October 10, 2019
a long weekend in nyc

Brandon and I were in NYC last weekend for a few days, so I thought I’d share more about what we did while there. What’s funny is that the day before we arrived, the temperatures

Brandon and I were in NYC last weekend for a few days, so I thought I’d share more about what we did while there. What’s funny is that the day before we arrived, the temperatures in the city were around 93 degrees. Overnight, the weather dropped 40 degrees!


Needless to say, it was a cold and rainy welcome when we arrived in the city on Thursday morning (before 8am!). A perfect day to eat a warm and delicious breakfast at The Smith. I had the Sicilian Baked Eggs and cannot recommend it enough. Wow, just wow.



Side note: 9 times out of 10, Brandon and I sit at a bar to eat if we are without children. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If given the option, we love it the most!



We later checked into our room at The Langham, which was incredible! The location couldn’t have been better because we could walk anywhere in midtown easily, down to Nomad, up to Central Park/5th avenue shopping, and various other spots in no time. We actually only hopped in an uber just a few times during the whole trip. It was perfect.



The room itself was so spacious and impeccably clean. This is a Deluxe Room, in case you’re wondering for booking. I chose this classification of room because of the bathroom’s city skyline view. I actually watched the sun come up on Friday morning from the shower, which was amazing.



I also want to make a quick note on the service at this hotel from a paying customer’s standpoint. I was just in the city a couple months ago and had a super lovely experience at 1 hotel Central Park. I highly recommend either of these hotels. But the service at The Langham was just on an entirely other level. I feel very thankful to have stayed at some very nice properties in the past, and with that said, I think the staff at The Langham has raised the bar. Everyone was so warm, friendly, and attentive.

Later that night, after an excellent spa visit at Chuan Body + Soul, we did a little browsing on 5th Avenue prior to dinner at The Polo Bar.  Watson called us while we were there and was a little upset, so we sent him some funny pictures.


My blouse is from here.


Speaking of, leaving them gets harder and harder each time. I cried a lot the day before, just anticipating this trip. I see the moments fleeting, so I know that by leaving, I’m missing out on cute faces, funny sayings, precious cuddles, and other sweet things I’ll never get back. But at the same time, it’s so good to get away and have a chance to clear your head and enjoy grown up time. A few days away was the perfect amount of time. I couldn’t wait to get back to them… and as a refreshed mama at that!

But back to the trip. I don’t like olives at all, but the fried green olives they give you as bar snacks at The Polo Bar are incredible.



Had a latte at Le Pain Quotidien on Friday morning. So good!



Then enjoyed the beautiful weather! Totally different than the day before, Friday was sunny and ideal fall weather.



Lunch at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park is always a must.



I’m a burgers and fries kind of girl, for sure.



We browsed around Eataly and then walked over to Chelsea to check out the flower markets.



Later we did some shopping. And by shopping, I mean looking, especially when it comes to this diamond ring below! Hey, it never hurts to try it on and now I can say I’ve tried on a $310,000 diamond ring. This is at Harry Winston, but yes, you read that right!



And I fell in love with a bag…



And Brandon fell in love with a watch…



And how great is this sweater by Tibi? (I’m wearing a M.)



That night, we had dinner in the West Village at Palma. My girlfriend Melissa recommended it to me and I’m so glad we went! The ambiance was so special and romantic. Very cozy and authentic feeling. We sat in the garden against a wall of citrus trees, with lights and roses woven through.



The fettuccine is made with truffles and is to die for.



Then… you guessed it. A nightcap at The Polo Bar. The Ridgway Margarita is top notch. Fun fact: I made eye contact with Jeff Lewis while there!



Saturday was cold! (According to this southern girl, at least.) We strolled through Central Park, had bagels and coffee, and then shopped a little more while on a search for gifts for the little ones.



Highly recommend Pick A Bagel on 8th & 53rd. The line might be long, but it moves quickly. Don’t forget to grab a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice. You won’t be sorry! I also had a plain bagel with Walnut & Raisin cream cheese. It was the perfect hint of sweet.



Surprise surprise—more eating. But we wanted to grab a pizza while in the city this time. We are big fans of Stool Presidente and watch his new pizza review every night on instagram. We’ve already been to Johns on Bleeker before, so we chose another highly reviewed pizza place. Lazzara’s Pizza got a 9.3 and was near us, so we walked over for lunch. I mean, it’s a hole in the wall—just know that up front. But the pizza was super good! For the record, we gave it an 8.7. 🙂



That’s about it… walked around a bit more to take in the cool air and the high energy of the city, but then later headed to the airport for a 6pm flight home. (We left for the airport at 1:30 pm for a 4pm flight, but Delta delayed us three times.)



One perk of a later flight? (Hint: It definitely wasn’t being in the airport for 4 hours.)

This view. #nofilter


Goodbye NYC! It was a great weekend with my love. Heading back in another month or two for some work and can’t wait.