April 30, 2024
newborn must haves

It all feels short this time. With our first two, I used to agree with the saying that the days are long but the months (and years!) are short. But with our third baby, it

It all feels short this time. With our first two, I used to agree with the saying that the days are long but the months (and years!) are short. But with our third baby, it just all goes in a blink. The days feel short, as do the weeks… and the months as well. And I can’t tell you how sad that makes me feel. With Watson, I honestly think I wished away the time… wishing for a time when postpartum life would feel a little easier. And that’s a normal way for any new mom to feel. It was just all so new and unfamiliar. It’s not that it’s any easier this time. Familiar? Well, yes. But easy? Gosh. Not at all! It feels like being pulled in three thousand directions at once. But for me, it has felt like returning to a point in my life that felt so beautiful. A time that I missed with every ounce of my being. Having those babies is hard work but it’s arguably the most fulfilling thing we will ever do. And despite the hard, I more deeply feel the warmth and love and raw beauty of it all. And I just wish I could live in this bubble for as long as I wished. Even with the big move we just had, and not fitting into 95% of my clothing still or feeling totally like myself (at all), and the other children, and the animals… I would still stay right here in this moment for a long time.



I can’t believe we have a seven (!!) month old baby. In a sense, it feels like he’s still a tiny newborn, but then I look at him and quickly realize he is absorbing the passing days before our eyes, growing faster than I remember it being with Watson and Rosie …back when I very much felt I would have a baby and a toddler forever and ever, amen.




Now that I’ve poured my heart a little bit, here are some of the very best things we’ve had in our arsenal this time…

Newborn Must Haves


Baby Bassinet for your bedside – There are tons of options for this, but you’ll definitely want a bassinet of some kind to keep the baby in your room at the beginning.  I’ve used all kinds! I used a vintage wooden cradle for Watson and Rosie that, looking back, was probably unsafe as my almost 40 year old brother slept in it, as did I, when we were babies. My friend let me borrow her HALO and we loved that, except it really hurts when you stub your toe on the huge legs it has! And this time, we used the SNOO, which we really loved! I see now why it’s so popular. It has tons of features like a built in rocking system to soothe the baby, it has a swaddle that clips into place and because of that, keeps sleeping babies safely on their backs, integrated sleep sounds, plus a lot more.



SnuggleMe Organic: You just need so many options for being able to place your baby down. Whether it’s on the sofa, on the kitchen counter, on the bathroom floor while you shower, etc. Something to move around the house for this reason! This was a MUST for me.



Caddy Organizer for the living room: Or for wherever you will be during the day to keep all of the “musts” handy. This is the one we have and it is just so pretty. I’ll use it for car toys once we don’t need it as a diaper caddy in the future! We filled ours with diapers, aquaphor, tubby tod all over ointment, wipes, a swaddle blanket, pacifiers, and burp cloths.


Electric Nose Aspirator: These weren’t around for my first two babies and I can tell you that they are a game changer!!




Baby Bathtub: We have two! I love the AngelCare Baby Bathtub because it’s small enough to fit in a sink or a tub—and it’s portable to move around! The price is also great on it! I like to put a washcloth on the backrest and warm that up prior to putting Patrick in this. And then a warm washcloth on his belly, too! He loves kicking his legs in the water! We also have this bath tub and it’s wonderful, just a lot harder to move around so if baby doesn’t have his own bathroom, that could maybe be a painpoint. We also used (and continue to use now) the 4Moms Cleanwater Tub and while it’s bigger and harder to maneuver around, it’s a really wonderful bathtub. It has an infant seat that can be removed as the baby grows. It also includes a temperature gauge and is designed to filter out dirty water through drains, while having a separate clean water reservoir for rinsing.


Aquaphor: You just use it on everything. I like to put this on Pat’s bottom in between diaper changes to keep a barrier there. I also realized in the middle of the night, he would wake up due to a wet diaper but when I started using Aquaphor all over his bottom before bed, he would’t wake up when his diaper would get wet. I also have used it on a couple eczema spots he had on his arm to help those disappear!



Tubby Tod All Over Ointment: This is a do-everything product that is a must! This is for any skin irritation, but I mostly used it for baby acne at the beginning and it worked SO well! These days, Patrick’s skin gets a little rash due slobbering or whatever reason, and this helps nurture the skin to resolve any of those issues. It’s wonderful!


