August 16, 2019
my thoughts on sending Watson and Rosie to preschool

I cannot believe it’s already that time—back to school! Watson and Rosie both went to a little day school for three hours per day last year, but Rosie only went a few days per week.

I cannot believe it’s already that time—back to school! Watson and Rosie both went to a little day school for three hours per day last year, but Rosie only went a few days per week. And honestly, I feel like it ended up being only two days a week that she was there due to either a sickness, travels, or some sort of school holiday. But this year she is signed up for five days a week and I don’t know how I feel about it! It will be so great to have them on the same schedule and for me to have that time to work without interruptions, but I will definitely miss having that alone time with Rosie. What am I saying… I’m really going to miss both of them! This has been a summer of leisurely mornings in pajamas and it has been extra sweet.


And with back to school preparations comes back to school clothing. I’ve been shopping around here and there, but one of the best selections I’ve been able to find is Bloomingdale’s! They carry a lot of sweet brands that surely would fit every person’s style. I always have good luck shopping there for myself and the kids, but it’s a good peace of mind knowing how easy their free returns are. I think their service is top notch.



When Watson was about a year old, I struggled with the thought of putting him in a preschool program or not. I’m sure anyone that is a stay at home mom can relate to my thoughts I had back then—”the child care isn’t technically necessary since I’m home all day, but it sure would be nice to have a little break a couple mornings per week!” Another thought I had was, “Surely this would be really great for his social development and he would learn a lot, right?” If you’re a stay at home mom with a baby or young toddler (or a “work at home” mom like me… or ANY mom, for that matter!), then this can especially be a hard decision.

I ended up signing him up to go to “school” for three hours, two mornings per week when he was 18 months old, but we started Rosie at three mornings a week at only nine months old! Speaking for myself here—I felt a lot of guilt when Rosie started. It was a last minute decision, but I kept telling myself, “It’s only three days per week and it will be so good for her and for you, Megan!!” And it truly was. Rosie loved going to Mommy’s Morning Out. She loved her teachers and would reach for them when I’d drop her off. Watson, on the other hand, has not been so easy. He cries every morning—still! That is a lot on a mama heart. I cannot decide who it’s tougher on… the teachers, him, or me. I keep hoping one day it will change, but I do have comfort in knowing that after a few minutes, he absolutely loves school and he talks about it all day after I pick him up.



When Watson started at 18 months old, he went from saying about five words total to saying countless words. This was such a wonderful thing and made us so happy, but of course as a mom, I was like, “Wait, what was I doing wrong!? I work with him all day on words!” But I think that seeing other children speak helped him develop his vocabulary. He also learned sharing skill that weren’t necessarily able to be taught at that time, as an only child. (Rosie wasn’t around until Watson was 21 months old) When Rosie started school at nine months old, she learned sign language! This made communication with her so much easier. There truly are benefits all around for a preschool program, even if it is just a couple mornings per week.

Of course, there are so many benefits to keeping your children home all day as well, just as there are countless benefits to a full day program when both parents are working. It’s truly a personal choice and I know with certainty that whatever each family decides is the best decision. This is just our experience!



I obviously can’t leave myself out of the equation here, because I’d be lying if I said the three hours of freedom a few mornings per week aren’t amazing. Who knew you could get so many things done during that time!? For me, I normally take my laptop to a coffee shop near their school and work the entire time, but sometimes I shop, sometimes I hit appointments, sometimes I’ll work out and go to the grocery store. But whatever it is, it’s time spent incredibly wisely, I can promise you that! And honestly, it’s a bit of an inconvenience in the mornings to get them there. Getting a baby and a toddler ready for school and out the door is going to be tough on anyone, but it’s also about 30 minutes away from home each way. But… it’s worth it!

And then when I get to pick up these two precious faces, I feel like a new woman—a new mama.



I don’t know why I was so hard on myself with such guilt for sending them to preschool. It has been an awesome experience for all of us. So with that, it’s bittersweet sending them back in a couple weeks, but I think we are all ready!



Heading into this school year, we definitely needed some new things, like close-toed shoes, which I’m pretty sure is a requirement at their school. I picked out some Toms for both of them and think they look so cute! Watson said his shoes are like his daddy’s, which is why he loves them. And Rosie just loves shoes in general. A pair of sparkly Toms made her so happy. No really, they did. She wanted to hold them during her nap yesterday! She says “oosh!” when she tries to say “shoes.” I’m pretty sure this was her 4th word. She’s always been a shoe girl. I knew it from the moment she tried to put on my Gucci mules when she was 10 months old. Girl has good taste, too.



Watson is our tenderhearted child. I can’t believe how old he looks in these pictures. He’s wearing these Vineyard Vines shorts and this cute striped polo by Johnnie-O.



Rosie’s dress is a great school option because it’s so soft and comfortable—perfect for playing!


Watson’s outfit:    polo     |     shorts     |     shoes

Rosie’s outfit:     dress     |     tom’s shoes (+ a similar pair we love!)




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