March 19, 2020
my favorite hair products + more picks from the neiman marcus sitewide 25% off sale

Woah. So many great deals going on right now, but one of the best, I’d have to say, is at Neiman Marcus. Their entire website is 20% – 25% off. And if you’re familiar with

Woah. So many great deals going on right now, but one of the best, I’d have to say, is at Neiman Marcus. Their entire website is 20% – 25% off. And if you’re familiar with Neiman Marcus, you know that never happens. Of course, there are some restrictions like their super high end designer things, but most everything else is included!

One of the highlights of the sale, to me, is the entire beauty section being 25% off. All of those high end department store cosmetics and skincare items, tools, and haircare. You know, that stuff that never ever goes on sale and is normally excluded from this type of thing! Time to stock up on your favorites. What I stocked up on is Oribe Haircare at 25% off. I have super finicky hair. It’s super fine and is dry and oily all at the same time. But when I use Oribe, I swear it looks so much better. In fact, I had a sample of this shampoo and conditioner—and after trying it I was sold. Like, beyond sold. After one use, my hair looked stronger, fuller, and healthier in all ways. Safe to say I scooped up the largest size available in both. It’s so pricey, but here it is on sale, and plus I only shampoo every 2-3 days. I also bought the Transformative Masque because I used this as well, thanks to a sample, and actually left it on my hair overnight. I woke up and washed it out and again, blown away.

What else do I use on my hair from Oribe? This Supershine Moisturizing Cream every time I get out of the shower. It’s lightweight, yet powerful. It hydrates my dry ends and has a heat protectant in it. Plus it helps to detangle. (I also like to stock up on the travel version of it because all you need is a tiny dab and the travel size comes in huge handy for trips!) I also use the Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse and I’m telling you, this stuff works. Better than any other volumizing mousse I’ve tried. This is another good one to grab in the travel size as well—it will last you MANY trips, trust me. My pet peeve is spending a lot on travel products that end up lasting one weekend and then that’s all. Not the case for Oribe’s products because they are so concentrated and you only need a tiny bit each use. 

Aside from that, it’s no secret how much I (and probably a large majority of you as well) love the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I use it almost anytime I curl my hair. It just gives a little extra “oomph.” You know when you do your hair but then think, “Gosh it just looks a little flat and too clean?” This is what you need.

A few other notes… this purple shampoo is great for blonde hair to keep the brassiness out! This blowout cream is incredible. It reduces drying time and makes your hair have more style to it, while giving you heat protection. It also comes in a spray. I also picked up this cream because I hear it’s fantastic for when you want to put a curl in your hair. I’m also going to try this pre-shampoo treatment.

I know that’s a lot! But I genuinely notice the biggest difference in my hair when I use these products and I never see them on sale, much less at 25% off. So I’m stocking up and using this as an excuse to try some new things.

Oh, and hair tools are included in the 25% off too! I swear by this curling iron. Have used it for years now.


Some other favorites? Lots of kids things, especially toys. And Pamela Munson bags! And this top which I wore here. (size up!) And Juliska!


And faux florals! They are super pricey up front, but a great investment, because when you buy quality ones like this, they literally look real… and they never ever die. So you’ll have them for years and years. We have a nice faux orchid arrangement on our kitchen counter and I get asked every day (whether in person or on IG) if it’s real. The arrangement alone would have cost me $75 at least, even with cheap trader joes orchids. But then they would have died two months later.