May 18, 2021
top sellers from amazon in april

Out of everything I shared on Amazon last month (and you can catch it all here if you missed it), here are the top sellers! First up is this $22 lightweight sweatshirt, these $22 comfy

Out of everything I shared on Amazon last month (and you can catch it all here if you missed it), here are the top sellers!

First up is this $22 lightweight sweatshirt, these $22 comfy shorts, and these $37 studded sandals, which are so comfortable. For sizing reference on the clothes, I am a pretty true women’s small, but I’m wearing a medium in the men’s sweatshirt and a medium in the shorts for a roomier fit! For the sandals, I am normally an 8.5 or 9, but went up to a 9 in them.

This $16 bracelet set (also worn above) was a top seller, too. The quality is pretty insane. I love that it’s a set of 5, but you can mix just one or a few in with other bracelets and it makes for an awesome combination. My gold bangle is solid gold, so you can see how these inexpensive match in tone almost perfectly!

This sleeveless sweater is just $19 and comes in tons of colors. It is my personal favorite of the month, but I will say there were lots of great picks in April! I am wearing a medium in the sweater. The necklaces I’m wearing are always a top seller because I’ve had them for over a year and share them often. They are just $12 each! I’m wearing those bracelets I just shared above, too.


Above, I’m also wearing these $22 18K gold plated sterling silver faux diamond studs. They are INCREDIBLE. I am telling you, they stand their own against my real diamond studs, which actually do have a very nice grading. I have the 1.5 carat in yellow gold and like to wear them when we are out on the boat, when I’m going to work out, or wear anywhere I could easily lose my real ones. Obsessed.

If you missed these luxurious bed pillows when I shared them last month, do not miss them this time! First, you should know they have over 113,000 amazing reviews on amazon. That is a ton. They are the best pillows I have EVER felt in my entire life… and you get two for under $40! Not only do they feel like they belong in a five star hotel, but they have a cooling gel fiber feel to them and the absolute perfect pile height. Nice and fluffy without being too tall. And like goldilocks prefers, not too soft and not too hard. We have these pillows on every bed in our house! I’ve also gifted them to my parents, too.


Our everyday mugs are from Amazon and wound up on the top seller list last month. I can’t even remember sharing them! We have used them for a couple years and haven’t had any issues at all. A set of 6 is under $30. I love them because they are 18oz, so they hold a nice big cup of coffee without being overly obnoxious. (An oversized white mug is my very favorite!)

Using one of them below!


Happy to see this comfortable $29 t-shirt dress in the best seller lineup! I’m wearing a M. It comes in tons of colors! The rest of this look is linked at the top of this post. 🙂

I also have it in this color!


This $12 hairbrush rivals my $250 Mason Pearson hairbrush. In fact, I use this one way more often. There, I said it.


Over a thousand puffy stickers for $8? Say no more. These continue to keep my children so entertained!


This $25 dress is the perfect summer frock! You could wear it alone or with a denim jacket—or use it as a bathing suit coverup! It comes in lots of colors, too. I’m wearing a medium. It’s a little big, but I’d rather that than a little tight.

Another favorite was this $26 coverup!

Lastly, this $22 hat is always one of the monthly top sellers. I love that it’s packable and has a chin strap for windy days or being on the boat!