May 17, 2021
a roundup of my favorite workout clothing

  Since I started doing hot yoga, I am newly into a matching set like this top and leggings below. Both of these pieces are SO GOOD. Supportive yet so soft. The top has a


Since I started doing hot yoga, I am newly into a matching set like this top and leggings below. Both of these pieces are SO GOOD. Supportive yet so soft. The top has a built in bra, but you could always wear a sports bra underneath for more support if needed. They come in various colors.  I’m wearing a medium in both.



Aerie Offline Seamless Workout Tank: To give you an idea of how much I love these, I have ordered seven of them in different colorways! The colors are great, but the classic white is my favorite. I went up to a size M. They are currently 40% off, making the price just about $20 each.

AJISAI Joggers: These $30 amazon joggers are pretty unreal. They feel incredible! I went up to a medium and I’m glad I did.

Aerie Offline The Hugger Racerback Sports Bra: So comfortable and great for low impact things like yoga or barre! I went up to a M. It doesn’t offer a ton of support, but it does have a built in sports bra that offers just enough support for me.



Aerate Mesh Tank: A mesh tank is key for outdoor sports in hot weather! You can’t really see through them, but the air just breezes right through. This one also comes in a few other colors.

Lululemon Play Off the Pleats Midrise Skirt: This is my favorite skirt for tennis! I wear a 6 in other Lululemon bottoms, but went up to an 8 in this skirt.

Spiritual Gangster Icon T-Back Sports Bra: A new favorite! It feels so good on and the shape of it is very flattering, I find. I wear the M/L size. I have it in this beautiful pink shade!



All three of these leggings below are the $25 Colorfulkoala 7/8 leggings and they literally have over 34,000 incredible reviews. I found these a few years ago on Amazon Prime and haven’t ever looked back! I find that they are a great dupe for Lululemon Aligns yet they have a little bit more support. For reference on sizing: I wear a small in the black leggings. In the other two colorways I have shown below, I went up to a large! I’m not sure if the colors just run way smaller or what. If you’re unsure, I highly recommend just ordering two sizes since the Prime returns are free and easy!




Lululemon Align Leggings: I guess it’s time I write my formal apology to the Align leggings. I’ve borderline insulted them for the past few years since I found the Colorfulkoala ones I wrote about above. I just think the Colorfulkoala ones have more support, and that’s what was important to me with the workouts I was doing. However, I recently started doing a hot yoga based class and I now have a new appreciation for the Aligns. The fabric is so soft, they really do feel the best when you’re flowing in a downwards position for an hour straight. I find that other leggings end up rolling at the waistband, but these stay up better than those.

Lululemon Longline Energy Bra: This is by far the best sports bra I’ve found! I like the longline version shown below, but it also comes in a regular sports bra cut.

Alo Yoga Airbrush Leggings: Now for my third and final favorite legging… these are incredible. They give me the support I love in the Colorfulkoala ones, but the “stay” in the waistband I love in the Align leggings. They are a good bit thicker feeling than Align leggings, so I wouldn’t exactly compare them. I love wearing these to hot yoga and actually just bought a second pair!



A few extra notes…

Since I just mentioned four favorite leggings. The colorfulkoala ones are my choice when going for a walk or doing some sort of weights workout. They are incredibly priced and look/feel great! The Align ones are what I would prefer to wear to hot yoga because of the lightweight, soft fabric that doesn’t roll down when I’m doing downward dogs and other flow-based moves that constantly require bends at the waist. The Alo Airbrush ones are a great combo of the two! Sometimes it’s hard to find supportive leggings that are still comfortable—that’s exactly what these are. I love wearing these anywhere! For a high impact workout to hot yoga. They work for everything and are so high quality. I prefer them over the Lululemon Wunder Unders. The Beyond Yoga ones (first to be mentioned) are similar to the Alo Airbrush in terms that they are supportive and stay in place, but they are a bit softer and by default, aren’t quite as compressive.

Another place I love to find matching sets is Reformation, but I do find the fabric in their leggings isn’t quite as forgiving as the other brands I have listed in this blog post (however, they feel like butter!!). Since I have enough “favorites” listed here, I left those out, but in general Ref is a big favorite for activewear pieces. I wear this top regularly! And since we are mentioning honorable mentions, these are awesome too!