October 14, 2019
details on our living room

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about our living room lately because, if you’ve been following for a while, you may notice that the furniture and a lot of the styling pieces are different! (I’ve

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about our living room lately because, if you’ve been following for a while, you may notice that the furniture and a lot of the styling pieces are different! (I’ve previously shared this room here and here.) So, I thought it would be best to put up a blog post where the details can live on. By the way, I took these pictures before we added our new pillows that I shared recently, but I didn’t feel it was worth re-shooting. Honestly, the entire coffee table is styled differently now, too. Things are ever-changing around here! That just means I’ll have to re-share photos soon.



I’m honestly obsessed with this new rug. It’s by Annie Selke, which is my #1 go-to rug source. What makes this one different is that it’s part of the new custom size rugs collection. Ours is the Laurel Sand Indoor/Outdoor with the built-in pad. It looks so sharp and it’s perfectly sized, as you can customize the dimensions down to the inch. Ours is 15ft 5in x 12ft 1in. The best part is that it’s soft and cushiony! I’m sure the built-in pad helps with that. We can lay on it and play with the kids and feel perfectly comfortable. I’ve also been asked if it sheds. Not one bit.



As for the furniture, the chairs are all from GDC. The white ones are Lee Industries and the blue floral ones are by Miles Talbott. They have tons of chairs in stock at GDC, but you can also order anything custom. The blue/white ones were something we found on the sales floor, however, the white ones were a special order. I agonized over choosing these because when you walk into GDC, you can view what seems like thousands of fabric samples. I didn’t know if I wanted a print, a solid color like light blue or just white. Their in-house designers are there to help walk you through the selections, though, which was a great resource for me. I’m very happy with what we chose! These white ones are done in a washable slipcover and they are comfortable, too! Watson likes to turn them into a fort by draping blankets over them, hiding in between, and repositioning the pillows all sorts of ways. I believe the style is Lee 1935-01.



Another thing that’s new are these drapes by Emily Daws. I am so in love with them! Custom drapery is definitely a huge investment, but it makes such a big difference. Although they appear plain white from a distance, mine are actually the “Fripp” pattern, which is so fitting because Fripp Island is a place I grew up visiting and we still often visit. I also bought the curtain rods directly from Emily. They are custom sized, so there’s no adjusting to them, which may not be as feasible in the long run considering we will probably decide to move in the coming year I’d imagine, but it certainly gives them such a sleek look for now.



This ghost chair has been with me for many years. I love it.



I’m often asked about our black and white portraits of Watson and Rosie. They’re hung on either side of the porch door here in the living room. I had them framed with Framebridge. I always recommend them! They making framing such a breeze.



I found our jute pouf ottoman for a great deal!



This painting below is one of my favorites. It’s by Stacey Lawrence. We brought it back from Harbour Island when we were last there in the spring. We’ve since added a larger piece of hers to our dining room.



Our sofa is from Celadon Home, another one of my favorite home stores in Charleston. It’s by Cisco Brothers and is called the “Louis” sofa. I love it because it’s so wide and soft. There’s a long wait for it, though. Like, really long… 20 weeks!! It’s sustainably made by hand in North Carolina. So that’s why—and it’s worth the wait! It’s also slipcovered, so we can throw it in the washing machine. Celadon is able to order this sofa in so many different fabrics.




jute pouf ottoman

all four chairs


ghost chair

coffee table is a unique piece from Celadon

tray on coffee table

Gold Framed Painting

Black and White Portraits are by DuBose Photography and were framed here.

Coffee Table Books

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are real from a local nursery called Hyam’s, but a couple great artificial ones are here and here.

Standing Frame on Side Table

White lamp on glass table