September 24, 2018
amazon fashion haul

Amazon never was a place I would have thought to buy clothes in the past, but I’ve been able to find so many great pieces throughout the past year or so. The returns are a

Amazon never was a place I would have thought to buy clothes in the past, but I’ve been able to find so many great pieces throughout the past year or so. The returns are a cinch and if you have Prime, then the two-day shipping can’t be beat. And if you’re willing to dig a little, there are some true gems at crazy good prices. I bought a big box full of things and am here to share it all with you guys! Read the descriptions to learn about what size I’m wearing in each item and the price. I also have a video recap of all of this happening over on Instagram stories today, so be sure to check that out too if you want to see how each piece looks “in real life.”

This black tunic sweater is a true winner. I absolutely LOVE it. It’s soft, not too thick, and lays just right. It’s flattering and so versatile. Oh and it’s only $18! I’m wearing a small.



This pullover is a dupe of the Abercrombie & Fitch pullover that people obsess over. It’s way softer and only $20!!! I’m wearing a medium.


These are the greatest t-shirts! So soft and high quality—and I love the longer sleeves. I bought this shirt in black and grey, but it comes in multiple other colors. I am wearing a medium, but I bought these in a small too, which also worked. (Not a huge difference in the sizes.)  I’m keeping the medium though, which is what I have shown here. I love that they are a little longer in the back than in the front. They are GOOD and only $13!


This sweater is so cozy! It’s kind of “lumpy,” so I personally don’t think I would wear it out of the house, but it’s perfect for lounging around. I’m wearing it in a small.


Here’s what I have on underneath! I bought this three pack of undershirts for $18 and think they’ll be perfect for layering under sweaters and jackets this fall. I have them in a medium. You can see how I’m holding the other two to show you the other colors that come in the pack.


I’m passing on this one. I’ve seen this dress all over and was really excited, but it’s oddly tight around my legs, but loose everywhere else? I expected the material to be soft and stretchy, but it’s kind of scratchy and weird. Maybe I should have tried a size bigger and then washed it a bunch of times to make the material softer. Or maybe I just got a dud! It looks great on others, so maybe it’s just me! By the way, this dress is $10.


This shirt may be my favorite thing I ordered! It’s just $28, but it feels like something that would cost $100 from Lululemon. It’s like a cross between a sweatshirt and t-shirt. It’s extremely comfortable and stretchy. The picture I took is kind of awkward, but I promise it’s both flattering and cozy in real life! I’ve worn it every single day since I got it. Wearing a medium.


I forgot to take a photo of this next one, so here’s a screenshot of the video. That’s why it’s blurry. But this split-hem tunic shirt is another favorite! It’s just like an expensive one I ordered from Nordstrom recently, but this one is only $26. I am wearing a medium. It has cute slits on either side. I love it.


Here’s another screenshot of a video. Sorry for the quality! But I wanted to show a photo of this grey t-shirt too. It’s long like a tunic, so it’s great to layer on top of jackets. I love seeing other layers peek through. This is perfect to wear with leggings! Under $20.


Here’s a cute t-shirt dress for $19. The material isn’t going to cling to you. (I think a lot of t-shirt dresses can be unflattering for this reason.) I’m in a medium. Love the cute tassels at the bottom. You could pair this with a denim jacket to transition it into fall.


Here’s a great pair of black sunglasses for under $10. Love these. Not pictured because they just arrived while I was writing this post, but I can tell you the quality seems great for the price! Much better than other cheap sunglasses I’ve found on Amazon.

This is a great sweater! It’s not overly plush, but it’s a breathable knit and is a great transition piece since it won’t make you too hot.


Can’t beat this pack of two t-shirts for $18. Love the stripes and camo! I ordered a medium, but easily could have grabbed a small for a slightly more fitted look. But I always size up in t-shirts so that I don’t have to fear shrinking them!


Y’all, this is the BEST bralette I’ve found! I wanted a simple little bra like this to wear at home when I don’t want to wear a real bra and also don’t want to wear an athletic bra. This is extremely comfortable. I got a medium for myself. I was in between a small and a medium, but am glad I chose the bigger size.