November 22, 2019
gifts for her

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These are rugs that can be totally customizable. You can choose the monogram or design, as well as the colors! I love Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup and this palette seems to have just about everything you’d need and in really beautiful hues. This is the best holiday candle…ever! A fun take on a classic patagonia fleece. I’m really obsessed with my jade roller—it makes a huge difference in my face when I use it in the mornings to take down any puffiness. This set of three jade rollers is perfect. How fun is this speaker? These gloves have the “tech grips” on them and are so chic, plus come in a rainbow of colors. I think I need them before heading to NYC in a couple of weeks! This custom house painting is very special and would be an incredible gift. This monogrammed cooler tote is one of my favorite things! The price is so good and it has uses a plenty. Speaking of paintings, this artist paints custom portraits of children and I’ve been in love with her work for over a year now. I have this transforming lip duo on my list of things to order from Beautycounter. It turns your lips just the slightest hint of natural color to brighten your face. Another gift by Beautycounter is this lip gloss vault and it’s something that could be broken up into tons of little “mini gifts” for teachers, or given as a whole. And this bright eyes set is something–I believe–that should be on everyone’s list. It’s amazing and includes a full size of my favorite eye cream ever. Last on the Beautycounter front is this favorites set, which is a no brainer for the cost.


I seem to have a pair of LAKE pajamas on my list every year… what a great gift—a pair of luxurious pajamas that will leave the person never wanting to wear anything else to bed! A set of Amanda Lindroth Seagrass Tumblers would be such a great thing to give or receive. I think you could even make this into a teacher gift if you gave one with a gift card inside, with pretty tissue paper cascading out of the glass! I also love her trays so much. A Weezie robe is high on this list. I can’t ever wait to get in mine at the beginning and end of each day. They are worth it, I promise. If “she,” whomever that is, doesn’t have air pods, then she needs them! How sweet is this “mama” necklace (under $35!)? Rebecca Hoyle is one of my absolute favorite local artists and every year, she creates these sweet angels on canvas? She sold them three years ago and was able to donate $5,000 to a cancer survivor park from the purchases. She has brought them back this year at $60 each! Contact her right here if you don’t see them on the site yet to let her know you want one! Y’all know by now that I’m obsessed with this pattern, so this Juliska country estate mug definitely made this list! Ok, and how cool is this—it’s a “from the parent” notepad and you can check which child you’re referring to. Click in to take a look. This is a great gift!


How great is this weekender by Cuyana? I love their products and seem to have one of some kind on my personal list every year. These are a total splurge, but how beautiful are these earrings? Wow! This gorgeous morganite and diamond necklace isn’t quite the same high cost splurge, but still packs a punch in classic style. And on the flip side, these earrings are under $50 and so pretty! Also, these earrings make a statement and are under $13. I bought this daily devotional for my mom and myself last year. It’s so good—and keeps it simple. A boxwood wreath! This one has great reviews. Take care of them and they will last forever. This hand soap might seem like a silly gift, but trust me, it’s not! It’s my favorite of all time and looks chic on the counter. And how great is the color of this best selling headband?


This is a frame made for those instax photos, which I have so many of just laying around and I’m sure so many others do too. It’s under $20! I bought this travel jewelry case and it’s a life saver! A rechargeable hand warmer is genius. Is there a more chic carry on than this one? This “busy bee” leather notebook is 50% off! Pretty sure I have this new book by Garden & Gun on my own list. I get asked about my Dana Seng initial necklace all the time because I wear it daily. How great is Jane Pope Jewelry’s limited holiday collection? I love this ring from the line. Admittedly, this is something that could just as well go on my own list but it’s splurge-worthy! The Bottega “Pouch” clutch is the it bag of the year. A piece by Jordan Connelly is something “she” would love, I know. Her work is so special. As is Katherine Freeman’s work! There is a charity component to all of BURU’s “vive la mere” items, as 10% of proceeds are donated to Bring Change to Mind. I love this bright red sweatshirt… the sleeves! This framed print is stunning. And lastly, have you ever tried Rothy’s loafers? They run pretty small but they are incredibly comfortable and made out of water bottles of all things!