July 9, 2019
Our Stay at Montage Palmetto Bluff

Listen, I don’t mean for this first paragraph to sound corny, but this place is a little slice of heaven. You just can’t fully get a feel for it through photos alone, although every one

Listen, I don’t mean for this first paragraph to sound corny, but this place is a little slice of heaven. You just can’t fully get a feel for it through photos alone, although every one I’ve ever seen is more than beautiful. You have to go and experience it first hand. You’ve got to smell the salty air and the hints of lowcountry foods being prepared across the property. You’ve got to see the draping spanish moss blowing in the giant live oaks. You’ve got to hear the music and feel how comfortable the gracious staff makes you as they cater to your every need. You’ve got to see the dolphins jumping on the May River and taste the gooey s’mores that are roasted nightly at the River House. These are things that pictures can’t describe. It’s a piece of lowcountry paradise.


We stayed at Montage Palmetto Bluff for three nights immediately after leaving Jekyll Island. Brandon and I are both familiar with Palmetto Bluff since we grew up in the area, but this was just our second time being guests on the property. You know the scene in the Sex & the City movie where Carrie says, “Hello. I live here.” to Mr. Big when they were house hunting? That’s the line I kept saying to myself the entire time we were at Palmetto Bluff.

Hello, I live here.



That’s a look at the Inn above. We stayed there during our last visit to the Montage, but this time we had a cottage. #60, to be exact. A few people were wondering which one so that they could request it.



The porch at our cottage was the most used and loved part of the whole place, although the interior was absolutely to die for. I mean, I could probably live in the bathroom and closet alone and be totally happy. The porch overlooks the May River and gave us so much room to play and relax. The best part? There was live music every night by the River House—and this is the closest cottage to The River house. So we could put the kids to bed, then relax on the porch while listening to the music for the rest of the night. Honestly, we probably spent 60% of our entire time at Palmetto Bluff on this exact porch.



See? A very well loved porch! I probably have 100 pics just like those above on my phone.

Something I think is so nice is that, even though Montage Palmetto Bluff would be an excellent couples trip for quiet and relaxation, it’s also extremely family friendly. When you check in, they let each child choose a furry friend to keep. These are all animals that are seen around the property.



My picture below is so blurry, but there’s also something called “Montage Merits” for the kids. With every “task” they complete, they receive a new pin that can later be attached to a lanyard they give each child. Watson and Rosie got pins for roasting s’mores, spotting dolphins, and climbing a tree house. (You should see the giant tree houses on the property—I climbed one of them, too!)



Everywhere you turn, there are special treats for the kids.



Did you notice that Rosie is all finished with her popsicle and Watson was just getting started? They are entirely different when it comes to eating!

Another thing I remembered from last time and was really looking forward to with this trip were the s’mores! Every night!



As if a s’mores cart wasn’t enough, there was a dessert cart, too!



But don’t get me wrong, there are so many special treats for the adults, too. You can do as much or as little as you’d like during your time at Palmetto Bluff. One thing I highly recommend is a visit to Spa Montage. I had a Tata Harper Organic Facial and was in total bliss. I also had a chance to hang in the sauna and dip into the hot and cold plunge pools, since I arrived for my appointment a bit early. It was amazing!


three photos above are via


There’s a multitude of dining options on the property. You can see and read about them all here. This time, we went to Buffalo’s for breakfast, which I highly recommend. We also ate at Cole’s for dinner and it was an incredible experience. We tried a little bit of everything and I’m still dreaming about it. At the risk of making you starving for southern food while you’re still having your morning coffee…



The interior of Cole’s is just as beautiful as the food is delicious. It’s snazzy and dare I say “trendy,” but feels relaxed and casual at the same time.  It’s actually adjacent to a small bowling alley. Definitely the coolest group of bowling lanes I’ve ever seen. The view out the back of the restaurant wasn’t half bad either.



There is an abundance of things to do at Palmetto Bluff. I think you could be there for weeks and still not be able to do and see everything. Here’s a link to all of the available experiences and activities while visiting. Last time, we rented a golf cart, which was really fun to be able to see so many trails and hidden areas of the property. This time, we spent a ton of time at the pool! By now, we’ve got two little fishies on our hands.



Make that three little fishies.



I never thought I’d find a lobster quesadilla that matched Sip Sip on Harbour Island, but this one DID IT.



Did I mention there are golf cart shuttles running constantly around the property? We made fast friends with the gentlemen who were driving them. And our feet were thankful!



Another fun activity we did was go on a boat ride with Captain Boo. Even though we are lowcountry people through and through, we were able to learn a lot of new things from him that we didn’t know before. He was so full of knowledge about our rivers and marine life!



Here is Rosie taking pure enjoyment in torturing her daddy.



We went to Daufuskie Island, which is only accessible by boat. We’ve both been there before, but I never knew there was so much history about the island. Captain Boo was full of stories!



There are events happening left and right at Montage Palmetto Bluff. Definitely a lot of weddings. I mean, how cute is this chapel? It sits right along the May River.



But there are also other events happening for guests all the time. Especially around a holiday, like in our case, the 4th of July. The first night we were there, we went to the “Star Spangled Supper” and it was so much fun. An enormous display of delicious food, live bluegrass music, refreshing drinks, and tons of activities for the kids—all under a canopy of oaks. My parents actually came and joined us, since they live close by!



Since I already have 300 photos in this blog post, how about a few more?



Montage Palmetto Bluff is a what dreams are made of. It’s the only vacation I’ve taken where I haven’t felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation after returning home. There’s just something in the air there that makes you your best self and feel so relaxed.

I’m rarely this direct, but if you’ve been thinking about a summer trip and your budget allows, then I can feel 100% at ease when I tell you to trust me on this one and head to Palmetto Bluff. You will LOVE it! And this is a fantastic time to go, with a code for a free third night!

Using code “MPBHolyCityChic,” you will receive a complimentary 3rd night and two complimentary bicycles for exploring the property during your stay! This is for stays between now and September 30th and is valid with any cottage, guest house or Inn suite reservation. Must book at least 14 days in advance.


Thank you to Montage Palmetto Bluff for hosting us! We were only supposed to stay for two nights, but extended our trip because it was just so magical.