March 8, 2019
updating our living room with GDC Home

You know when you just look at something every day and decide one day that you’re over it? Yep, that’s  what happened with us and our living room furniture. We had used our last sofas

You know when you just look at something every day and decide one day that you’re over it? Yep, that’s  what happened with us and our living room furniture. We had used our last sofas for over three years (and LOVED them), but they were starting to show some wear. So after talking about switching them out for new furniture for a while, I decided one day to sell them on Facebook Marketplace, which pretty much forced us to go pick out something new… and very quickly!

Here’s our living room. I shared two Living Room Tour posts: here and then here!

We found a new sofa locally and don’t worry, I’ll share more on every single piece once it’s all complete, but today I want to focus on some things that we picked out at GDC Home, an interiors store here in Charleston that has three locations—Mount Pleasant, Kiawah, and a store right in the middle of Charleston in West Ashley.

The store is pretty dreamy. I mean, I could furnish my entire house easily with things from GDC. (and if I could, that would be goals!) They carry tons of amazing lines and have such a good mix of coastal, contemporary, and traditional pieces.

So after we sold our living room furniture, I went into GDC to pick out some chairs to go with the new sofa. I spent a few weeks in and out each of their locations… grabbing samples and studying all the furniture lines until I could finally reach a decision. It was the perfect time to buy because during the month of March, all upholstery purchases (custom or furniture on the floor) are 20% off!

I kept snapping pictures every time I’d step inside GDC because it’s just so pretty in there. Here are some of the pictures I grabbed off my phone!

Rugs galore in every size! They have everything from seagrass rugs to vintage turkish rugs to lines like Dash & Albert!

This is where I spent a bunch of time… in front of the fabric swatches section!! There are of course tons of furniture options on the floor at GDC that you can buy and take home immediately, but if you want to do something custom, you can pick a piece of furniture from any one of their lines and then choose which fabric you’d like it in. During the month of March, all upholstery purchases are 20% off! That’s custom pieces and furniture you find in store—all 20% off.

Fabric has come a long way these days. They now have a full range of performance fabrics that repel liquids, resist stains, can go inside or out, etc. It’s crazy!

Check out how the water just beads up on this sample. (I tested it at home with diet coke, wine, etc!)

I love this fabric!

These chairs were big contenders (in a different fabric), but ended up being too wide for what we needed.

Obsessed with these stools!!

More fabric options… searching for pillow ideas!

Would love to use this one in Rosie’s room somehow. Maybe an upholstered headboard one day?

Here’s a glance at a few options I had at one point! Who knew there were so many different shades of white fabric?

I can’t wait to show y’all what we picked out! Two chairs are custom but two chairs were bought in the store. I couldn’t believe it—I had them bookmarked two chairs online and then we happened to find the exact chairs in the exact fabric on the floor at GDC Kiawah.

Here they are at home now!

I definitely want to incorporate some green into the space as well.

I have plans to change up some other parts of the room too… maybe some built ins, new paint, draperies, a couple more chairs, and ottoman… etc! So stay tuned for a followup blog post within the next couple of months that will show the finished product.

Don’t forget you can save 20% off all of your upholstery—custom furniture or pieces you find in the store—at GDC Home throughout the month of March! And GDC is giving away $1,000 towards upholstery right here! You still have a few more days to enter, so hurry hurry!


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pps. Thanks to GDC for partnering on this home project!