April 3, 2019
5 things I’m loving right now

something I’m always listening to: I’ve recently become a huge fan of podcasts. I’m a huge multi-tasker and literally get so much joy when I’m able to knock out multiple things in a short period

something I’m always listening to:

I’ve recently become a huge fan of podcasts. I’m a huge multi-tasker and literally get so much joy when I’m able to knock out multiple things in a short period of time. So here’s what sells me on a podcast. I can listen and learn while doing something else, like driving, cooking dinner, getting a manicure, etc. I prefer “self-help” podcasts with a business focus. I’m really loving The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis, The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon, and The Goal Digger Podcast. I just listened to a podcast with Kelly LeVeque, who is a health coach, and am totally enlightened. I also listened to a podcast featuring Stephen Pasterino, who developed P.volve (the Victoria’s Secret Angels workout) and literally signed up for the program the next day. I’ve just learned so much through my podcasts and love that I can do it while getting other things done!



my new starbucks concoction:

I never get lattes, only coffee with the same syrups that you would find in a latte. Gives you almost the same taste, but without all the milk. I was obsessed with a tall dark roast coffee with two pumps of cinnamon shortbread syrup, but that was just a seasonal syrup and has since gone away. In an attempt to find something similar, I enlisted the help of a few different baristas over the past few weeks and have finally found it. Except this might even be better.

Here’s the order. It’s pretty simple. One tall dark roast coffee (least amount of caffeine of their regular coffee roasts, but boldest flavor) with one pump of cinnamon dolce syrup and one pump of white mocha. You really don’t even need to add half & half after that since the mocha has a creamy consistency, but it’s even better with just a little touch added. If you were getting a grande coffee, I would do two pumps of cinnamon dolce and 1.5 pumps of white mocha.


a breakfast I’ve been loving:

I talked about this on stories the other day and really am obsessed with Oats Overnight. It’s so easy because you prepare them the night before and then you’ve got a delicious treat ready to go the next morning. I really don’t crave cold things like smoothies in the morning (maybe come summer I will), but this is nice and creamy, so I love it. And the best part? It keeps me FULL for so long! The ingredients are clean and nutritious. I love that the protein is high and the sugar is low. All that considered… I’m in love. This isn’t sponsored, but I do have a code for you if you’d like to try. MEGAN10 saves 10% off your order.


a new workout I’m really excited to continue:

This may be premature, but I’m going out on a limb and am saying it’s not. A few days ago, I started P.volve, an at-home workout that I stream from my computer. It was created to lengthen and tone the body like nothing else can. And y’all, I’m serious—I can already tell a difference. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I feel like I can already see more lines and definition (although a faint change). I haven’t been this excited about a workout plan in who knows how long.

I first heard about it through a Skinny Confidential podcast with Stephen Pasterino, the founder of P.volve. He was talking about how women get bulky from doing popular workouts and how people in general have a lot of inflammation in their joints from working out incorrectly, which then causes pain, etc. So he went back to school to learn physical therapy and created this workout called P.volve. In my opinion based on my first week, it’s sort of like Pure Barre meets yoga with a super athletic undertone, if that makes sense. Stephen has a wildly popular studio in NYC and also coaches Victoria’s Secret Angels. He talked on the podcast about how his workouts have transformed people’s bodies.

P.volve lifts the butt, lengthens and tones the muscles, and adds lines of definition. Yep, sign me up. You can try it out for free for 15 days here.



a new towel line that has me obsessed:

I get that you can buy a towel from TJ Maxx for $6.99, but weezie towels are just in a whole other league. Not only are they beautiful, but they feel amazing to use. Truly—weezie gives you that 5-star resort bathroom experience in your very own home. And the monogram and matching trim gives me all the heart eyes. I never thought I could be obsessed with towels, but now I want these in every bathroom in our house.