November 15, 2019
well, it’s freezing

The weather took a turn a couple nights ago and the temperatures dropped from a high of almost 80 on Tuesday to a high of barely 40 on Wednesday. Craziness, I tell you! But at

The weather took a turn a couple nights ago and the temperatures dropped from a high of almost 80 on Tuesday to a high of barely 40 on Wednesday. Craziness, I tell you! But at least the sun was shining and for that I’m thankful. Not that I don’t sometimes like the cold, but for me, anything below 50 makes me want to be inside! I know all of you from colder climates are like, WHAT!? What can I say, I think I am just bred for warm weather.


Field Notes

For good measure, I wanted to quickly brave the cold to show you the shirt/bodysuit that is underneath the jacket! I sized up to a medium. It is currently on sale in the black color at 30% off. The jeans are one of my current favorite finds. They are by DL1961 and are from Marianna Hewitt’s collection. I found them on sale right here at Bloomingdale’s and right here at Nordstrom for 30% off. I’m wearing a size 27, which I’d say is my true size, although sometimes I am a 26. Just want to tell you guys this kind of thing because I get a lot of questions about how things fit and so I want to provide as much information as I can up front to be helpful if you’re wondering what size to order for yourself. They also come in a regular denim wash and in black, which I ordered yesterday. All on sale!

This coat is such a find at under $70. It’s TTS—I’m in a 4. The shoes are my all I wore in NYC when we were there last month. I really truly love them. I ordered them in my usual size 9, but didn’t realize I was ordering a UK 9, which is a 10.5 US. I’m normally an 8.5 or a 9! But I didn’t even realize this until over a month after owning them! So I would say they run VERY small. I will say that these are too big for me, but they still work. It’s super confusing, I know. I was amazed the other night when I realized they were a 10.5. So in conclusion, I do think you should size up, but maybe not as much as I did! haha. Maybe one size up would be enough. Pay attention because the sizes are listed as UK sizes! Also available here.

My heart necklaces have a W and an R on them for Watson and Rosie. Just the best $10 purchase possibly ever. The sunglasses I’m wearing are by Quay. I wear them all the time and always am so impressed that they are just $60. My beautiful earrings are called the Bloom Stud and they are a collaboration between Gal Meets Glam Collection and Nicola Bathie. I’m obsessed with them. They are lightweight and the perfect blend of subtle sophistication and whimsical fun. My watch is a new release by Michele in the Deco Sport line. I love the multi-colored Swarovski topaz stones in the face. I believe I read there are 22 of them and they are each hand set! The case is 18K gold and stainless and the strap is a beautiful leather, but it’s interchangeable with any of the Michele 18mm straps. Lastly, my bag was my 30th birthday gift from Brandon on our recent trip to NYC. It’s called the Lady Dior Ultra Matte Bag and is a special release in a medium sized matte blush. I love that there is no shiny hardware on it anywhere—everything is tonal matte. And when the sales associate pulled out the small monogrammed scarves, I had to have one on it. The “M” scarf happened to be light blush and powder blue… it was meant to be, or at least that’s what I somehow successfully convinced Brandon! It’s special and I’ll treasure it forever.


Quick Links

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