July 16, 2018
watson and rosie’s playroom

  We recently gave Watson and Rosie’s playroom a little makeover. My goal was to make it a bright space with clean lines and something that looks equally as appropriate for a little girly girl


We recently gave Watson and Rosie’s playroom a little makeover. My goal was to make it a bright space with clean lines and something that looks equally as appropriate for a little girly girl as it does for a boy who loves trucks and fishing. I love the way it turned out! Mixing soft pink and baby blue is my favorite combo for kids.

We certainly needed a good storage solution, so working with ducduc on some custom furniture pieces was such a treat. They are a USA-based company that hand makes chic, eco-friendly furniture that is seriously to die for. Every piece can be customized to fit your style and favorite color scheme… and it’s all crafted by hand in Connecticut!

We had ducduc create this Campaign II Stacking Dresser with three Stacking Cubbies on top. You could stack only dressers so that you have all drawers or just stack only the cubbies—or, of course, a mix of both like we did. I love the drawers because it’s hidden storage for all the stuff, but I also love the cubbies for a fun display. Just wait until you see the inside of the drawers!!



We decided on a vibrant orange! I love how it plays as a contrast to the light grayish blue we used on the ends of the piece. You can literally give ducduc the name of any Benjamin Moore paint color you want and they will paint it! I don’t know the name of the orange color we used—they chose the specific color for me, but the blue color we used is Benjamin Moore Palace Pearl.



The drawers are nice and deep. We keep dress-up clothes in one and random things in the other. They’re easy for Watson to open and pull out whatever he wants. We have other baskets scattered throughout the room and on the shelves that also hold toys! Let’s be real, we also keep some toys in the living room, some in the garage, and then Watson has a few in the toy box in his room. So don’t let the cleanliness totally fool you. It’s a mix of great storage pieces and the fact that this isn’t all the toys!



Watson is wearing his Lila + Hayes jammies from Ellifox. I thought about changing his clothes for these photos but decided not to because this is real life. Many days we are in PJs until lunch time!



In addition to the shelf, we also had ducduc help us with a piece that gave us both seating and storage—a real win win. This one is called the The Short Bench. (Yep, there’s also a Long Bench, in case you were wondering.)



These sweet bins by Annie Selke are perfect for storing toys. And babies.



This linen bin above is the Mina, but there’s also a smaller one called the Finn, which you’ll see elsewhere in the room with some books in it.



The third and final piece in the room by ducduc is this AMAZING chalkboard. It’s called the Sebastian Chalkboard and it’s my favorite favorite. The bottom is also a book ledge!



This little reading nook makes me so happy. I hope they both love books and spend hours cuddled up on these pillows with us while getting lost in the adventures of their stories!



The blush Pom Pom Throw and the Stone Washed Linen Pillows are both by Annie Selke.



We had Watson and Rosie’s silhouettes done by Patti Rishforth. She hand cut these in a matter of a few minutes—no tracing, lights or drawing. Just a pair of scissors and black paper. It was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen and I’ll forever cherish these!




Wall Color: custom, but I shared the formula here

Rug: It’s indoor/outdoor, so it’s perfect for a play room because stains come up easily!

Shelving Unit: here and here (We used Benjamin Moore Palace Pearl on the ends.)



Tan Linen Bins: here and here

Blush Pom Pom Throw

White Linen Pillows

Monogram Pillows

PLAY Banner

Stuffed Animals: a mix of cuddle + kind dollsblabla dolls, and jellycat


Acrylic Shelving

Play Table


Pineapple Lamp


Blue Felt Board

Artwork above cubbies: Blakely Little and the fish is something Brandon painted on a date we had back in 2010 or so!