August 6, 2019
my beautycounter favorites – 15% off sitewide sale!

I’ve been the biggest fan of Beautycounter for almost 4 years now. It’s a line that I feel very passionate about… it’s such a nice feeling knowing that every ingredient in every product has been

I’ve been the biggest fan of Beautycounter for almost 4 years now. It’s a line that I feel very passionate about… it’s such a nice feeling knowing that every ingredient in every product has been rigorously tested for safety. Plus, the performance is amazing because products are formulated by a diverse team of industry professionals who have been in the business for years and years.

Sitewide sales for Beautycounter don’t come around too often, but right now there’s a 15% off “friends and family” sale… and I don’t want you to miss out on it if you need to stock up or just want to try some new products!

A little background, if you don’t know why I got started with Beautycounter, you can read that story here. And I have a ton of other Beautycounter posts here. But stick around here because in this post, I’m sharing my top favorites from the entire line that are all included in the sale. I’ve done posts like this before and if you look back at those, then you’ll see that my favorites remain pretty consistent.

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  • 10% Product Credit on Applicable Orders (So if you spend $100, then you’ll get $10 in product credit to use on your next order)
  • A welcome gift when you spend $50+ on products when enrolling (Right now you’ll receive a full size Hydrating Body Lotion when you spend $50+ and become a member! This lotion is worth $25, which almost pays for the membership. This lotion is one of my top products across the whole line.)
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One last thing! The products below are my tried and true favorites. There are plenty of other products I love in the line, but I didn’t include everything because some things I love but don’t think they are worth the price tag. Or maybe I love them but feel like there is a similar product I love more from another line. So these products just know that I stand behind these products below 100%! And as always, there is a 60-day free returns policy… even if you’ve tried the entire product and just didn’t like it.


  • Body Wash: The scent is so amazing and I can’t believe I still crave it after all this time!
  • Hand Cream: I can’t go without this in my bag.
  • Daily Shampoo: This is a really great everyday shampoo to keep your hair feeling so healthy.
  • Body  Lotion: It’s very lightweight, but packs a punch of moisture. Plus it has the same delightful citrus mimosa scent that the wash has. A little goes a long way, so don’t be intimidated by the smaller size. You’ll be surprised.
  • Kids Body Wash + Shampoo + Conditioner: We use these on Watson and Rosie and absolutely love them. The pump is super convenient and the scent is amazing! Note, the set of all three is excluded from the sale, but you can just as easily purchase each item separately in order to use the 15% off.
  • Gentle All Over Wash: The best, safest baby wash ever.
  • Soothing Oil: This is what I have always used on our babies instead of a lotion. It soaks right in and makes their skin feel amazing! I love it!
  • Melting Body Balm: This stuff is amazing!! It smells like a tropical vacation and makes your skin feel insanely soft and hydrated. I put it on my knees and hands before going to bed – or over a sunburn to soothe it. It’s full of avocado oil, argan oil, and other good-for-your-skin ingredients.
  • Countersun SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion: I use it on my face and body. It blends in like a dream—just like lotion. It is high in zinc oxide, which is awesome because that is the one ingredient that prevents dark spots from the sun. So, the higher the zinc oxide %, the less chance of dark spots.
  • Countersun SPF 30 Sunscreen Mist: I know their sunscreen is higher in price, but it is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. I’ve tried so many that leave me sticky and gross… or worse, sunburned. This feels amazing and works just as well. Plus, it’s not made with toxic ingredients like conventional sunscreens you find in the drugstore.
  • Body Butter: This is the best body butter I’ve ever used in terms of scent, feel, and hydration. Use when your skin is extra dry or when you just really want to be indulgent and pamper yourself. What I love is that it doesn’t make you feel greasy!




  • Brow Pencil: Seriously the best. I use shade medium and blend blend blend with the spooley end.
  • Brilliant Brow Gel: I have had a hard time switching to a “clean” brow gel because I couldn’t find anything as good as my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, but when this came along… the search was over! It’s amazing. I prefer using the brow pencil for color, then setting with this gel in clear.
  • Fan Powder Brush: THE BEST for bronzer!! Love it so much more than any other brand I’ve ever tried.
  • Angled Blush Brush: The perfect shape for carving out your cheekbones with contour or applying a splash of color to the cheeks.
  • Powder Brush: It’s an awesome brush with multiple uses. I personally use it for all over powder or bronzer.
  • Color Pinch Cream Blusher: This is the best if you’re not someone who likes to wear blush, but maybe are looking for a little hint of “life” on your cheeks. If that’s you, then go with the shade, “Caramel.” It also gives you a warmth, like the sun flushed your cheeks. Very pretty on the eyelids and lips, too!
  • Luminous Powder Highlighter: Great for giving you a glow (that’s not glittery at all)!
  • Bronzer: I love love this bronzer!! It blends in like a dream. I use shade Surf.
  • Blush: I use shade “nectar.” It’s a true dupe for NARS Orgasm as far as color and performance go.
  • Illuminating Cream Highlighter: These are also great! I keep the coral one in my bag for on the go touch ups when I need some color on my cheeks or lips.
  • Lip Sheers: These are the best feeling lip products ever! Plus the packaging is so pretty. I love “plum” for fall/winter, “rose” and “petal” for everyday looks, and “coral” for the summer! I really like “nude” too, especially if I want to tone down a bright lip color. Just apply a little on top.
  • Color Intense Lipstick: These are fabulous! I really like the shade “Garden Party.” Just a dab in the center of my lips brightens my entire face. This color would look beautiful on every skin tone.
  • Lip Glosses: BEST glosses ever. I honestly haven’t tried a shade that I didn’t like, but I think Poppy and Bare Shimmer would be my two best recommendations for all skin tones. They are pretty sheer, so I also love the darker ones to slightly deepen my lip color.


  • Nourishing Cream Cleanser and Nourishing Exfoliating CleanserI can’t get enough of these cleansers. I use both and typically alternate them—one at night, one in the morning.They are so gentle. I honestly think these are what balanced my skin and totally stopped acne breakouts.
  • Peppermint Lip Conditioner: When you get it in, push your finger in it a bit to sort of mix it. I feel like this “activates” it. I use this morning and night!
  • Overnight Resurfacing Peel: Some call this “botox in a bottle,” and I have to agree… it’s amazing. I use it about twice per week and can always tell that my skin looks fresher the next morning. Put it on after you wash your face, then let it sit for a few minutes. You can then put on your moisturizer on top.
  • Rejuvenating Day Cream for day and Nourishing Night Cream for night: Sometimes I only use the night cream for day and night… it’s not “oily” at all! The day cream is brightening, so it’s amazing.
  • Plumping Oil: These oils are heavenly. All three, but lately I’ve been loving the plumping one. This has won so many “best of beauty” awards. Don’t be afraid of oil, by the way. I had oily/combo/acne prone skin and when I started using the oil, it balanced my skin within days! Just mix in a few drops with your moisturizer at night and it makes a big difference! It seemed crazy to me to put oil on my face, but now I can’t go without it. Sometimes I even use a drop or two in my day moisturizer, which is something I never ever would have done in the past. Don’t knock it until you try it!
  • Counterman Collection: I’ve never tried this obviously—it’s for men! But I’ve heard rave reviews and wanted to point it out. Brandon uses water as his skincare routine, but I might order this for him. The collection set is excluded from the sale, but you can add each item to your cart separately to get the 15% off savings!


Don’t forget, the 15% off sale ends on August 12th! But don’t wait… products typically start to sell out every time they do a friends and family event.

Check out the Band of Beauty Membership to get 10% back in product credit, free shipping, and a free Hydrating Body Lotion.