April 10, 2021
amazon top sellers from march

As you guys know, I sporadically share my favorite amazon finds on IG stories from time to time throughout each month. I’m able to take a look in the analytics to see how many of

As you guys know, I sporadically share my favorite amazon finds on IG stories from time to time throughout each month. I’m able to take a look in the analytics to see how many of each item was sold, so I think it’s fun and interesting to take a look and see what you all loved the most. So without further adieu, here are the things that were purchased most by you all throughout the month of March—and for good reason! They happen to be my top favorites too. And If you missed February’s roundup, you can see that here.



Everything is linked and described in detail below!

Hotel Collection Down Alternative Bed Pillows: First of all, they are under $40 for a set of two! Second, they are the best pillows I’ve ever laid my head on. Cooling, the perfect height, not too soft or too firm… and they have over 100,000 amazing reviews. Finally, I have literally never seen you all go crazy over something the way you did with these pillows!! I, too, am obsessed. I replaced every single bed pillow in our home with these.

Floral Sheets: I have these in Rosie’s room and they are really sweet and soft. Around $30 for the set and they also come in tons of other prints. We also have a set for Rosie from Serena & Lily but I find myself looking forward to when these are put on her bed!

Flameless Candles: I really never thought I’d ever purchase flameless candles, but I absolutely LOVE these. I found myself getting headaches every night as I’d sit and work near a scented candle for hours. I love candles so much, but when it’s just me wanting to see the flicker for the ambiance, I feel much better about using these flameless ones. They are made of real wax and the flicker looks so real! I still burn my real candles, but just save that for when I’m not sitting right next to them for long periods. The set of three is under $20!


Wet Brush Shine Enhancing Brush: This brush has been a game changer for me. At under $15, it makes my hair look so much better after I use it. My favorite purpose is when my hair is dirty, it helps to fluff it up, enhance shine, detangle gently, and provide volume. It kind of does everything. Take a look at the 5.5K reviews!

Heated Lash Curler: I’ve never loved a traditional lash curler, but this kind of curler has changed my tune! I always use it AFTER I put on mascara, as I find that makes the biggest difference. I swear this is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you try it, and then you’re like WOAH. It’s under $20!

Face Roller: When I want to depuff & lift my face quickly and don’t have time for the guasha stone (mentioned below), this is what I use! I always do it after my skincare routine—always in an upward motion only (not back and forth). It makes a huge difference in lifting my face and making it look more contoured.

Guasha Stone: I do guasha every day and think it makes a big difference in depuffing my face, relaxing me, and lifting/defining the contours of my face. Here’s a great visual showing the before/after!  I like to use it with any oil or oil cleanser. If you’re unsure of how to use it, you can check out this instagram account.


Gold Flower Earrings: Such a beautiful, lightweight statement earring and they are $11!

Block Print Sarong: How pretty is this?! It’s available in the most beautiful colorways and prints. And it’s $15!

Faux Diamond Studs: $20 and the absolute best faux diamond stud I’ve ever found. And trust me, I have ordered a LOT. This one, when I hold it up next to my real diamond studs, looks just as beautiful. It’s also available in a silver mounting if the yellow gold isn’t your thing. They are 18K gold plated.

Semi-Sheer Sarong: Another $15 favorite and it’s available in so many beautiful shades.

Colorfulkoala Leggings: It has been years now that I’ve sung praises on these leggings. They have more compression to them than Align leggings, but feel just as soft. They are also under $30!

Cotton Dress: Such a fun dress. It could even be worn as a coverup! It’s available in every color you can imagine and in a short sleeve version, too. Under $30!

Joggers: The best joggers I’ve ever worn. The fabric is so amazing, but I do suggest sizing up one! I wear a medium, for reference. Available in tons of colorways, too.

Coverup Shirt: This is such a great coverup. It comes in lots of colors and is under $30!


Floral Sneakers: Aren’t they cute? So many prints for boys and girls. And these are under $20!

1000+ Puffy Stickers: Over a thousand stickers for $8! These keep my children entertained for so long.

Toddler Ruffle Shirt: An adorable shirt for little ones and it’s only $13! Available in tons of colors, too.

Toddler Sneakers: These were the first sneakers I ever bought Watson and he still wears them! I love that they don’t have any logos on them and he doesn’t need me to tie them. They are available in tons of colors, even pinks & purples, and are under $30! This lilac shade is really pretty.