January 12, 2021
the joy of sleep

It’s actually something I never have found much joy in, honestly. Rather more of a chore… going to sleep when I’d much rather be awake and getting things done. Even if that just means watching

It’s actually something I never have found much joy in, honestly. Rather more of a chore… going to sleep when I’d much rather be awake and getting things done. Even if that just means watching my favorite movie—I’d always choose that over closing my eyes. But as I get older, it’s starting to wear on me a bit and I am finding the value in having a rested body, mind, and soul.

I purchased a book about a year ago called Why We Sleep, which I have heard is pretty transformative in explaining why sleep is imperative for longevity and a properly functioning body. The funny thing is… when I do have time to sit down and read the book, I consider how I should just go to sleep rather than reading. So I haven’t ever read the first page. I think this is something I should just download on my audible app, which is the only proper way I read any books these days because I can listen while doing other things at the same time.

All this to say, a healthy sleep routine is at the absolute top of the goals list for me in this new year. To do so, I think it’s a good idea to make sure I’m equipped with everything I need to create a wonderful sleep environment. Here are some of the things that are at the top of the list for me!



A good book.

Funny I say that when I just mentioned I haven’t read a tangible book in ages. But reading by listening is a totally different story. If I turn on an audible book or even a podcast when I go to bed, I’m amazed at how quickly I fall fast asleep. What I do is set the sleep timer on my phone (which is located within each of those apps) and I always set it for no longer than 15 minutes. It’s rare that I ever see those minutes through completion.


Bedding we love.

We’ve found our groove with the Boll & Branch Percale sheets. To me, they need about three washes until they are perfect…and then they just keep getting better. I prefer percale cotton because it gives me that crisp hotel bedding feel that I love when we travel. We have the duvet, shams, and sheets—the whole shebang. I must say though that Watson has these sheets and they are pretty incredible too!



Being comfortable is key. I have some old tshirts and sweatpants that I love just as much as my nicer pajamas, but I do find that nice pajamas make me more motivated to enjoy my bed. I guess the same goes for the idea that new gym clothes make you want to work out? LAKE are some of my very favorites. If you’re unsure on sizing, I definitely suggest sizing up. I take a medium across the board there. For a less expensive option and something equally as soft, try these from Amazon for under $40! I have them in a couple colors. Tommy John also makes pretty exceptional pajamas and lounge clothes. This night shirt is also so incredibly soft and on amazon for under $25!


Sound Machine.

I blame Brandon for the fact that I cannot anymore sleep without a noise maker. We have this one but I’ve heard really great things about this one, which is 15% off right now with code BESTYOU.



Relax the senses with lavender.

It’s by far my favorite essential oil. Young Living makes really wonderful, pure oils but I also have lately discovered Vetruvi’s oils, which are what I’ll be buying as my YL ones run out. I have their beautiful diffuser by my bed and love it.


Avoid the light.

Two kinds of light, actually. First, they say blue light really wakes you up and it should be avoided at least an hour or two before bedtime. I am so guilty of looking at blue light up until the moment I close my eyes, so I at least try to wear blue light blocking glasses. I have these from Verishop, which are just a little bit superior to these, which are under $25 on amazon. Brandon has these $16 ones and LOVES them. Second, our bedroom in the home we just sold would get so bright in the mornings, so I’ve become pretty accustomed to wearing an eye mask like this one at night. In fact, it feels so comforting to me now and I almost prefer it.



Not a necessity, but something I’ve grown to appreciate greatly. If you’ve heard me chat on Instagram about how I started using CBD, then you already know how I use and love Equilibria products. I use the daily drops every night before bed. CBD does not make you feel “high” at all. That was my biggest reservation before trying it. But then once I tried it, I realized that when I’m laying in bed at the end of the day and start thinking about my long to-do list and feel anxious about that or whatever is on my mind, taking this helps to take that edge off and allows me to relax. It doesn’t make me feel relaxed in an out of body way… it just magically takes away my mild anxiety without altering my state of mind, if that makes sense. I also LOVE the relief cream. If I have a headache, I rub this on my temples as a first step instead of reaching in my medicine cabinet. Most of the time, it takes away my tension headaches totally. (CBD takes away inflammation in the body in a natural way.) The other product of note is their daily softgels. They are time released (vs. the drops pack more of a punch all at once), so they are great to take in the morning so that you manage chronic pains or anxiety better throughout the day. Worth mentioning that anytime you order from Equilibria, you receive free access to a dosage consultant who helps you get your plan perfect, as we are all different and have separate needs. In fact, they recommend that because taking the products consistently is really key to having them work their best for you. Lastly, and not to go on and on, but Equilibria is the purest CBD I could find… it is a woman-owned company made for women (although men can take it too!). They manage every step of the manufacturing process, from seed to bottling, so I know I can trust that it is totally pure and doesn’t have questionable ingredients in it. I believe a lot of CBDs are watered down, so they aren’t nearly as effective.

If you want to try Equilibria, I highly recommend the Balance Box as it includes the drops, the daily softgels, and the relief cream—my three favorites. The box is already at a discounted price vs. buying all separately, but if you subscribe (and can cancel anytime), you automatically save 20% off the price. Then you can use my code “holycitychic” to save 15% on new orders (on top of the 20% discount!).



More plans of mine to create a good sleep environment and schedule…

On top of these things, which I already do or are working on, I am going to desperately try to cut off work much earlier every night. I also find that if I wash my face, put on jammies, and brush my teeth immediately after the kids go to bed, I’m so much more likely to get in bed earlier than if I wait and do it last thing. Lastly, I am going to try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night! I believe I get more like 6 now on average. I’d eventually love to keep going to bed earlier and earlier so that I can wake up sooner to get my day started. I am naturally a night owl but want to be a morning person so badly! I believe having children and a busy to-do list kind of makes you be both sometimes! I’m sure y’all can feel me on that one. Let me know your tips! Hope some discussion like this motivates you to get on a good sleep schedule as well if you’re like me and need some improvement in that department. 🙂