June 15, 2021
your favorite amazon picks from the last month

So much of last month’s top sellers were also in April’s top sellers, so I think that’s how you really know it’s good. By the way, instead of this just being a May top sellers,

So much of last month’s top sellers were also in April’s top sellers, so I think that’s how you really know it’s good. By the way, instead of this just being a May top sellers, I set the date range in my analytics from May 1 to June 15, since these posts go up mid month. That way you’re getting a few more recent favorites mixed in as well!


Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath: I heard about this in an interview with Gucci Westman, who is the founder of the highly regarded makeup line, Westman Atelier. She said in a video somewhere that she puts this in her children’s bath every night and it keeps them from getting sick. After ordering, I read about all of the other benefits, like relaxation and stress ease, detoxification, soothing an aching body, helping with sleep, and more. Now I put it in my bath every time!

If you check out this IG story highlight, I shared my velcro hair roller process for getting insane volume. Y’all scooped up this roller set like crazy! It comes with 18 rollers and the clips for under $10!

The $20 sweater I have over my shoulders is in the top sellers. I have it in a medium.


LEFT: I love this star bracelet set. It’s dainty and sweet, but adds so much at the same time! It’s great mixed in with the set on the right.

RIGHT: This $16 bracelet set is pretty insane. The quality is so good!! I love that it’s a set of 5, but you can mix just one or a few in with other bracelets and it makes for an awesome combination. My gold bangle is solid gold, so you can see how these inexpensive match in tone almost perfectly!


The bed pillows you can see below are AMAZING. You should know they have over 120,000 amazing reviews on amazon. That is a ton!! They are the best pillows I have EVER felt in my entire life… and you get two for under $40! Plus they are an additional 20% off right now, making them $32 for two pillows. Not only do they feel like they belong in a five star hotel, but they have a cooling gel fiber feel to them and the absolute perfect pile height. Nice and fluffy without being too tall. And like goldilocks prefers, not too soft and not too hard. We have these pillows on every bed in our house! I’ve also gifted them to my parents, too.


$32 for two pillows! I’d pay 4-5x that, honestly. Unreal.



Y’all can’t get enough of this sleeveless sweater and neither can I! It’s just $19 and comes in tons of colors. I’m wearing a medium. The necklaces I’m wearing are always a top seller because I’ve had them for over a year and share them often. They are just $12 each! I’m wearing those bracelets I just shared above, too—both sets mixed together!


This woven clutch is under $20! It’s big enough for everything you’d need for a summer evening out.



Once again in the top sellers category are three of the things I’m below! This $20 lightweight sweatshirt, these $22 comfy shorts, and these $37 studded sandals, which are so comfortable. For sizing reference on the clothes, I am a pretty true women’s small, but I’m wearing a medium in the men’s sweatshirt and a medium in the shorts for a roomier fit! For the sandals, I am normally an 8.5 or 9, but went up to a 9 in them.



This $12 hairbrush rivals my $250 Mason Pearson hairbrush. In fact, I use this one way more often because it detangles better at the same time, while also making my hair look bouncy and shiny. I love my MP, but I feel like it tears my hair when it’s slightly tangled. It’s more for just smoothing already brushed hair, thus while this is my usual pickup because it does both. There, I said it.



Sleeveless Mini Dress: This is the greatest little $25 dress. I’m wearing a medium.


This $20 workout top I shared below was a big hit! I actually repurchased it in olive green, too. Wearing it again as I type, as well. But note, I went up to a large! It runs small.



Brandon has this $26 bathing suit in a couple different colorways. It’s so good!



Happy to see this comfortable $29 t-shirt dress in the best seller lineup again! I’m wearing a M. It comes in tons of colors! The rest of this look is linked a few photos up.



Once again, the puffy stickers are at the top! You get over a thousand for $8! These continue to keep my children so entertained!



A repeat favorite was this $26 coverup!