October 7, 2019
what’s in my amazon cart right now

Here’s what’s in my amazon cart right now. I fill it up and then before ordering, decide which items to “save for later” and which ones to buy. I’m thinking I may take the Sonos

Here’s what’s in my amazon cart right now. I fill it up and then before ordering, decide which items to “save for later” and which ones to buy. I’m thinking I may take the Sonos speakers out of this order, although we really really want them. I may just wait on that since we are so close to the holidays. That would be a good gift for Brandon, haha.

Sharing my commentary and links to everything below! I also have been doing some major updating in my amazon storefront, so if you want to check that out, click here. I also keep it linked under the “shop” tab on my navigation bar!


1 – I’m hosting cookbook club at my house this weekend and I’ve chosen the Skinnytaste Cookbook. Everything in it looks so good!! I also love that the nutrition content is shared for each recipe. This was the top recommended cookbook when I asked for y’all’s feedback on IG.

2 – I love these mules and have considered buying these for a long time. The reviews are spectacular.

3 – NEST candles are one of my very favorite brands. I can’t remember if I’ve smelled this one before, but I honestly haven’t smelled one that I didn’t like.

4 – I skimmed this book about hosting, written by who is known as “the very best host in America,” and immediately added to my cart.

5 – I have these pants, but in the shorts version, and love them!

6 – I’m in need of a rug for my office and don’t think you can go wrong with a classic basketweave option.

7 – These drapes have excellent style to them and great reviews. I may order these for my office as well!

8 – Lee Radziwill is so iconic. I can’t wait to read her book and study the images.

9 – I have a huge collection (do you call it a collection?) of cocktail napkins, so I’m thinking I need this napkin holder to keep them straight!

10 – Sonos Speakers. We want them so bad!

11- Can’t wait to try this bodysuit. I love the neckline and think it will look great with these pants, jeans, or a skirt.

12 – This hat comes in so many colors! I really love the hot pink one, too.

13 – This planter looks like a wicker basket, but it’s actually a hard outdoor pot. It comes in multiple sizes.

14 – I love this sweater! Comes in a rainbow of colors.

15 – We’ve been on the hunt for a thermos style of lunchbox for the kids to send warm things. This one has amazing reviews and comes in all sorts of colors.

16 – An ice roller. I have something similar, but love the rolling combo you get with this one. I swear that rolling your face makes such a huge difference in depuffing. I do it every day with a jade roller, so I can only imagine how much the cold will help as well.

17 – This boxwood wreath has great reviews and comes in various sizes.

18 – Love this square tray for serving food or as a coffee table decoration.

19 – Looking at this desk lamp for my office. It’s classic.

20 – Jewelry cleaner. I have a few home remedies, but it’s so nice to have a cleaner ready to go.

21 – This basket is perfect for a plant or to hold blankets or toys. I am going to put an olive tree in my office (I think) and this will be perfect.

22 – So many great reviews on these kitchen dish cloths and I love the simplicity.

23 – We were gifted this tray for our wedding and I absolutely love it. I always can find a new space for a woven tray.

24 – This sweater looks so beyond cozy. Click and see up close!

25 – This is “the gem pen” and it’s an on-the-go diamond cleaner. Perfect to keep in your bag to clean your ring when you look down and realize it has play-doh stuck underneath the stone! (Oh, just me?)