January 28, 2021
5 Easy Things I Do Daily to Create Big Change

I’m always striving to be more in tune with my body—to recognize when my body is asking for something it is missing or when it responds well to something I’m doing, for example. I’ve done

I’m always striving to be more in tune with my body—to recognize when my body is asking for something it is missing or when it responds well to something I’m doing, for example. I’ve done a lot of experimentation over the past year and have made it a habit to include five very easy things into my daily routine that really have done my body and soul well. Today I’m sharing what those things are and why I think they’ve been so wonderful for me. The best thing is that they are so simple and nearly mindless, yet have ended up making a pretty incredible difference in my state of mind.



1. Daily Multi-Vitamin

Around this time last year, I started taking Ritual’s Essential for Women 18+ Multivitamin after doing a lot of research on nutrient gaps that women tend to have in our diets. Ritual was created by a team of scientists and nutritionists to help fill common gaps in the diet using key nutrients like vitamin D3 & Omega-3 DHA*.
DHA. Beyond that, something that makes Ritual different is they are very transparent about exactly what’s in their multivitamins and they don’t include shady fillers, colorants, or additives. And if you have a sensitive stomach like I do, you’ll love knowing the capsules have a delayed release design, so I can take them with our without food and not feel nauseous.. They are also vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten & major allergen-free.*

Ritual has multivitamins for different age groups and for both men and women. I love how it’s not “one size fits all.” Their team has done some pretty extensive research on what these different genders and ages need in their diet—and likewise, what commonly is missing, so they know what key components to include in each multivitamin. For example, there is a multivitamin for teenage boys and a separate one for teenage girls rather than just one for teens across the board. The one exception to this is the Essential for Kids 4+, which is for both boys and girls. I can’t wait to get Watson started on it… it’s a gummy multivitamin!*

I love that Ritual delivers my multivitamins to my door each month with free shipping. While I used to scoff at subscription models like this, I’ve grown to appreciate them tremendously because it takes the task of remembering to order and the hassle of doing so completely off my plate. By the way, if you do try Ritual and don’t love it within your first month, they’ll refund your first order and of course you can cancel the subscription anytime you’d like.

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2. Daily Gratitude Affirmations

When I’m washing my face or making coffee in the mornings I spend just a few seconds thinking about three things I’m grateful for. It may seem pointless at first, but I think what makes it powerful is that it allows you to really notice those blessings a bit more throughout the day by putting them into perspective and really highlighting them. It’s proven that daily gratitude affirmations can bring peace, joy, and satisfaction to our days. It’s definitely worth a try!


3. Outdoor Time

Even if it’s just a 15 minute walk, I have made it a non-negotiable to get outside every single day the weather permits, preferably all by myself to regroup my thoughts. Especially in a time when we are in our homes more than ever before, it’s amazing to me what a few active moments away can do for me mentally. I’ve heard how wonderful it is for us to soak up the sun’s rays in short increments like this, as it can help the metabolism, bones, immune system, and mood… just to name a few.



4. Face Yoga

This was a surprising one for me, but the face, in fact, is made up of muscles that like any other part of our body, should be exercised to stay toned. When done correctly, it will lift the face and may also improve circulation. Since I’ve started doing facial massage and exercises daily, I truly can tell a difference. It wakes up my face more than anything else and the immediate before/after is significant. I’ve made this a daily routine because I’ve heard that if you do it consistently, it can have lasting positive effects. Of all places, I’ve actually found tons of incredible facial exercises on TikTok, but you could definitely search for it on YouTube as well.


5. Always Learning

I love to learn but definitely do not have the time in my day to sit down and read like I’d love to. I feel like I mention all the time how much I love podcasts and listening to books on Audible. The reason why is because this is something I can do while driving in the car, while getting ready for the day, while cleaning my closet—things like that. I’m able to passively listen while actively doing something else I’d be doing regardless. How amazing is it to be able to learn such a wealth of information and it not take any extra time out of the day?



Thank you to Ritual for partnering on this post.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease