September 10, 2020
our living room + where I find the best rugs

I’ve shared our living room many times, but just like everything else, it still continues to change! I often get questions like, “What paint color are your walls?” “Where is that rug from?” and things

I’ve shared our living room many times, but just like everything else, it still continues to change! I often get questions like, “What paint color are your walls?” “Where is that rug from?” and things like that, so it’s nice to bring all of those answers closer to the top of the site every once in a while in an updated post. I also wanted to share something I’ve never spilled the beans on before, which is where the handmade rug in our living room is from! Keep tuning in—it’s all explained below.


Time to let you all in on a little “secret” of mine. Actually, it’s not much of a secret but I can imagine that many of you don’t know about this little gem of a place I always go to first to source high-end handmade rugs at the best prices I’ve seen. The name of this store is Fletcher’s Vintage Finds and it’s in Yemassee, SC, a small country town near Beaufort that is about an hour south of Charleston. It is run by two very talented women, Paula Flowers and Sharon Mansell, who not only curate an incredible selection of handmade rugs from all over the world, but they also source unique southern antiques and run a highly successful catering business as well. They get their rugs direct from the places they are made, like Romania, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and Nepal. By bringing the rugs direct-to-consumer, their prices are not inflated in a way you might notice at other places. This business has been family-owned for 22 years. It’s where everyone from back home knows to get their nice rugs and antiques… and now I’m sharing with you! (By the way, this link to their shop above directs to an Instagram page that I told them they had to create! So it’s brand new.)

I drove down the oak tree-lined highway to Yemassee to visit their shop in February because I wanted to layer a vintage rug over our sisal-style rug. I’ve known Paula for over half of my life (her daughter is my best friend), so I texted her first and asked what colors of rugs they had in stock. She assured me they had tons to choose from in all colors and styles, which has honestly been the case anytime I’ve ever gone to Fletcher’s Vintage Finds to peruse. It’s where our Persian kitchen runner is from as well!

Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed as I had quite a few rugs to choose from in larger sizes and the lighter colorways I was hoping for. With that being the case, I found a rug that I absolutely fell in love with. I took it home that day and when we put it in our living room, I just knew it had put the final touches I had been searching for on that space. It’s amazing how a rug can transform a room!

I’m going to keep moving along for now, but I’m going to share more about this shop in just a bit.




(I’ve previously shared this room here,  here, and here!)


Paint and Wallpaper

Paint is a custom formula we created, shared here

Wallpaper in foyer is Annie Selke Links Sand


Furniture and Rugs

Annie Selke Rug (bottom rug & foyer rug)

Persian Rug from Fletcher’s Vintage Finds

Jute Pouf Ottoman

Sam Moore Reclining Wingback Chairs from GDC (similar)

Cisco Brothers Sofa

Miles Talbott Blue & White Floral Chairs + Ottoman from GDC

Brown Cabinet by Fireplace (no name brand and old, but this and this are similar)

coffee table is a unique piece from Celadon

White Sideboard by Fireplace is Stanley Furniture


Coffee Table Accessories 

Amanda Lindroth Medium Island Tray

Amanda Lindroth Medium Hurricane Vase

Coffee Table Books

Coral (similar)


Artwork and Framed Pieces

Gold Framed Painting

Black and White Portraits are by DuBose Photography and were framed here.

Artwork on either side of balcony door in White Frames are by Way Way Allen

Blue Artwork on credenza by fireplace is by Way Way Allen

Standing Frame on Side Table


Pillows & Drapery

On Sofa: Lisa Fine Mughal in a 22×22 and green leopard pattern ones are from CHD Interiors

On White Chairs: unknown brand from CHD Interiors

On Blue & White Chairs: Annie Selke Stone Washed Linen Pillows

Drapery by Emily Daws. Both the drapes and the hardware are custom by Emily.


Odds & Ends

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are real from a local nursery called Hyam’s, but a couple great artificial ones are here and here.

Fiddle Leaf Fig baskets: one from Target (old) and the other is vintage

White lamp on glass table

Two Lamps on Brown Credenza are old Homegoods Finds

Lamp on White Sideboard is a Homegoods Find

English Bow Front Chest from Ellie Proctor’s Booth in South Windermere Antiques
Mirror was a vintage find, but this one is similar
Blue & White Ginger Jar (with real palms)


Back to Fletcher’s Vintage Finds. I’ve talked about everything else shown in my living room in detail at one point or another on my blog, but really wanted to highlight this small business today. I specifically wanted to mention a bit more about their pricing and show a look at some of the other rugs I saw when I was there, although their inventory is ever-changing. What I love about shopping with them is that, for example, they may have a handmade rug that appraises between $8,000 – $10,000 for the retail market, but they have it listed for under $3K. I asked Paula how can this be and she said they have had the same supplier for 22 years. He travels the world and they get first dibs on all of the rugs he finds since they have been his clients for such an extended period of time. They buy the rugs in bulk by container, so they are able to buy each rug at a lower cost than other stores might be able to, especially if they don’t focus on rugs the way Fletcher’s does and need such a high quantity as they do. Paula also shared they want to keep their pricing lower (and therefore, their profit lower as well) so they can help as many people as they can to have access to these gorgeous rugs—they price them to move them!

If you’re in Charleston, have you ever driven to Yemassee? River Road, the road you turn on off of Hwy 17 to take the short drive over to Yemassee, is one of the prettiest roads I’ve ever driven down. I would honestly make the drive simply to see the trees—it’s just the icing on the cake that there is a great rug and antiques shop at the end of it. It was a pretty grey day back in February when I went, but I still thought it was so beautiful that I stopped my car and got out to take pictures of the trees!



Then I arrived. Isn’t the shop so cute? They used to have a restaurant as well (and it was my favorite—the squash fritters were the best thing ever), but they decided to not open the restaurant portion back up after having to shut down along with other businesses for Covid-19 restrictions. They decided this allowed them to offer a more personalized service in the area of rugs, catering, and antiques.




I don’t think anyone would expect that this shop houses some of the nicest rugs in South Carolina—arguably in the whole country. Once you step in the door, you feel all of the Southern hospitality you could ever hope for. And then they took me to where the rugs are stored…



Stacks on stacks on stacks of rugs. There must have been four warehouse bays full of these stacks!



And then I found the rug I decided to go with…



As you can see in the photos above, they have lots of light, neutral rugs, but also very bold designs as well.



And not only do they have large ones (I believe mine is a 9×12 or possibly even a 10×15), but they also have small rugs as well and every size in between.



One thing I learned is that you can always tell which rugs are handmade and high end because the woven design on the back of the rug is just as clear and vibrant as it is on the top of the rug, as you can see below where I have the top rug flipped up on the side. Can you even imagine making one of these large rugs by hand? Cannot imagine the time it takes.



Fletcher’s Vintage Finds also does catering. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that. My friends have started using them to cater birthday parties here in Charleston and I can attest that the food, presentation, and value are all incredible. They also can do dinner parties and corporate lunches—pretty much anything in any size.

This is not sponsored, but I just love and want to support this business so much! I promise you it’s worth a drive there from Charleston if you are hunting for a new handmade rug or if you are trying to source an antique—I bet they can find it for you. And it doesn’t hurt that they do delicious catering as well… those pictures above have just made me so hungry!

If you want to contact Fletcher’s Vintage Finds, you may find them on Instagram here, a brand new Instagram account I pretty much made them create, and by phone here: 843-812-4080. By appointment only, but you can call or text that number to stop by. Their location is 17 Yemassee Hwy, Yemassee, SC 29945.