packaging points out exactly how the toy is developmentally beneficial for your baby.


10. Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50 Transitional Swaddle

You may remember from this post that we have the organic Swaddle UP for Rosie and absolutely adore it. I mean, hands down, top baby item. But she has outgrown the small one and we’ve upgraded her to this transitional swaddle in size medium. It’s essentially just the same, but this one has zip-off arm wings, making it the perfect way to transition your baby from a swaddle to a sleep sack.


Rosie’s outfit in these pictures is from Little English. Her white bow is from this shop. Her pink bow she’s wearing in the first picture is from here!

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