May 22, 2020
10 Ways I Make My Home Feel Special

Being home for so long has definitely been a learning adjustment for us, and I’m sure many of you can relate. Up until our recent car trip we took last weekend where we also stayed

Being home for so long has definitely been a learning adjustment for us, and I’m sure many of you can relate. Up until our recent car trip we took last weekend where we also stayed isolated, we’ve been home without fail since the beginning of March. Thankfully Charleston has had really nice weather, allowing us to be outside here and there. We definitely haven’t taken that for granted because I know that hasn’t been the case for many. But still, the four walls inside home can start looking a little… old—and it can happen really fast. Today I’m sharing little things I’ve been doing over the past few months to keep our home feeling like a special place to me.

I think it’s totally natural to sort of fall into a slump while at home without seeing any friends or going anywhere for so long. Yoga pants are certainly easier and more comfortable to have on at home than a nicer outfit and if you have children, sometimes tidying up can even seem like a waste because you know it’s just going to be messed up the next day! Just a couple of examples, but hopefully you know what I mean!

So in an effort to make home more special—the way a resort feels when you step into it and notice all of the nice touches like fresh flowers and luxurious hand soaps, or the way a spa feels when you walk in and immediately are taken to a different state of mind because of how relaxing the atmosphere is. These are things we can all do at home to a certain extent to help make home just as special of a place. Today I’m sharing 10 things I’ve been doing over the past two or three months to get that special feeling at home.



1. Listen to music throughout the day. It’s a huge mood booster, right? I’ve shared my favorite playlists right here. We have a portable bluetooth speaker, so normally when I’m in the kitchen making meals and cleaning up, I’ll play some uplighting songs and we all sing and dance along! I also love to listen to “spa radio” in the evenings while I’m winding down. It makes the ritual of doing my skincare routine a lot more special because that’s the same music that might be played in a spa. 


2. Get dressed in outfits you love. I promise you, it makes a huge difference in the way you feel! Rather than wearing sweats all day, if I take the time to get dressed in the mornings, especially in something I may wear out and about, it lifts my spirits in a huge way. I’ve gravitated towards comfortable silhouettes and soft fabrics. This Eileen Fisher Washed Organic Handkerchief Dress I’m wearing in these photos is in the perfect color to perk my mood. It’s also just as comfortable as anything else! The fabric is their lightest, finest 100% organic linen made from flax from France in a handkerchief-weight weave. I think Eileen Fisher clothing is so classic and timeless. Good for any ages. If I were to wear this one out, I’d maybe wear it with some espadrille wedges and a statement necklace!

Eileen Fisher’s spring 2020 collection is as easy as it gets. Very high quality fabrics and breezy silhouettes that can be mixed and matched. I love their “less is more” aesthetic. Rather than busy patterns, the line has simple fabrics and shapes that are timeless and won’t ever go out of style. Also, I love that the brand uses sustainable materials and methods in the creation of their pieces. I linked some of my favorites from their newest collection at the bottom of this post! 



3. Go for a walk. If you live in a place where you can get out to get some fresh air, a walk is the perfect idea. I honestly haven’t felt like exercising or even going for a walk lately, but when I do, I never regret it.


4. Treat yourself to a nice hand soap or lotion that you might not normally have. For me, I picked up one of the Aesop exfoliating soaps and it has been such a treat! It smells like a spa and makes my hands feel divine. I keep it only in my bathroom, so it’s going to last a long time since it’s just mama using it. 🙂 



5. Print photos you’ve been meaning to frame for a long time. I try to be pretty good about this, but I often let the photos sit in a box and not actually frame them for me to see. Updating your frames with pictures of loved ones is such a great way to lift your spirits at a time when we can’t be with those people in person.



6. Discover a new podcast. I love listening to podcasts when I’m cleaning, getting ready in the mornings, or when I’m in the car. I shared a few favorites right here!


7. Order fresh flowers, if you can. We have a few small businesses around town who have been doing very affordable small arrangements or offering flowers by the bunch. I’ve also added a pretty inexpensive grocery store floral bunch to my grocery orders a few times. When I don’t have fresh flowers at home, I don’t miss it. But when I do have them, I immediately say to myself, “I’ve got to get flowers more!!” They instantly make the house feel and smell special. I shared an IGTV here showing how I arrange them.



8. Declutter. I’ve tried to pick a new project every couple of days because when I don’t have clutter laying around, my home feels like such a more positive, inspiring place. So far I’ve been making my way through each of our closets, removing things that don’t fit the kids anymore and tidying up. Another huge game changer was cleaning out our fridge! I took out each shelf and soaked it in the sink for a while. I also married some condiments and threw out ones that were expired or barely had any left. 


9. Pick up a good book. I have to be honest that I’m not a big reader, but I’m always so happy when I take the time to do it. Right now I’m reading two books. One is lighthearted and so cute—it’s When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger. The other is Sacred Rest by Saundra Dalton-Smith, which talks about the importance of giving your body rest and enjoying life.



10. Update your decor or pot some plants. Our neighborhood plant nursery has been doing curbside pickup, so we bought two of these Waxleaf Privets to bookend our front door. I’ve wanted these for so long, so whenever we walk in our door, it makes me so happy to see and smell them! I’ve also been rearranging furniture and redecorating with things I already own. The freshened up look has been refreshing.



Outfit Details

dress (also comes in black!)


Sharing some other new arrivals that I also love from Eileen Fisher below!



Thank you to Eileen Fisher for partnering on this post.