November 25, 2019
clothing picks for him under $55 + brandon try on

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1 .     2 .     3 .     4 .     5 .     6 .     7.

8 .    9 .    10 .    11 .   12 .    13 .



Brandon’s a pretty classic guy when it comes to the clothes he wears—well, in all things, really. He doesn’t have a ton in his closet, but that’s because he only buys things he know he will wear time and time again. This year was the first time he attempted to order something on Amazon and I think he was incredibly shocked at how much he liked what he ordered. He wore these $20 shorts all summer long because the rise is just what he likes and the fit was perfect for him. He has so many of these t-shirts.  Such a steal for about $10 a shirt. He also has this sherpa pullover and I’ve never seen him wear something more often in such a short period of time than this. He says it’s super warm. This puffer vest is thinner than others, which I personally love, and has incredible reviews. As does all of this, really. Can you believe these are $22? I love this selection of $18 flannels in so many prints and colors. Here’s another lightweight puffer vest I think looks really great. I added a couple of these $11 long sleeve t-shirts to my cart for Brandon. He has this blue one and LOVES it! Lastly, the polos in 8 and 11 have thousands of amazing reviews. However, Brandon is loyal to his Peter Millar polos, but I wanted to share them with you anyway. All of these pieces are great to pair with other things that he already owns, whether that’s high end jeans or a really great button down. Or to be mixed and matched with the things amongst this collage!



I didn’t feature this jacket Brandon is wearing below in the collage above, but I should have because Brandon has owned this jacket for a while now and loves it! It comes in 8 different colors and is very warm, yet lightweight. Only $39! TTS. Brandon is wearing a medium. (Everything else he has on is Peter Millar and the boots are by Trask.)


This $30 vest is #7 above!


Brandon’s feedback on the flannel featured in #3 above: It’s not warm and thick like you’d think a flannel would be. It’s soft, but not that same thick fabric you’d think of. It’s $18 and comes in a huge range of colors and patterns.


He loves this quarter zip sweater (#5 in the collage). It’s $35, comes in about 15 different colors, and fits TTS! The pants he has on are #6 above. He said they are great for the price, but he wouldn’t be able to wear them since he is loyal to the feel and fit of his Peter Pillar pants. TTS, $20, and available in 9 shades.


Brandon’s feedback on these slippers (#2 above) is that they aren’t nearly as good as his UGG Ascot slippers that he wears in the house daily, but another thing that is pretty great for the $20 price. (They do have a lot of great reviews, but he will be sticking with his UGGs!)


He loves this warm jacket! It’s in #12 above. I’m guessing it will probably be going with us to NYC soon. It also has a hood, which is great for extra warmth and protection. It’s only $54 and has wonderful quality and feel. It’s TTS (if anything, slightly roomy) and comes in 8 colors.


This is the pullover from #1 in the collage above. Brandon has owned this since October and has worn it a ton. It has a rugged look. He loves wearing it to work in the yard or when he’s hanging out in the garage at night working on projects (You know, men things. haha). It’s $50, fits TTS, and comes in 6 colors. (Brandon’s jeans are from here and they are his all time favorites!)



This long sleeve shirt (#13 in the collage) is so soft and warm, yet feels structured at the same time. Brandon loves a long sleeve shirt and was really excited when he tried this one on. It comes in 10 colors, fits TTS, and is less than $12! (These are his Peter Millar pants again)


Lastly, this vest is #10 on the collage and is just like the jacket I showed in the first picture of Brandon. Since he already owned and loved the jacket for a while, he naturally loves this vest too! It comes in 5 great colors, fits TTS, and is only $27. He’s wearing it with his own Madewell jeans and these slippers featured above! He’s also wearing that same $12 long sleeve shirt as he has on above, but in white.