December 31, 2020
my top 15 amazon purchases of 2020

A mix of home, fashion, and everything in between, Amazon has truly been a lifesaver for our family this year amongst the lockdowns and trying to avoid shopping around in big stores. Thought it might

A mix of home, fashion, and everything in between, Amazon has truly been a lifesaver for our family this year amongst the lockdowns and trying to avoid shopping around in big stores. Thought it might be fun to wrap up my favorite buys from the year. Is it possible to narrow it down to a simple list? Maybe I should have considered this question before sitting down to write, but here we go!


By the way, the sweater I’m wearing above probably should have made this list as well.

It’s available here for $40! I’m wearing a small.



1. Green Stoneware Mugs

If you like a big mug like I do, then give these a look. They feel like they are artisan made in small batches—plus, I love the color! A set of 2 will run you $22.


2. No Show Socks

The no-show socks that have put all others to shame. We all know that if socks ride too low, they eventually end up underneath the heel. Or, they aren’t really no-show at all! These are the best of both worlds—no show and they stay put! Having tried quite a number of these from high end lifestyle brands, I can say in confidence that these are the best I’ve ever tried. A pack of 8 pairs will run you just $23!


3. Stack & Pull Boxes

I’ve ordered these in most every size offered! They are sturdy yet not bulky. Perfect for stowing away children’s toys or if you’re like me, table linens and stationery too!



4. Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

This $40 toothbrush has performed better than my very expensive Sonicare toothbrushes I’ve had prior to this one. (The battery seems to last longer on this one in between charges!) This was a Things I Bought & Liked suggestion and I couldn’t agree more that it is a top buy.



5. Soft Zip Biker Jacket

By far the best biker jacket I’ve ever stumbled upon… not even considering the fact that it is under $50! I would suggest sizing up, as I’m wearing a medium. I am wearing it here and in stories right here.



6. OMORC Air Fryer

This is one of those purchases I questioned for nearly a year before biting the bullet. Considering the near daily use it now gets, I’d say it is not only worth the money but definitely one of the best purchases of the year. We use it mainly for chicken nuggets for the kids (something that happens way too often in our home!) and frozen french fries. I’m telling you it beats an oven any day of the week in terms of making food perfectly crispy. It’s also a game changer for leftovers. If you have some leftover chicken wings, chick-fil-a nuggets or fries, fried pickles, and so forth…. throw them in and they will again taste like they came out of a restaurant kitchen!



7. Keds Mary Jane Shoes

Basically all Rosie has worn all year when not in sandals!



8. 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum 

We bought this $150 cordless vacuum at the beginning of the year to keep upstairs for quick pickups. Honestly, anything I can do to avoid pulling out our big vacuum is something I am willing to do. We have a cordless Dyson downstairs (something I previously had a love/hate relationship with, but seem to love more lately) and now this one upstairs in our laundry room. We keep Winston’s litter box in there, so this vacuum gets plenty of use! For $150, a mere fraction of the price of the Dyson, I would say it’s pretty comparable. In fact, I think the 6,000+ reviewers agree with me. If you need a vacuum for quick pickups, it’s definitely one to try! Also, it has a $10 coupon right now which you can attach to your purchase, making it just $140!



9. Facial Roller

If I had to pick my very favorite purchase out of this list, this would be the one! For under $25, I can roll this along the contours of my face and it lifts and depuffs in just seconds.



10. Button Up Pajamas

I’m a big sleepwear snob these days, but these easily stand up to my Tommy Johns, LAKE, and so forth. Absolutely cannot recommend them enough… and under $40! For sizing reference, I have them in a medium (in multiple colors) but probably could have done a small for a slightly more fitted look.



11. Children’s Rain Boots

These are the cutest rain boots I’ve ever found—and only $22! They don’t go up so high, so they are easy to take on & off. Plus, they are extremely lightweight, which I think is probably a good thing so that small children who are still in early stages of physical development aren’t lugging around heavy boots.



12. 18k Gold Plated CZ Studs

These look more like diamonds than any other faux stud I’ve tried. In fact, when I hold these $20 earrings next to my real diamonds, they really stand their own. Can undoubtedly say you would not be disappointed! I have the 1.5 carat size.



13. Silk Scrunchies

I sleep in scrunchies these days. It keeps my hair protected and I feel like I can go an extra day in between washes since I don’t wake up with bedhead. I have this silk one at $10 each and then this bigger set of scrunchies, which I also love!



14. Neck and Back Heating Pad

Just trust me. This wrapped around your neck at the end of a long day is like magic! If I have a headache or neck ache, I’ll take some of the Relief Cream and then after applying, put this heating pad around my neck and within a small amount of time, I’m like a new woman.



15. Pack of 20 4.5in Bows

They are available in many different sizes, but 4.5in is what we have Rosie in right now. Of course I prefer Wee Ones as my #1 bow, but considering how Rosie pulls out her bows left and right, it’s nice to have an entire pack of 20 for $11. The quality of these is pretty incredible and they stay in her hair so well!