August 19, 2020
making our own experiences

Brandon’s all-time favorite thing to do is to take the boat out to the marsh flats when the tide is coming in to try and catch redfish. He never keeps them—it’s always release when it

Brandon’s all-time favorite thing to do is to take the boat out to the marsh flats when the tide is coming in to try and catch redfish. He never keeps them—it’s always release when it comes to reds, but the sport of it is so fun for him. And honestly, it’s his “me” time.


I’ve been with him here and there, but not since we’ve had children. But he has been begging me lately to tag along, so I thought it was as good a time as any.



We took the boat out to a remote marsh flat near our home right when the tide was just starting to come in. The area where I’m standing in the photo above was soon under water not too long after! As the water started streaming in with the tide through little channels, it filled the flat to where we were walking with the water up to our thighs at one point—and when I’d step down, my feet went under the pluff mud, as you can tell from the state of my legs in the picture above. Honestly it felt so good and cooling!



If you’ve never been fishing for reds, you might could imagine it as a blend of hunting and fishing. You aren’t just casting hoping that something will bite, but you wait until you can see the redfish tail sticking up in the water or until you can hear the fish splash and actually see the ripple of where he is swimming. Then you quietly walk as close as you can to that area and cast a few feet ahead of its path.



I quickly became reminded why Brandon loves this so much. It’s typically around 7pm when he goes in the summertime—he plans his calendar out weeks in advance for when the high tide is right around that time. That’s when the sun is soft, the water is calm, and everything just seems a bit quieter.

It’s almost as if the world kind of stops for a few hours.



It wasn’t so much about catching a fish, when he and I went the other night. (And we didn’t catch any, for the record, but came pretty close a few times.) It was all about the experience.

When the pandemic started and all of our travel plans got squashed, I started to worry about our lack of experiences… our lack of “going places” must equate to a pretty mundane life for the foreseeable future, right? But boy was I wrong. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can create your own experiences outside of your back door. You may not have a marsh flat like this nearby, but maybe your experience is a hike, camping at a state park, going for a bike ride in a new area, doing yoga on a rooftop or at the beach instead of your living room floor. Whatever your experience happens to be, I encourage you to just do it! Something that challenges you. Something that takes you a little out of your comfort zone. The reward is aplenty.



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