December 13, 2020
my favorite face masks

I love a good face mask and I try a lot of them. So when I repurchase a mask? That’s how you know it’s good. Over the past year, I’ve really tried to reduce the

I love a good face mask and I try a lot of them. So when I repurchase a mask? That’s how you know it’s good. Over the past year, I’ve really tried to reduce the number of face masks I have in my arsenal and instead, really hone in on the ones I know perform well on my skin and use them more consistently. Want to know which ones those are? Keep reading!


REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask: This is the mask I’ve used and loved for longer than any other.  It’s a clean beauty product that has a mix of acids to help with all the big ticket concerns—tone, texture, firmness, radiance, pore visibility, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. I love that it only needs to stay on for about 10 minutes and after I use it, I truly do feel like my skin is noticeably more radiant. I think if I had to pick only one mask ever, it would be this one.

MBR Sensitive Heal Mask: This one is extremely pricey, just a heads up. But it’s also magic in a bottle and takes just a small amount to do the trick. I first tried some samples of this after visiting Ella Ora for my (also magical) facials. Every employee there raves about how wonderful this mask is for anyone, but especially sensitive, stressed skin. It nurtures the skin from the inside out and calms down inflammation. Inflammation, after all, is what leads to issues like skin redness, hyperpigmentation, acne—you name it. So reducing inflammation is going to drastically improve the skin. I think what sets this mask apart from others is that it not only is clarifying using white medicinal clay, but it also is intensely hydrating. Sometimes I even sleep in this, at the recommendation of Kristin who owns Ella Ora. And when I do, my skin feels so at ease, balanced, and purified the next morning. And if I have a pimple, I can put this on as a spot treatment before bed and the redness is totally gone when I wake! Side note: using the REN mask I mentioned above, then following up with this to calm down my skin would be the holy grail.

PS. If you’d like a less expensive alternative, this one above has my honorable mention! I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the one above, as the MBR line goes through pretty extreme lengths as far as sourcing special ingredients and performing research, but it’s a great clarifying mask that isn’t stripping at all. I enjoy using it and always feel like my skin is more balanced and clear when I take it off.

FRESH Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask: This is the one I sometimes like to put on first thing in the morning, then leave on while I drink my coffee and make breakfast for the kiddos. It goes on clear, so it doesn’t scare my children, which is a huge plus. After using this, my skin looks visibly fresher, more plump, and healthier. It also has a very interesting consistency—kind of whipped—and is cooling when you put it on! It’s also an antioxidant mask in that it includes a combination of Kombucha, Black Tea Extract, Blackberry Leaf Extract, Lychee Seed Extract, skin-smoothing polysaccharides, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid spheres. It makes your skin look and feel luminous! A little goes a long way, so know it is going to last you a while! I repurchase maybe once per year.


Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask: This is the one I like to use before I go out! For me, it’s a must for energizing and reviving my skin—especially at just $22 a bottle. After cleansing well, I apply this on semi-damp skin. It bubbles up in such a fun way and feels so good! I wait until the mask dries and disappears from my skin completely (usually within 10 minutes) and rinse off with cool water. My skin looks hydrated, pores look tight, and I definitely have more of a glow. It’s the perfect thing prior to putting on makeup for a dinner out and I find I end up putting on less makeup because of it. (Right now, if you buy one you can buy another at 50% off!)