February 1, 2019
February Amazon Haul

Continuing on with the Amazon hauls! These are like scavenger hunts for me. I love finding little treasures snuck in among the masses online. And y’all seem to love these, so I’ll keep it up—maybe

Continuing on with the Amazon hauls! These are like scavenger hunts for me. I love finding little treasures snuck in among the masses online. And y’all seem to love these, so I’ll keep it up—maybe a big haul each month?


JUMPSUIT: wearing a M

In love with this!! I think I’ll live in this $19 jumpsuit during the spring and summer. Size up. I really want the pink one now!



POM POM BLOUSE: wearing a M

This top is too cute! I would definitely size up for extra room. If the pom poms are too much, I saw that one reviewer actually cut them off at the bottom and I actually love that idea.




I wore these no-show socks to the gym and now realize why these are best sellers on Amazon. These are the ONLY socks that do not ride down and end up underneath my foot mid-workout. LOVE.




These sweatshirts have been such a hit since I started doing these hauls! I’ve shared different variations with you, like the one in this first haul, and then this one. Now, the same sweatshirt comes in this boxy style. I LOVE IT. The fabric is still so soft and lightweight, but it feels cozy and the colors are spot on. Below, you’ll see it in black/white stripes and also in the perfect blush fabric.


TEDDY COAT: wearing a S

If you’re looking to jump on the teddy coat trend but don’t want to spend a bunch, then this is THE COAT for YOU. It’s under $30 and the quality is just as good as plenty of others I’ve tried that were $100 or more. I don’t think this is a trend that will stick around for long, so this one is a great option!



MAXI DRESS: wearing a S

I had to include a few resort options because we are getting ready for our trip next month and I have warm weather on the brain! This dress is under $25 and so versatile. You could throw it on over a bathing suit or wear it out to dinner. There are many colorways available, but I’m pretty partial to this blue and white one.



BOXY SWEATER: wearing a M

I own this sweater in a beige color and it has been one of my favorite sweaters of the season! I cannot believe it is under $30 because the quality is really nice. The front is a tiny bit higher than the back, so it’s perfect to front tuck or to layer over a lightweight shirt that sticks out underneath the sweater. I sized up to a medium!

(Here’s how I styled it in the beige! These jeans are Madewell, the blouse is Everlane, and the loafers are Gucci, but here are some crazy good leather dupes on Amazon!)




Maybe a little random, but if you have little ones, then these long sleeve shirts are perfect! Under $10 and available in so many colors. It also comes in a baby version, too.



SUEDE BLOUSE: wearing a S

Very surprised by this one. I can see myself tucking this top into skirts or wearing with jeans. I was worried that it would feel tight, but it’s actually stretchy and nice. The colors this top comes in are GORGEOUS. Under $30!




Totally in love with these $17 tops! They are so soft and feel amazing to work out in. (I wore it to a Red Zone class last night!) Multiple colors available, but I stuck with the white and the black one.

I’m wearing it with THE GREATEST leggings in the world! (The same ones I’ve shared in my last two hauls. And y’all love them too, which makes me so happy!)



PACK OF 4 SPORTS BRAS: wearing a M (see above photo!)

Cannot believe I bought 4 bras for $28! I do love the bra I mentioned above, but these are for sure new favorites as well. These are best sellers and I can totally see why.



SPORTS BRA: wearing a S

I have tried so many sports bras, but keep going back to this one. The price is right, the support is right on for me, and I love all of the color options. They just feel SO GOOD.




I’m going to hurry and order this cover up in other colors before y’all sell it out! It is $18 and I’m in LOVE. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo. I honestly was just too lazy to put on my bathing suit and then stick this on top. But I promise it looks just like this on! (Also, Amazon has free returns, so you don’t have to worry about trying it if you’re on the fence.)



CARGO JACKET: wearing a 4

Completely in love with this jacket! My favorite touch is that you can cinch in the waist using the adjustment cord inside the jacket. I mean, for $39 this cannot be beat. The fit is great, although I do think I would have been fine with a 2 as well.



NUDE MULES: true to size

Hurry hurry and snatch these up before they sell out! I am so obsessed. New favorite shoe and I cannot believe I got them for such a great price. There are many other colors available too!



RED BEADED EARRINGS:  These could have been 4x the price and I would still love them just as much. Note, they are clip ons, which seemed a little odd to me at first, but they are lightweight and so I don’t mind it at all!



WHITE WAVY HOOPS: Aren’t these so cute? Probably my #1 favorites in the jewelry category. Under $9!



TWO-TONE EARRINGS: I love these! They are a more subtle take on the acrylic earring trend. And only $8!



TASSLE EARRINGS: These are $11 and so pretty!



TURQUOISE EARRINGS: Oh how I love this pop of color. $9!



TORTOISE HOOPS:  under $10!



GEOMETRIC HOOPS: So many colors available in this one! Under $10.



BLACK WHITE TORTOISE EARRINGS: I love these! Also under $10, so you can scoop up a couple colors!