March 25, 2020
my favorite ways to exercise at home

I’ve never been someone who can successfully work out at home… that is, until recently. For me to really push myself, I have always needed the motivation boost of those around me in a gym

I’ve never been someone who can successfully work out at home… that is, until recently. For me to really push myself, I have always needed the motivation boost of those around me in a gym setting. Of course now, with the quarantine, we are not given any other choice, but luckily I had already found an exercise system that keeps me motivated, all at the comfort of my own home. In fact, I cancelled my gym membership back in January because I found that the drive there and back was not time well spent because I could get just as good of a workout inside my own four walls. Of course, nothing beats an outdoor walk for me. But when the weather isn’t right or if I want to amp up the intensity a little bit, I turn to a few different methods. Today in this quick post I’m going to share with you the three ways I’m staying fit, or trying to at least!



The first thing I found that really “clicked” with me is Obé Fitness. It’s an online platform where you can join live classes or watch the replays. Most all workouts are 27 minutes, but there are “level up” classes that are 45 minutes long, as well as express classes that are around 10 minutes! Obé has EVERYTHING, from boxing to barre, to pilates and hip hop dance, to HIIT, yoga, weightlifting, meditation, and everything in between. There are even pre- and post- natal classes and a category for seniors and one for kids, too. I love it because the actual platform is easy to use, the classes are always updating throughout the day, and the studio they film in is so beautiful! I’m telling you, it makes a difference. When it comes to working out at home, the little things can really make or break the experience. I think if you’re looking for somewhere to start with home workouts, Obé is a GREAT place to start. (and a great place to stay! it keeps me coming back and excited to do a new workout) I have a referral code with them, which gives you 30% off your first month with code MEGAN30. You can also do a free trial here!


Then I discovered The Sculpt Society, because an instructor I fell in love with on Obé, Megan Roup, actually branched off to start it. The Sculpt Society is updated daily with new videos, but you can always go back and watch the older ones too. Megan is so motivating. First of all, her spirit and her strong, yet feminine body are major goals, but she also knows just the right thing to say to keep you going! Her workouts are difficult but you can modify them to make them easier or harder. The Sculpt Society has a mix of workout styles, but in general, I’d say it’s a mix of dance cardio and pilates. I’m OBSESSED. She also has lots of classes that are strictly cardio dance, as well as some stretch classes. How does this differ from Obé? It’s just Megan doing the workouts vs. a platform full of tons of different instructors and workout styles. I vibe with Megan’s workouts the most, but I appreciate how Obé mixes it up and I can do things like yoga and pilates there as well. I don’t have a code with TSS, but you can try a free 14 day trial here.



In addition to these two things, I also have been using a treadmill at home. We don’t really have the best place for one (because let’s be honest, they are kind of an eyesore), but I found this XTERRA treadmill on Amazon and at only $350, it’s fairly petite and doesn’t take up too much space! It doesn’t incline, but I don’t ever use the incline anyway because I don’t want to bulk up my quads, so that’s fine. The treadmill is nothing fancy, but it does the trick extremely well and the price is pretty great. It’s not shipping out currently for another month, but I have a feeling one month from now, plenty of people will be wishing they had ordered it now!



In general, I try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 4 times per week. I normally can’t make the treadmill happen in the mornings, but in an ideal world, I would wake up and do 15 minutes on the treadmill to get my body moving and to burn some fat stores. Then I’d have my coffee and go on with my day. I normally do my workout when the kids go down for their nap and quiet time, which is 2pm. That’s when I have an hour and a half (before Watson’s quiet time ends) to do my 30 minute workout and then sometimes I end with a daytime bath/shower. It’s a little treat that is a nice break in the middle of the day. The beauty of this is, it would previously take me 30 minutes to get to the gym and 30 minutes to get home. I love that I can do any of these workouts in 27 minutes and be done! I also feel like half an hour is totally enough for me. I normally can’t make the treadmill portion happen in the mornings, but I like to walk on it for about 10 minutes whenever I have a tiny break of free time throughout the day. Or sometimes I’ll do 15 minutes on the treadmill, then do an express class on either Obé or The Sculpt Society. Or 15 minutes on the treadmill, then a yoga class. Ideally, I would do 15 minutes on the treadmill in the AM and then do my 30 minute virtual workout at 2pm. But I’ll settle for just 30 minutes a day!