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What kind of Goyard Tote do you have?

I have a white Goyard Artois MM. It’s the perfect size and has a heavier weight canvas to it than the St. Louis totes. I also love that it has a zipper and reinforced leather corners on the bottom!


“Who are your favorite interior designers?”

A few of many are Mark D. Sikes, Sarah Bartholomew, Erika Powell, Amy Berry, Amanda Lindroth, among many many more!


“How would you define your home decor style?”

I think I have a very traditional, southern style as a base, but like to mix in more contemporary and whimsical pieces through art and patterns. I don’t like too much of any style. I believe it was Muffie at Elizabeth Stuart Design that said in an article that a bird makes its nest with all different kinds of sticks and straw—and home decor should be just like that. That’s what I do! Our last home was super old, so I had a lot of newer things in it to balance it. Our current home was new construction and sometimes feels “cookie cutter” to me, so I’ve brought in a lot of antiques and brown furniture to give this space some soul and an older feel. Wallpaper is a great way to add personality as well! I definitely don’t stick to any one style.


“Which home decor items do you splurge on and which do you save?”

Splurge on a nice high traffic rug (cannot say enough great things about mine from Annie Selke which is amazing) and also on furniture. They will anchor the room. Save on all of the extra decor! Find coffee table books used on amazon or thrift stores. Get pillows and accent pieces from places like Target/TJ Maxx, and you can find artists on Etsy that offer beautiful work at lower prices or purchase prints from Minted.


“What playlists do you listen to on Spotify?”

I’ve put together some spotify playlists that I’ve shared with you guys right here!


“Where do you buy Watson and Rosie’s clothing?”

Although I need to do another one, I have a blog post on this exact subject here!