July 22, 2019
our new master closets, part one

I often find myself waiting to share spaces with you guys until they are 100% complete, but it sometimes takes a while to reach that point. So I’m trying to do a better job of

I often find myself waiting to share spaces with you guys until they are 100% complete, but it sometimes takes a while to reach that point. So I’m trying to do a better job of sharing things as they are happening in their current states! With that said, we are super close to being to the end point with these closets. Everything appears finished, but we still have a few things to adjust. I want to pick out a fun light fixture and the shelf styling in both of our closets is not complete yet.

Let’s call this post “part one” and then hopefully soon I’ll have a followup to share—and with better photos! These are quick snaps on my iPhone.

I hate to even show you the before, but here’s how my closet looked 90% of the time. The space is more than large enough for me, but I desperately needed shelves, drawers, and cabinets to stow away all of the little things. Especially shoes!


I mean, it was terrible. Brandon’s closet, on the other hand, was always organized, but still had the same wiring shelving and basic concept.

Here’s how our closets look now.


I still have more work to do in this area below. You’ll notice it has brackets where I can easily slip in a hanging bar and remove the shelves, just in case I find myself needing more hanging space.



Here is Brandon’s closet. His is smaller than mine, but he drew up a really great design to optimize space and keep his closet feeling open. He felt like having the dresser straight ahead when you walk in would visually be more appealing (since it’s open at the top and appears more spacious), but would still give him a ton of clothing storage. Especially since he folds a lot of his clothing.


Our closets were made by a man that goes by Chewy. We had great references on him and were so impressed with his professionalism and speediness to get the project done. After our nightmare of a kitchen renovation a few years ago, it’s so great to see a huge change take place in just a few days. If you’re local, you can give him a call at 843-640-1073. He does a great job. Have a design or photos ready when you meet with him and he can build it for you. We consulted with a nationwide company who specializes in closets, but we weren’t able to get the design just perfect with them since their designs are a bit more “pre-fabricated.” For example, Brandon wanted hidden cabinets to the side of his lower hanging racks and they weren’t able to do that. Also, the pricing was almost double if we had gone with them—and I’ll tell you up front, it’s not cheap. But it’s an investment that truly seemed valuable to us. I just want to tell you all of this because supporting someone local not only keeps the money in a small business owner’s pocket, but it also might be a better deal for you and allows you to have a little more fun with the design! But the bigger companies are great because they have designer’s on staff that can help you figure out a solution for your space if you’re not savvy in that department. They also may have more “luxe” finish options. With our closets being real wood, there are of course areas where you can see slight imperfections in the wood, but I just think that’s character. Hope this helps those of you who are considering a closet renovation!

If you have questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer them when I do the “part two” post!

PS. We used Top Knobs Chareau Reeded Drawer Pulls (and coordinating knobs) in Polished Nickel for both closets.