August 21, 2019
answering your questions

Hump Daa-ay! I asked you guys for your questions yesterday in stories… ask me anything! I answered some right there, but figured I’d address some of the more popular ones in today’s blog post.  

Hump Daa-ay! I asked you guys for your questions yesterday in stories… ask me anything! I answered some right there, but figured I’d address some of the more popular ones in today’s blog post.


Before I start with the Q&A…

Today’s post is in partnership with Bloomingdale’s. I bought a few things from them last week and then this week they started a sitewide promotion where you can save 25% off your entire purchase when using the Bloomingdale’s Credit Card OR 20% off your purchase using any other type of payment! Since I had ordered a pretty large order (I did back to school shopping for the kids in the same order.) I called in to ask if they do price adjustments and the customer service representative was beyond nice. He even offered me 20% off on something that technically is an excluded brand. I’ve always had really great experiences with their service and this just exceeded everything!

I’ve started noticing the leather trend everywhere for fall, so I thought I’d try it out by ordering these shorts from Lucy Paris. They are a great transition piece into fall, bridging creamy whites with thicker fabrics. I also really love that they don’t show wrinkles, which usually is my biggest qualm with dressy shorts! The Lucy Paris line has a lot of leather pieces, like this top which would look really great with a slip skirt like this. As for my outfit, I’m also wearing this top, which is actually a bodysuit, and these heels.




Are you still house hunting?
No, but yes, kind of… haha. Only because we seem to always be house hunting, even if we just moved into a new home! We both study the MLS almost every night just to know what’s out there and to keep our sights on our next “goal.” You may recall we had our house listed last fall for about 3 weeks, but then decided to take it off the market and stay put. We have our eyes open all the time, but for now we are really happy where we are. We painted, added wallpaper, put in custom closets, and now we are adjusting/adding to the cabinetry in the kitchen and adding a butler’s pantry. So we will stay for now!


Hotel recommendations in Charleston for a honeymoon?
There are so many, but if I had to choose a few… I would look at 86 Cannon or Zero George if you want more of a boutique inn setting. Also, The Dewberry if you want something swanky in the heart of downtown or the Wentworth Mansion for something historic and romantic. This is where we stayed for our wedding weekend and 6 year anniversary.


Will y’all have more children?
I’m not sure. I think we are probably finished, but ask me again in a couple years! I think about this daily.



What did you do before becoming a blogger?
I worked in major gifts and special events for the Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital. I was there for a few years, but then life took us back to Beaufort, which is where we both grew up. At that time, I left my job. Then we moved back to Charleston 6 months later after we weren’t totally happy back in Beaufort! I was a little at odds with what to do at that time since I no longer had my job—I was blogging then but this was before people (or me, at least) made actual money from it. So I got my real estate license, which is something I had always wanted to do, and I focused on my blog. I honestly never did much with my real estate license, but it sort of floated me along until my blog became stable enough to be my career. Now looking back, I’m so thankful we were led away to Beaufort and I was sort of forced to go out on a limb and keep plugging away at my blog in a more serious way. A true testament that life can sometimes send you for a loop, but it always seems to work out for the best.


What do you think you would do for a living if you weren’t an influencer?
At this point in my life, I definitely think I would just be a stay at home mom. But if not that, then maybe an interior designer, graphic designer, or some sort of event designer. Something creative.


What is your favorite beach in Charleston?
Beachwalker State Park at Kiawah because it has showers and a parking lot. I also love Sullivan’s Island! The vibe at Sullivan’s is so great, the houses are beautiful, and there are plenty of restaurants to grab a bite before or after the beach. Isle of Palms is really great because they cater to families more than the others with tons of places to grab ice cream and bites nearby.


How do you balance giving attention to both kids? Just had my 2nd and I’m struggling.
When Rosie was born, everything was wonderful as far as my emotions with her, but I was heartbroken over not having that one on one time with Watson that we were both used to. It didn’t phase him, though. If anything, he started pushing me away and was more drawn to Brandon, which really broke my heart even more! I felt like I was doing an injustice to him when I was spending so much time snuggling Rosie. But I didn’t want to miss out on those newborn snuggles either! It was a hard balance.

