January 14, 2019
Rosie’s Mother Goose Themed 1st Birthday Party

I can’t believe we just celebrated Rosie’s first birthday! I truly do feel like we just brought her home from the hospital, so the feeling of having an entire year behind us is definitely bittersweet.

I can’t believe we just celebrated Rosie’s first birthday! I truly do feel like we just brought her home from the hospital, so the feeling of having an entire year behind us is definitely bittersweet. More on the bitter end, I’d say!

For the party, I chose a Mother Goose theme and really love how sweet and classic it all turned out. There really aren’t many Mother Goose things out there as far as party decor goes, but that suits me just fine since I prefer a party to be a little more understated when it comes to the theme anyway.

I’ll share details + links as we go!

The invitations were done by paperandplaydesign on Etsy. I highly recommend this shop for anything you need on the stationery front. Everything is custom done in watercolor and each piece is so whimsical and sweet. She has stationery for each season (right now she has the cutest Valentine’s I’ve seen!) and the most beautiful invitations. This Mother Goose suite she created for us just tied the whole theme together perfectly! The invitation definitely sets the tone for the whole party, don’t you think?

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that preparing food for large groups is just not my specialty. The process of planning dishes and cooking them stresses me out and then I typically go and ruin everything anyway by burning it or putting in too much of one ingredient. We have a catering company in Charleston that I use a lot for get togethers because they have a pickup market that makes it so easy! To me, it’s worth it to pay a little more and just know everything is going to taste good. I pretty much got all the food from Hamby Catering, aside from a few little sides like cinnamon rolls, spinach dip, chicken nuggets, and the biscuit bar fixins’. (None of which were homemade, haha! Costco/Chick-fil-A for the win.)

Well I lied. I actually did assemble these mini parfaits you can see below. I used these cups from Amazon, which came with the spoons. Super cute! You could do little desserts in these or even mac n’ cheese, etc.

I get asked a lot where I buy my serving platters. Some were handed down to me, like the cake stand above, some are inexpensive finds at HomeGoods, and some I’ve picked up along the way, like this Beatriz Ball bowl below. I adore the whole Organic Pearl collection from Beatriz Ball, which you can even find on Amazon. I have an oval tray, too. The best thing is that it never has to be polished! And by the way, I think of all things, the Chick-Fil-A nuggets below were the most loved!

How cute are these “one” toppers? The china plate that these cinnamon rolls are on belonged to my great great grandmother!

A biscuit bar is something I knew I wanted to include. I had pimento cheese, bacon, and strawberry preserves as the fixins’. Oh and some honey butter that I quickly whipped up!

So… have you spotted the balloon garland yet? I’m a little obsessed with the concept. It looks super impressive, but was very easy using this kit from Glamfetti Co. She gives you all the balloons, air pump, decor strip, and the simple instructions you need to create a strand of garland. You can also choose whatever colors of balloons you’d like… and any length! Mine was 8ft and I used pink, white, and pearl white balloons.

Rosie’s cake may have been my favorite part of the whole thing, though. I had Ashley Bakery make it and it truly turned out better than I could have expected! Not to mention, their cakes are the best I’ve maybe ever had. I almost just bought a simple cake from Whole Foods, but I’m so happy I had a themed cake made since there really wasn’t anything else overly “Mother-Goosey” to tie the theme in. The cake was truly the center focal point.

Pink goldfish! How did I not know these existed before now? The cups are from Target and the metal stand is from HomeGoods.

Having little signs is a way that I always love to make parties feel more thoughtful. (You can see how I did it at Watson’s first and second birthday parties, too.) I bought this clipart and used photoshop to create the signs. Printed them out at home and put them in these gold dollar store frames!

I also had a coffee station set up, which ended up being great since it was cold outside and the party was technically still in the morning (11am!). I was so thrilled to find these blush coffee cups with lids on Amazon. It came with 90, so now I’ll have a bunch left over for my own coffee on the run. I also used this coffee server, but it honestly didn’t work very well. I may have bought a dud.

The illustrations in this Mother Goose book are so beautiful. All of our friends and family at the party signed a sweet little note to Rosie inside.

As for this banner below, it was done by Peachy Paper Crafts on Etsy. I also used her for Watson’s second birthday banner. Lauren is such a joy to work with and makes super high quality products that even I can’t find a flaw in (which is saying something!). I mean, I keep thinking… how does she get all the letters on so evenly and perfect? Mine would totally be crooked if I made this, which I suppose is why I don’t have an Etsy shop, haha.

I used mini clothespins to attach each of Rosie’s monthly photos to the banner. (Costco printed these… I love how they do a white border because it reminds me of vintage photos!)

I hit up the dollar spot at Target + their party supplies section and the dollar store to find some cutesy little toys for the favor bags. But what really tied it all together were these sweet favor tags by paperandplaydesign!

I bought this panel for Rosie’s high chair banner on Etsy from this shop… I also bought a matching bib! I get asked about this high chair a lot. I found it at a church yard sale when Watson was a baby. It was bright and I mean bright blue, but we spray painted it blue and then finished it with some sort of food-safe lacquer. I can’t remember which one!

The blush pink table cover I used (on top of this white one) is $4 from Target!

Now that we’ve made it through the details…. here’s some of the fun!

This blow up pool and these balls (400) were such a hit with the littles.

Rosie’s dress is something I’ll keep forever. It was made by Tot-A-Porter. You’ve got to check out their sweet website full of heirloom pieces. They can also make custom items for you. Perfect for newborn photos, baptism, birthdays, and any other special occasion! I know you might see the prices and pause, but I can’t even describe how special their pieces are. Her bow is from here, her shoes are Angel Baby Shoes, and her knee socks are Jefferies.

I found this cute Mother Goose on Amazon, which Rosie clearly LOVED. (There’s a pink one, too!)

Some of my girlfriends (whom Watson and Rosie also love so much)!

Then I found this little one on the counter eating the smash cake. Watson is wearing Lullaby Set, one of my favorite children brands.

These big balloons are also from Glamfetti! I bought one with a tassel tail and then just split it in two so that I could use it on both balloons.

My girl.

(My outfit is linked here.)


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