March 21, 2019
harbour island recap

  I think this was the best vacation we’ve taken. Just the perfect mix of fun, adventure, relaxation, pampering, and amazing food. I honestly have had a super hard time readjusting to our reality!! Safe


I think this was the best vacation we’ve taken. Just the perfect mix of fun, adventure, relaxation, pampering, and amazing food. I honestly have had a super hard time readjusting to our reality!! Safe to say I am already planning our return trip.



We rented a house right on the water called Bay Cottage. It sleeps 8 people comfortably, so it would be perfect for a group, but it has a cozy feel at the same time, making it an excellent option for just us two.



I love how it’s tucked into the trees and looks like a little bungalow, but the space is wide and plenty inside.



…and then the views from the dock are just insane. The sunset views were beyond!



We spent so much time just hanging on the dock and we both agreed that these were some of our favorite moments of the entire trip!



Here’s the lobster salad sandwich from Coral Sands Resort. I ate it two days in a row and definitely could have eaten it more had we not had other plans going on. It’s absolutely incredible!! They also chill their wine glasses in a cooler, so the rosé is super crisp and cold.



Another highlight of our trip was renting a small sailboat and taking it to Eleuthera—just across the bay from our house. Brandon grew up sailing, so it’s like riding a bike to him… and he taught me!



We sailed to The Other Side, which is just as beautiful as I ever imagined it would be.



Have I mentioned before that there are roosters everywhere on Harbour Island? I think these two wanted to go home with us on the golf cart.



Speaking of roosters, Blue Rooster Boutique is one of my favorite shopping spots on the island. It’s inspiring and includes a variety of price points.



Amy runs the shop. We’ve kept up with each other on Instagram since our first trip to HI two years ago, so it was fun to reconnect!



I also picked up a new gold bangle from Shine. It’s the thinner bangle you see below! All of her jewelry is made by hand. Her work is stunning—you should see the handmade jellyfish!



This painting by Stacy Lawrence may have come home with us, too. I spotted her work at Princess Street Gallery and couldn’t get this one piece off my mind. Stacy and I later connected on instagram and she told me that the Bahamas map that is placed on this piece is vintage and is something that once hung on her studio wall.



The Dunmore is one of my favorite interiors on Briland. I could spend hours in the dining room staring at all of the photos and flipping through books in the common area. A lot of these photos are by Roland Rose. Brandon and I are both a little obsessed with his work and have one of his prints in our living room at home.



The view out back isn’t half bad either!



Arthur’s Bakery was one of our favorite daily stops during this trip. I totally splurged and got a cheese danish each time. We also think their coffee is the best we’ve tried! Someone wrote me and told me to bring home a loaf of their coconut bread. I wish we had. It’s definitely a happening place, with people in and out all morning.



More time just hanging out at the house. We just loved relaxing there! By the way, pretty much everything I wore on this trip is linked here.



Charm at every step!



Happy hour drinks + eats at Romora Bay are the best. It’s an easy place to pop in quickly, but then you want to hang around for a while because it’s so relaxed. This was before dinner at The Dunmore, otherwise we’d most likely be wearing bathing suits!



One day we rented a jeep on Eleuthera and drove all the way to Governor’s Harbour.



We saw some historical sights…



…and ate some delicious food + drinks at French Leave Resort.



We stopped at a few must sees along the way, like Preacher’s Cave, The Blue Hole, an organic fruit farm, Glass Window Bridge, and some pretty high cliffs.

This is The Blue Hole. I had all intentions of jumping in with Brandon, but when I saw how high it was and how dark the hole was, I was like… “NOPE. I’ve got kids to return home to!!” If you saw my IG stories, then you saw how Brandon’s jump went! haha.



Here’s a panoramic shot of Glass Window Bridge. The raging Atlantic Ocean is on one side and the super calm Bight of Eleuthera is on the other side. It’s a pretty crazy visual!



Also, I can post this on here (knowing my mom will see) now that I’m home safely. haha!



We also stopped by The Cove Eleuthera in Gregory Town on the way back towards Harbour Island. It’s GORGEOUS! Highly recommend it to anyone. Looked like a postcard. (Do people still say that?)



Back on Harbour Island…



This is my friend Chassity’s beautiful home, Coral House.



Living in this $17 coverup from my March Amazon Haul. I’m wearing a large.



The yummiest breakfast at The Landing.



The infamous lobster quesadilla from Sip Sip.



Incredible sushi at Da Vine Wine Merchants. Wish I could have some of that right now!!



Food was a common theme on this trip—have you caught onto that yet? This burger at Valentines was HUGE.



Brandon asked if I could even bite that burger.



Meanwhile Brandon was enjoying this dainty dish. (I don’t know what it was, but it was the BEST thing we ate all week!)



More chill time at Bay Cottage.



We stopped into Malcolm 51 at Pink Sands Resort to make dinner reservations and I couldn’t help but snap a pic. The interior is beautiful and you should especially see it at night when it’s lit by candlelight. This place is always a favorite—so yummy.



Cocoa Coffee House has the best acai bowls, fresh juices, and smoothies. We were so excited to stop back by here!



All of these houses look like doll houses. Actually, I’m pretty sure this house directly below is in fact called Doll House, so that’s pretty accurate.



Dinner at The Landing. I think this won as my favorite restaurant this time, for sure.



As we were about to leave for the airport, I just had to run and jump in the water just one more time. One of those moments when your hair is all fixed and you’ve got makeup done and your bags are packed by the door… but then you decide that having wet hair at the airport will be totally worth it.



By the way, it totally was. Here’s Brandon carrying our luggage down to the dock for us to leave. It was a sad moment, not going to lie! Happy to be home with our babies, but scheming our next trip to Harbour Island and hoping to make it soon.



Bay Cottage and Harbour Island, you were too good to us!