September 6, 2019
heading out on the town

  First, thank you guys for all of your prayers and well wishes with Hurricane Dorian coming through Charleston! We chose to stay put rather than skip town, but did so very cautiously. We had


First, thank you guys for all of your prayers and well wishes with Hurricane Dorian coming through Charleston! We chose to stay put rather than skip town, but did so very cautiously. We had our generator ready to go with lots of additional gas cans prepared, windows boarded, food + water stocked for an army, and remained close by the Weather channel to stay informed because we were ready to get in the car and leave at any given time if need be. We’ve done our fair share of evacuating in the past, but we trusted our intuition on this one and felt like we would be okay. Luckily, that gut instinct was right and Charleston seems to be spared for the most part, aside from some trees down throughout the area and damage from that.

Next, I shared a few ways on Instagram that we could all help the areas that were not so lucky. Mainly, the Bahamas. Such a beautiful place that keeps people going back to create special memories—not only because of the gorgeous water and landscape, but because the people are so beautiful, warm, and friendly. My friend Karina, who owns Touchstone on Harbour Island (remember when we stayed there?), has been sharing firsthand photos of the damage there. She and her husband have been flying over doing amazing relief work, like helping locate missing people and spreading the word of the most helpful places people can donate. Here is where Karina recommends donating.

On a much much lighter note, can we talk about something fun and exciting to switch things up? I’m going to see Heather McMahan on Monday with a couple girlfriends and couldn’t be more excited. I look forward to her IG stories every day and honestly just crack up. Brandon doesn’t really see the humor to be honest, but I just can’t get enough. I love that her tour is called “The Farewell Tour: The First Tour and Possibly the Last!” I don’t know why but that is so funny to me! But for the record, it definitely won’t be. I know she has a huge future in front of her. Anyone else going to see her?

But speaking of girls nights… why is it that when I look in my closet, there’s a huge lack of things to wear for a night out with friends or for a date? I have lots of really cute dresses, but when it comes to jeans and a top that makes me feel a little sexy… ZILCH nada! (I swear my closet prior to kids was primarily “date night” clothes and then gym clothes, with little in between… haha!)  In my closet now, there are a lot of button downs and sweet dresses, cute frilly tops and every shade of blue jean one would need, but I think it’s so easy, as a mom especially, to sort of grow a void in that “night out” area of your wardrobe. I’m so excited to partner with White House Black Market today because this is one of the stores that first started my love of clothing and style way back when—and they have the perfect options for heading out on the town or to work (and everything in between). In fact, if you go back to my very early days of blogging (in 2010!) then you’ll see a lot of WHBM! After picking out this look from their brand new collection, I just became very excited to see the brand staying true to their roots, but evolving with the times. I think their clothing makes women feel very put together, sexy, and classic all at the same time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I just started reading Southernmost by Sarah Sadler. I really enjoyed her first book, Southern Solstice, and heard this one (it’s the sequel!) is just as great. I’m a slow reader since I’m only able to read maybe a page or two at a time most nights before falling asleep, but I really love a good book nonetheless!  Maybe I’ll try to relax some this weekend with the book, especially if we continue having no power. Let me know in a comment if you have any great book recommendations for a lighthearted, sweet read!


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