The good news is that over time, it does balance itself out. I don’t know how specifically, but it did for us. I can’t lie, though… Even now, I sometimes look back at pictures when we only had Watson and feel very nostalgic about those days. Life seemed much more simple because I didn’t have to choose who to devote time to. Don’t get me wrong, though—life then was not nearly as sweet as it is now! It’s just that sometimes when I’m focusing my time on Watson, I miss Rosie and feel like I’m missing out on seeing her grow, even if it’s just a few hours—and vice versa. It’s an odd feeling, that mom guilt! But this feeling isn’t anything compared to the early days when Rosie was just born. Hope the same for you!



What camera do you use for the photos you post?

I have the Canon 5D Mark IV, but we really don’t know how to use it very well! I blogged for a long time with a Canon Rebel and it was great. I made a slight upgrade to a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens and it makes all the difference. I use this lens on my Mark III as well! And to be honest, 80% of my content is shot with my iPhone X. So don’t feel like you need a nice camera to get good photos!


Did you go to Clemson?
No, I went to the College of Charleston! But Brandon went to Clemson! My mom was also born in Clemson while my grandad was  a student there, so I have a lot of family ties and have always been a fan.



What is your workout routine?
I keep thinking that one of these days, I’m going to get into a workout routine that will truly stick. But the truth is, I don’t do anything consistently other than stay on my feet all day keeping up with Watson and Rosie. Normally I’m near 8,000 steps from just walking around the house.

But here’s where I find the best results for my body… WALKING. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the best workouts for women that don’t spike cortisol and also get the heart beating enough to burn calories. From what I can tell, all the experts say to walk, walk, walk.

I always gain weight in the summer. It seems like this should be the time of year I trim down, but I just truly live life in the summer, what can I say! This is when I enjoy ice cold margaritas, hamburgers on the grill, sweet treats, cookouts, etc. So as of this week, I’m really trying to get that number back down so that I fit in my pants better! What I’m doing is walking. Waking up in the morning, having coffee (with creamer, I’m not restricting calories here), then going for a long walk. I come home and hydrate with lots of water, then have my first meal. It has only been a few days and I already can tell a difference. I know it seems almost silly, but when I think back to the times of my life when I was in the best shape, it was when I was walking all the time. I also mix in P. volve when I can. I truly believe in this workout. But I don’t think it’s necessarily a weight loss workout… more of a toning program to really lean out the muscles and get rid of bulkiness. So I’m trying to blend long walks with some P. volve workouts sprinkled in.


How do you whiten your teeth?
I actually don’t ever whiten them anymore, but I use a Sonicare Toothbrush and a whitening toothpaste by Crest. I think that’s what makes the difference for me! Back in college, I used Crest White Strips and had great luck with them.



How did you and Brandon meet?
We met when I was in 6th grade! He was my high school sweetheart, but we took some time off in college. We both went to different schools and wanted to have a little freedom to date other people. We always ended up back together though. It sounds silly and so corny, but when we started seriously dating my 10th grade year of high school, I just knew I would spend my entire life with him. I’m sure every high school girl thinks this of her first love, but I just knew!


Best advice for someone wanting to start a blog? Also, is a website important or should you just do IG?
Make sure your heart is 100% invested in whatever you choose to blog about. Blogging is something that looks so easy, but it’s really one of those jobs where you’re working whenever you’re awake. I mean, it’s constant—and there’s 5x more backend work than what people actually see in photos. So I would just say to start it for fun with no expectations…simply because you love it! Then if it develops into a job, you won’t ever feel like you’re working. I would also say to try to stay as consistent as you can with your content frequency. Posting on IG at least once a day is important, as well as on the website almost daily if you can! (I fail at this all the time.)

You definitely need a website. Instagram is everyone’s focus right now, but Instagram owns the app—your pictures, your profile, everything. So if the app disappeared, you would have nothing. An influencer really does need a website because that is the one thing that is completely owned by the blogger.


outfit details

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