Coterie Diapers: I’ve tried Target-brand, Huggies, Pampers, Minnie Moon, Honest… we all have our favorites, but Coterie is mine and I swear it’s worth the money. They are SO soft and so absorbent. And I’ll admit, the subscription is pretty nice!


Coterie Wipes: I promise I’m not sponosored by Coterie, but honestly nothing compares to their wipes. They are a GAME changer. I am able to use less wipes per diaper change because of how thick they are. I am a huge fan, even moreso than the diapers which is saying something. I just haven’t tried a wipe that even feels remotely similar to this one!



Bottle Warmers: I have used *many* and without hesitation, this is my pick for a portable bottle warmer on the go. This is my pick for an at-home bottle warmer. You need both!


Pacifiers: These are the ones that all three of my babies preferred.


Baby Monitor: I prefer to keep things simple and do a traditional monitor without wifi. This one is my favorite!



Frida 3-in-1 Nose, Ear, and Nail Picker: This is so genius for removing those little baby boogies that like to hang out just inside the nostrils. Honestly, all of Frida Baby items are geniously superior. We love everything we’ve tried!


Hatch Go Portable Sound Machine: It has so many different kinds of noise options, and believe it or not, babies really do seem to have preferences! Patrick much prefers the sound that sounds like a “shhhhh.”


Heating Pad: Maybe it’s not a necessity, but we use this amazing heating pad daily. I just keep it on his changing pad on his dresser. I turn it on whenever I take him out of the bath, so that he’s nice and warm as I put a diaper on him and put his pajamas on.



Happy Cappy Shampoo: Goodbye cradle cap! This was created by a pediatrician and I’ve never seen something so gentle take away cradle cap. We didn’t even have to scrub Pat’s head. This resolved it!


Mobile for Infant Carrier Carseat: This clips onto the infant carrier handle and is so wonderful! It has all of the colors and designs that are engaging for a newborn. Patrick loved his right away from a super tiny age and still loves it.



Noodle & Boo Laundry Detergent: Y’all. This puts Dreft, which is super toxic, to shame. It smells so pure and very much like a very luxe baby boutique should smell. I bury my face in all of Patrick’s clothes because I can catch a whiff of this glorious detergent. It’s also phosphate free, dye free, sufate free, phthalate free, and hypoallergenic. And it’s very concentrated! We have only had to repurchase once and Patrick is almost six months old.


Electric Nail Buffer: Not only will you need this, but you will need it in the hospital! Babies come out with paper thin nails, but they are often long and can easily scratch their skin. This is a gentle way to buff them down, without having to worry about using a nail clipper. We use this Frida Baby one, but had a different one for Watson and Rosie and it was equally as great!



Front Carrier: I know all babies are different. Patrick wanted to be held all the time—and still does. As much as I wanted to hate the Artipoppe because it’s just so expensive, I have to tell you it’s worth it. We previously had a Baby Bjorn carrier, which is also wonderful, but the Artipoppe is softer on baby’s skin, feels more supportive on my back, and is way easier to put on. Also, it’s beautiful. Thanks to this carrir, I was able to get things done around the house while loving on P!


Breast Pump: If you choose to breastfeed, a pump is nice to have and usually always covered by insurance. The two pumps I had were the Spectra Pump (love) and the Elvie Pump (also love.) Patrick was a pretty terrible latcher and nursing sessions would take one hour each time, which is such a bummer because Watson and Rosie were excellent nursers. So after the first month or two, I started pumping and it was such a game changer, not only for efficiency but also for the way I felt physically and mentally. I used the Spectra at first and once my supply was very well established, I began using the Elvie which was a Godsend for allowing me to discreetly pump with no cords attached. That way, I was able to do things with Watson and Rosie, ultimately keeping their life feeling normal, while pumping a bottle for Patrick at the same time. Being a mom who is always on the go, this was a life saver for sure.




LoveToDream SwaddleUp: I didn’t have this for Watson, but did for Rosie and Patrick. Watson never slept through the night (and still doesn’t – ha!) but Rosie and Patrick both started sleeping 12 hours straight by 5 weeks old and I 100% attribute it to this. Update to say – Patrick stopped sleeping through the night during his extended 4/5 month regression but he was already out of this during that time.



I’m sure there are a million things I forgot.

Off the top of my head, I’m already thinking of our Nanobebe bottles we love, lots of toys,

and a few others. I do have an amazon storefront with some of these items and more. Things we’ve tried and loved!