November 7, 2018
The 10 Best Things I Put On My Baby Registry

  Making a baby registry can be so overwhelming. I didn’t make one with Rosie, but I remember those early days of being pregnant with Watson when I’d sit in front of my computer for


Making a baby registry can be so overwhelming. I didn’t make one with Rosie, but I remember those early days of being pregnant with Watson when I’d sit in front of my computer for hours researching what to add to my registry. Not only did I not understand everything that was needed for a baby, but there were so many options and styles and brands. I research everything before I buy it, so let’s just say I put in some HOURS on that baby registry!



After we had Watson and spent about eight months learning to be parents, I put together a Baby Registry Guide which featured everything I would recommend, from laundry stain solution (gonna need it, trust me!), to strollers, to diaper rash cream. Then, when I was pregnant with Rosie, I wrote a Registry Checklist for the Second Baby since we already owned the bulk of what we would need for a newborn.

Today I thought I’d narrow it down even more for you new mamas. I’m sharing the 10 best things I put on my registry. Y’all know I’m not the best at narrowing things down, so squeezing this giant list of things down to the 10 very best means business.



1. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Stop what you’re doing right now and put this on your registry. If you plan on going anywhere—to a family member’s house, on vacation, wherever—then you’ll want this. It’s super light and pops open and closes shut in just seconds. It folds up into a small carrying case, making it so easy to travel with. Watson is still sleeping in his when we go on trips!


2. LoveToDream SwaddleUp

Forget swaddling your baby at night with a traditional swaddle blanket—that takes a lot of time, it’s unnatural for a baby’s arms to be pushed down, and they seem to always break free anyway. This swaddle sack will keep baby’s hands by their face and it simply zips up, so you don’t have to practice your swaddling skills. It’s so easy! It may look absolutely insane at first, but it honestly was the biggest game changer for us when Rosie was a newborn. (We swaddled Watson the traditional way and it was always the biggest pain! We had the one linked above and this organic one, which is even softer.



3. Drawer Organizers

I get asked about these all the time! I don’t know what I would have done without them. They come in three different sizes, so you can configure them in many different ways inside drawers. I have them in both Watson and Rosie’s dressers. They also fold down flat for easy storage when you aren’t using them.


4. UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller and MESA Infant Carrier Carseat

My love for this stroller/carseat system runs strong. I had the CRUZ stroller for Watson, which I also loved. The VISTA has a bigger basket underneath, which is honestly the main reason why I prefer it. (Double the children, double the stuff!) The VISTA also comes with a bassinet and has the option to add a second seat. However, it is a bit heavier. If you only have one child or don’t seem to carry around too many things, then the CRUZ is probably all you need. I went over the pros and cons of each in this post, as well. Whichever you decide, the MESA infant carrier/carseat fits right onto either one with no adapter needed. It’s sleek and stylish—also very functional and maneuvers exceptionally well. I know there is some sticker shock on this duo, but it’s worth every penny and resale on these seems to be great, so you can always sell it afterwards.



5. Fisher Price Cradle-N-Swing

You’ll want something like a swing or bouncer seat so that you can set your baby down for a while. This was preferred by both of our babies—always put them out like a light. I swear Watson took every single nap in this thing until he was 9 months old!  It’s big and not the prettiest thing in the world, but the expensive “chic” swings were never loved by Watson or Rosie, so this is definitely my preference.


6. Moms on Call

I highly highly recommend this book. It’s what we used to get our babies sleeping through the night early on. It’s written in a very concise outline format, so it’s a quick read and reference guide. It spells out schedules for you, how much milk to feed your baby, how to care for them, etc.



7. Bumbo Multi Seat

Not only was this a huge help when Rosie was first trying to sit up on her own, but this is what we still use as Rosie’s high chair! We have a wide kitchen island, so we just put her on the counter in this and then we sit in the counter stools to feed her. You can secure toys on the tray for play time as well. Then when your baby is a toddler, you can then take the insert out and use it as a booster seat. I remember when Watson was 4-7 months old, I was constantly wishing I had something like this for him, but never ended up buying anything. I’m so glad we had it for Rosie.


8. V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This thing has 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon for a reason. Every baby needs this 2-in-1 toy. You can take the front part off and use it as an interactive play panel. It has shape sorters, lights up, plays music, etc. When your baby starts to pull up, you can snap it back on and voila—it’s a walker! Watson still plays with this at over 2.5 years old, although his version of playing with it is running full blast from one end of the house to the other. Rosie loved looking at the play panel part when she was just a few months old… and now she is holding onto it and walking all over the house at 10 months old! (She just turned 10 months over the weekend.)



9. Kissy Kissy Converter Gowns

There are definitely less expensive options (which we owned as well), but I think these sweet gowns are worth every penny. They don’t shrink, they are beyond soft, and they will make beautiful keepsakes if you want to keep some to remember those short and sweet days your baby was teeny tiny.


10. DockATot Deluxe

If you’re questioning it, DON’T. The DockATot will allow you to plop the baby down anywhere throughout the house and beyond. Helped Watson sleep totally through the night by 3 months old and Rosie by 6 weeks old (we put it in the crib even though it wasn’t recommended, but as soon as they each started rolling over, we took it out and only used it for naps and laying around the house!). Will allow you to bring baby into bed with you for some snuggles without fearing that you’re going to roll over on top of him/her. Take it to the beach or grandma’s house. Put it down on the kitchen floor. Do anything with it because you will love being able to lay your baby down anywhere while knowing he/she is totally safe and secure. This was definitely the baby product we never knew we needed, but it’s definitely in my top 3 most loved baby items ever. There are tons of covers available, too.


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I’m wearing a Wiggy Kit St. Germain Shirt and 7 For All Mankind “The Skinny” Jeans.

Rosie is wearing this romper from Smockingbird Children’s Clothing–one of our very favorites!